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Booths On A Budget: What Is In Each Package?

10×10 Discount Booths

10×10 Package A

The ADVOCATE Package


(1) 10×7 Pillow Case Wall: Straight Single-Sided
(1) 3×7 Pillow Case Wall: Straight Double-Sided
(1) Pop Up Bar Display

+$150 Double-Sided 10×7
+$145 from 3×7 to 3×8 Premium
+$120 (2) Pillow Case LED Lights

Regular Price: $1025

Sale Price: $975

$50 Savings

Budget Booth Kit A

10×10 Package B

The BITCH’N Package


(1) 10×7 Pillow Case Wall: Straight Double-Sided
(1) 3’x7′ Light Box SEG Kit: Double-Sided
(4) Pillow Case Wall LED Lights
(1) Pop Up Bar Display

Regular Price: $2360

Sale Price: $2145

$215 Savings

Budget Booth Kit B

10×10 Package C



(1) 10’x8′ Light Box SEG Kit: Single-Sided
(2) 3’x7′ Pillow Case Wall: Double-Sided
(1) Light Box Counter
(1) Bistro Table
(2) Bistro Stool

+$275 Double-Sided SEG Light Box
+$120 (2) Pillow Case LED Lights

Regular Price: $5380

Sale Price: $4795

$585 Savings

Budget Booth Kit C

20×10 Discount Booths

20×10 Package D

The DELUXE Package


(1) 20’x10′ Pillow Case Wall: Single Sided
(1) 3’x7′ Pillow Case Wall: Double Sided
(1) 6′ Stretch Fitted Table Cover
(1) Inflatable Bistro Table 
(2) Inflatable Bistro Stools
(1) Roll-Up Banner Plus

+$240 (4) Pillow Case LED Lights
+$355 Double-Sided Pillow Case for 20×7
+$325 Extra Bistro Stool

Regular Price: $2400

Sale Price: $2245

$155 Savings

Budget Booth Kit 20x10 A

20×10 Package E



(1) 20’x7′ Pillow Case Wall: Double-Sided
(1) 3’x7′ Light Box SEG Kit: Double-Sided
(1) 3’x7′ Pillow Case Wall: Double Sided
(7) Pillow Case Wall LED Lights
(2) Inflatable Sofa
(2) Inflatable Ottoman
(2) Pop Up Bar Display

+$60 Additional Pillow Case LED Lights

Regular Price: $5155

Sale Price: $4695

$460 Savings

Budget Booth Kit 20x10 B

20×10 Package F

The FANTASY Package


(1) 20’x7′ Back Lit SEG Kit
(2) 3’x7′ Pillow Case Wall: Double-Sided
(2) Light Box Counters
(1) Inflatable Sofa
(1) Inflatable Ottoman
(2) Pillow Case Wall LED Lights
(1) Bistro Table
(3) Bistro Stool

+$1000 Double-Sided SEG Light Box

Regular Price: $9480

Sale Price: $8345

$1135 Savings


20×20 Discount Booths

20×20 Package A

(1) 20’x7′ SEG Light Box
(1) 20’x7′ Pillow Case Wall: Double-Sided
(4) Pillow case LED Lights
(1) Inflatable Bistro Table
(3) Inflatable Bistro Stool
(1) Light Box Counter
(2) 3’x7′ Pillow Case Wall: Single-Sided

+$850 Double-Sided SEG Light Box
+$300 Extra Bistro Stool
+$180 (3) Additional Pillow Case LED Lights

Sale Price:


Budget Booth Kit 20x10 B

20×20 Package B

(1) 20’x7′ SEG Light Box
(2) 20’x1′ Arch Entry
(1) Inflatable Sofa
(2) Inflatable Chair
(1) Inflatable Ottoman
(1) Inflatable Small Table
(2) Light Box Counter
(1) 6ft. Fitted Table Cover
(2) 3’x7′ Pillow Case Wall Double-Sided

