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Do you want to take your company to the next level? Where should you start? An important step in owning a company is making sure that you let people know about it. Attending trade show events is a step towards the right direction. What if you don’t have a trade show booth? You will need to take the time to do some research before creating a custom trade show booth design for your company! There are multiple tips and advice to take into consideration. First off, know what the targeted demographic is. This is helpful to know, and fully understand! Get with your marketing team and use these tips to make the most of your trade show booth design.

Secondly, go to trade show events that are relevant to your company, service, or product, it will help with growing your company to the next level. Why? An event related to your company will help with conversations in how your company can benefit your audience.

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The most convenient way of doing research before creating a custom trade show booth design is by looking for images online. Look into trade shows that have taken place during previous years. This will help a ton with gathering ideas on what to implement into a custom built trade show booth design.

Another way of doing research would be attending the trade show you would like to participate in! But as a customer, rather than a vendor. This will allow the freedom to walk around and see what ideas others have come up with. It will allow you to see which trade show booths are obtaining the most traffic and why?

Make Your Trade Show Booth Interactive!

Trade Show Booth Team

Trade Show Booth Team

Make sure to plan and gather a team in advance to attending a trade show event. Having a team at the trade show event will allow speaking to potential customers and avoiding any wait times.

This is important when creating a custom trade show booth design. Why? It is necessary to make sure you have plenty of room in your booth to interact with potential clients. It will also allow the trade show booth to look more welcoming for the audience.

Try using eye-capturing colors as well. This will help grab attention instead of blending in with your surroundings. Use consistent and eye-capturing colors when creating your trade show booth.

Trade Show Colors

Trade Show Colors

This will help your trade show booth be more approachable to the eye. If you are using multiple colors, make sure that the colors complement each other. These are all things that will make the design of your trade show booth stand out from the rest!

When it comes to graphics and logos, make sure that you are using high-quality images. Banners, backdrops, and walls for your custom trade show booth design will need to expand these images to fit properly.

If the images are not of high quality, when enlarged them they will start to become blurry and distorted. Most of all, make sure that your company logo is high quality when it comes to image size. Understand that your logo represents your company. It is what your audience sees from a distance before thinking of approaching your trade show booth.

Strive To Be Innovative

Brainstorm ideas when it comes to making your trade show booth innovative. Giving your audience a reason to interact with you at your booth is an amazing way of grabbing their attention. Make sure that you implement your product when creating your custom trade show booth design.

Virtual Reality Trade Show Booth

Virtual Reality Trade Show Booth

If your company specializes in bicycles, try integrating a virtual reality set up. An area where your customers can sit on one of your company bicycles and mimic using them. Make sure that you integrate media! Such as screens and monitors within your custom trade show booth design. Use screens to play company advertisements or even a slide show of all the products your company has to offer.

Another great idea when it comes to making use of monitors is running all your positive customer reviews. This will allow people to know that your brand is reliable and trusted by many of your current customers.

How Can You Implement Innovation?

Other great options for an innovative custom trade show booth design would be touch screen monitors. Sure it is a great idea to be able to hand out brochures of the products your company provides! A better option would be to set up touch screen monitors or tablets.

Tablets will allow customers to browse through product or videos of your company while reducing all the clutter of paperwork. The advancements in technology that have taken place during the years are amazing! Take full advantage of it when creating your trade show booth.

Relaxing at trade showAlthough you want to grab your audience’s attention for the benefit of your company, another great idea would be to implement inflatable furniture and charging station for phones. This will help with bringing traffic into your booth by providing a place for individuals to sit and relax. Try to take advantage of that time to comminicate with them about your company!

The potential customer will already by within your trade show booth so talk to the about your products. Having a phone charging station will provide value to individuals that need it, but it will also allow them to spend time at your trade show booth. Use it to have conversations about your company or products that you provide.

The Layout Of Your Custom Trade Show Booth Design Is Important!

Make sure that your trade show booth has a proper layout to integrate all the dedicated areas you would like. This will help with making your trade show booth look organized and professional. Don’t over look to include a section dedicated to storage.

Exhibit Layout Ideas

Exhibit Layout Ideas

Unnecessary items for the audience to see should have their own dedicated area within your booth such as paperwork, sweaters, or tools. Unecessary items left in the open will pull attention away from your showcased items.

Positioning is also something you should be aware of when creating your custom trade show booth design. Know where you want things placed before attending your event. Showcase your company’s higher-end products by positioning them in a location that will be visible to your traffic source.

How Can Trade Show Booth Layout Help?

A great way of showcasing a product for your company would be using lighting. The showcased item being displayed will be able to stand out from the rest. Therefore, make the lighting for your showcased product brighter than the rest of your items. Allow the lighting to tell the story visually to anyone who walks by your trade show booth.

Trade Show CongestionPositioning can change the game when it comes to the traffic you are expecting to have at the event for your trade show booth! So make sure that the overall position of your trade show booth correlates with the general layout of the event.

Know where you will be expecting your audience to come in from! And make sure that the area is clear of banners, signs, or products. Make sure that the front of your trade show booth design has plenty of open areas, as a result, this will allow your audience to easily navigated themselves to you while avoiding congestion.

Hire An Expert For Custom Trade Show Booth Designs

Look into different options when it comes to working with the correct company to produce your dream trade show booth! Some things to look into would be what companies your trade show booth vendor has worked with in the past. What designs they have available? Most importantly the pricing to quality ratio!

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Take into consideration that a trade show is a one time purchase that you will end up using multiple times. The material of your trade show booth has to be of high quality. Look into their warranty policy in case something does end up breaking on malfunctioning.

When it comes to design, make sure that your custom trade show booth design is compact when taken down. This will help when it comes to shipping it from event to event. If your company doesn’t have designers then make sure that you contact a professional to get it done correctly. 

How Can Strike Visuals Be A Solution For You?

At Strike Visuals, we strive to give the best experience while helping through the process of ordering a custom trade show booth that fits your company’s expectations and pricing. We also have excellent designers that can create design samples so you can have options to choose from, while also integrating the items that will make your company stand out from the rest when it comes to trade show booths.

10x10 Trade Show Booth Example

10×10 Trade Show Booth

Working side by side with your company will allow you to get the best custom trade show booth design. One that will make your team unique against all your competition! We can also integrate all the features you feel will make your company stand out. As well as, being able to dial in on the shipping aspect of things for you in order to ensure that you get your trade show booth in amazing condition.

Need help setting up your custom trade show booth? We can get that sorted out for you as well! Our company will help you with setting up at your trade show event. We have tested and developed all our products to ensure you have a great experience at your events. Wherever your events may take you!

From start to finish, we aim to make your experience simple, informative, and great!


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