Have you seen the rise of virtual reality and thought about the many awesome applications that VR can be used for? Maybe you’ve experienced the immersive capabilities of VR and thought, “How can I use this to engage people with my business?”. Well have you ever heard of Virtual Reality Trade Show Booths?

Virtual reality is becoming more and more accessible. With it, are new opportunities to connect with people like never before.

Check out this short video showing virtual reality trade show booths being used to engage prospects at a trade show.

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Here Are 7 Uses For Virtual Reality Trade Show Booths

1. Create A Branded Virtual Reality Video

Having exposure for your company is an amazing thing to do when putting virtual reality into your trade show booth. You would be able to provide an experience for your customers that will stick with them for months! Strike Visuals can film and edit custom VR videos for your virtual reality trade show booth that can tell your brand’s story.

Imagine a walkthrough of your office, a tour of your facilities, lab, or other on-site locations paired with branded graphics in the video to show product specs and more. You can also use this to showcase some of your products that are too big to take with you to your events without having to go through the physical hassle!

2. Games That Align With Your Message

Interacting with the people that visit you at a trade show event is really important! This will help you build a personal foundation that will help with turning them into a potential customer. A great way of making sure they remember your interaction is by putting game in your virtual reality trade show booth.

There is a bunch of VR games that can be used as a way to connect with a branded message. You can’t edit the games but you can create branded posters, flyers, and emails that align your branded message with the game. Then people have fun playing a game and remember your message.

3. Incorporate Physical Elements With VR

Virtual Reality Trade Show Booths

Virtual Reality Trade Show Booths

Use bikes, 2×6 planks, boats, skis, snowboards, and other real items with VR videos to create a more immersive experience within your virtual reality trade show booths. This can be helpful since your company might be a company that builds bikes or slack line products!

It is important to show your products at trade show events! But, by letting people use them at the show it will allow them to see what makes your product stand out amongst your competators.

4. Retail Product Education Experience

Film a video with graphics that include your company’s products and specs. Instead of taking up retail space in your trade show booth, take a VR set with the retail space virtually accessible. By doing this, it will allow you to have plently of space available for additional advertising or even somehwere to place furniture to have interactions with potential customers.

This can also be used to show customers how your product is used in a real life scenario by recording a video of your items being used.

5. Trips

Take prospects on a virtual trip through natural spectacles such as canyons, lakes, waterfalls, jungles and more. Or, take people through the roots of your brands origins and show them a virtual video of the story of how your company came to be.

Ultimately, aim to give people an experience that they will remember you by. 

6. Create A Custom Branded Game

Trade Show Booth Games

Trade Show Booth Games

It is possible to make custom branded games in VR. The costs for game development are not as high as you would think and for big brands, it can be a game-changer. This is helpful with making sure that you are remembered by people that visit you at your trade show booth.

Think about all the social buzz that will happen at the event if word starts to spread that your company is allowing people to have a virtual reality experience like no one else. Also take into consideration all the social buzz and word of mouth that will continue to happen days after the event has happened, it can spread like wild fire!

7. Meetings

Create virtual meetings with the heads of departments and the company to create transparent and welcoming experiences for new customers.

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