+$850 Double-Sided SEG Light Box
+$75 Stretch Table Cover
+$120 (2) Pillow Case LED Lights

Sale Price:


Budget Booth Kit 20x10 B

Discount Trade Show Booth Accessories & Add Ons

Inflatable Booth Furniture

If you’re looking for something to add to your discount booth that also shows some custom branding and draws people in, check some custom branded inflatable furniture. The benefit of inflatable furniture includes…

Easy to pack and ship. Furniture deflates and can be backed super tight and small and cost very little to ship. If you get custom branded inflatable furniture, then you can elevate the branding of your booth. Plus, people at a trade show are always looking for a place to sit and rest their feet after walking around the show floor. It’s a great way to sit and have a conversation with prospects.

Trade Show Furniture
Inflatable Furniture
SEG Trade Show Backdrop

SEG Backwalls

SEG walls are a super great way to show off a custom message and imaging with dye sublimated printing. They are easy to set up and ship and can be used with LED backlights to really make the booth pop and stand out. They are an affordable solution that can last a long time. The fabric comes off and on with a silicone edge that secures to the frame. That way marketers and designers can easily replace the graphic and order new SEG fabric to secure to the same frame.

Pillow Case Walls


Pillowcase walls are a super great way to look sharp and get noticed at trade shows and events. You can use one frame and get multiple fabrics with different messages and prints. The full-color dye sublimation printing looks sharp and vibrant. You can also add top lights to brighten up your wall.

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Tips For Choosing Discount Trade Show Booths


Discount Trade Show Booths is the hottest ticket in marketing trade show exhibits. These devices are used in a variety of settings, including conventions and trade shows. And now, you can buy them at a discount for up to 75% off their standard retail price. Here are 10×10 trade show booth tips to help you save money on your next booth rental.

Look for clearance trade show exhibits. While it is possible to find expensive discount trade show booths on online auction sites, often these are overpriced. The best bet is to attend a clearance or closeout sale. Often, businesses that need to clear space will offer discounted items at deep discounts.

Use multiple product display models. Most trade show displays have a standard four or two-panel display. Some manufacturers have introduced single product displays that allow you to mount only one display panel at a time, saving space. However, many of these single product displays have a single cable assembly, which increases the start-up time.

Consider starting your display early. Displays usually sell out well before the show, so early registration saves you time. If you plan to set up more than one product display, consider starting out with a single product display and then setting up another one later. This gives you more flexibility with your start-up time.

Check with vendors for discounts. Many trade show companies offer discounts at the event. Consider asking about discounts or rebates at the time you book your single product display or single booth display – 2021 edition.

Use standard floor space.


A trade show booth can look more appealing if it’s set up in standard floor space. For larger booths, try using a corner table. You can also set up a modular table, which is portable and can be moved around the area as needed. If you’re using standard floor space, don’t forget to include table legs and furniture.

Look for stands.


If you’re using standard floor space for your exhibit, you can get away with a single product display control and a single stand. But, for a larger booth, it’s better to use a stand with casters. This allows you to change the location easily if the crowd moves around the area.

Maximize your signage.


The signage on a single product display or multiple product displays should emphasize the most relevant information to your audience. Make sure the color of the text and graphics blends in well with your logo and branding materials. This will help visitors understand what your company’s message is and encourage them to visit in the future.

Consider video.


A discount trade show booth with a digital sign may be more inviting to potential customers than one with a printed sign. The audio-visual equipment might be worth the investment if you’re looking for an edge in competitive marketing. Video gives you another opportunity to engage potential customers in conversation.

Be aware of space constraints.


You need enough floor space to accommodate people standing around your display. You also need space for setting up and taking down your displays. When choosing a space, consider where the heaviest people will be standing and their ability to bump into things.

Choose a single product display control.


One product display will give you the advantage of overcrowded exhibits. It will also allow you to showcase one item at a time. It’s easy to move products from one corner to another if there are too many items displayed. However, if the product gets so close to the front of the display that customers can’t see it clearly or feel it well, then it will look like a hindrance.

Consider color. As with product display, try to think like consumers. How would they react to your product or giveaway? Bright colors can catch attention. Dark colors, on the other hand, may hide your product.

Your choice of fabric determines how your trade show booths will look. Drapes and wraps are classic options. If you have to choose between vinyl and cloth, go with the fabric because it is easier to clean and durable. If you have trade show booths made from wood, then go with fiberglass because it is lighter and more durable.

Tips For Using Discount Trade Show Displays


If you’re looking to improve your business image with a well-planned promotional campaign at a discount trade show or exhibition, consider some of the benefits of discount trade show displays. Discount trade shows offer a unique opportunity to put together an effective marketing program with a high degree of impact. By selecting the right combination of exhibits, giveaways, and promotions, you can draw the maximum amount of visitors and potential customers to your booth. Let’s explore some of the most important factors to consider when planning your next trade show appearance. We’ll offer tips on how to design the perfect booth, custom giveaways, and even provide you with the contact information for a contact provider that will work with you from the initial exhibition planning stages.

Let’s get started!

First, if you’ve already attended several discount trade show displays, you’ve no doubt encountered one common problem: there are so many attractive booth designs and offers available that it is difficult to select and choose. When selecting quality discount trade show displays, make sure they include simple, clean lines that are consistent with your business logo and message. Don’t let a beautiful display that catches your eye overshadow the important messages you want to share. Keep in mind that trade shows represent a perfect opportunity to meet and greet new, potential customers. With a clear, concise design, your message will be clearly transmitted to the attendees.

After you’ve narrowed down your choice of discount trade show displays, it’s time to choose the exhibits that will best support your message. As with your overall exhibit strategy, your success depends upon the kind of relationship you have with your chosen vendors. It is crucial that you work closely with them throughout the design and manufacture of your exhibit, to ensure a seamless connection throughout your event. Make sure you’re able to easily contact your vendors for questions and concerns during the course of the event. A good vendor partnership can result in productive, cost-effective tradeshow exhibits.

The second most important aspect of a successful discount trade show display strategy is the design of the event itself. You must choose a booth design that is visually attractive, yet provides effective information to your audience. For example, choose a booth with comfortable seating that allows attendees to rest comfortably between exhibits or to listen to the presentations of keynotes.

Effective discount trade show displays exhibit exhibits often utilize a combination of visual and audio aids to reach their target audience. Tabletop displays, for example, are a great tool to help your message get across. Tabletop exhibits include a flat surface on which you place printed materials, like brochures and manuals. If you’re planning an educational trade show, consider adding a tabletop display to encourage attendees to ask questions and take in your presentation. A tabletop display has a dual purpose: it encourages guests to interact and encourage interaction among your employees.

As a final note, when choosing the location where you will hold your exhibit, consider accessibility. Do you have access to a designated passageway or aisle? Is there a ramp for guests to navigate? An easy way to know if the location you choose would be a good fit is to ask other trade shows that have recently held at the venue how they felt about it. Most trade shows are held in venues that have limited or no access to the main exhibition floor, making them ideal locations for marketing and promoting your products and services.

Discount trade shows are an excellent opportunity for business owners to showcase their products and meet potential clients. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that you choose the best quality tabletop displays, exhibits, and other promotional materials for your event. Take a look at some of the other promotional items that you may want to use with your products and services.

You can add these key pieces of promotional material to any of your trade shows so you can maximize your exposure. It is also important to remember to keep costs down. Using promotional items that are too expensive will only drain your organization’s budget, which limits your resources for promotional items and events. Tabletop displays, promotional pens, printed pens, and other promotional items are available at many promotional product retailers. Shop around, find the items that will not only work well for your event, but that will work within your company’s budget as well.