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Continuous Air Arches

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Strike Inflatable Arch Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

High Quality Arches: Only From Strike Visuals

With some of the best arches in the business, Strike visuals arches are ready for any race, event, or charity you have in store. Designed to last, our Strike Visual arches are made with high-quality durable materials in order to withstand anything you put it through. Fully customizable, you can create an arch that best represents your company!

Innovative Features For Finish Line Arches

Continuous Air Arches come designed for a constant stream of airflow through an external/internal blower. Made of heavy-duty fabric material, the fabric is fully customizable for any printing design. Plus, both legs come coated with rubber to prevent wear and tear damages.

Sealed Air Arches are amazing for events that take place outdoors and are prone to be in contact with rough weather.

Race Event Inflatable Arches: Best of Both Worlds

Sleeved Sealed Air Arches are designed with the fully customizable feature of high-quality sleeve fabric for high-quality printing. Matched with a sealed air bladder, this arch does not need constant airflow from an external blower in order to stay inflated. The airtight bladder will hold air for up to 6 hours after being inflated. No need to worry about having access to power for an external blower!


inflatable arches, Custom Branded Inflatable Arches

Excellent quality and fast service! If you want to set your event apart from the others this company will get you branded!

Mike Ripley

We love working with Strike Visuals! Our start / finish line arches always look great. Stellar quality, affordable and quick turnaround time!

Morgan Jappe
inflatable arches, Custom Branded Inflatable Arches

10,000+ Arches Sold

We help brands get noticed and stand out from the crowd with sharp and vibrant custom branded Arches. See why customers give Strike 5 stars on Google.



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inflatable arches, Custom Branded Inflatable Arches

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inflatable arches, Custom Branded Inflatable Arches



Strike Visuals is proud to offer the only lifetime warranty in the industry on all inflatable arches.

For warranty inquiries, contact us at

inflatable arches, Custom Branded Inflatable Arches
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Custom Printed Arch Kit Uses

When being used at indoor events, branded arches work well at workshops and conferences. They can serve as an exit indicator by allowing participants to see where to exit the function or a particular section of the event from a distance. If your event has up to 100 participants, then the smaller arches work well. However, for events with a significantly more significant number of participants, the mid-size and larger arches will work better. Marketing and Branding: Companies who are interested in marketing and branding will also find the use of inflatable finish line arches can speak volumes on multiple social media platforms.


Small Arches: Some of the smaller arches are 10 feet high and 10 feet wide with a total inner clearance of 6 feet by 8 feet. Arches that are available in this size weigh roughly 20 pounds. Other small arches are available that are 15 feet wide and 11.25 feet wide with a total inner clearance of 10.5 feet by 9 feet. Arches this size typically weigh 25 pounds. The smaller arches are great for indoor or outdoor events hosting activities such as running, bike racing, or other activities with 10 to 100 participants.

inflatable arches, Custom Branded Inflatable Arches
inflatable arches, Custom Branded Inflatable Arches

Mid-Sized Arches: Some of the mid-sized arches are as long as 20 feet. Arches that are 20 feet wide typically have an inner clearance of 15.25 feet by 10 feet. The total size is typically 20 feet wide and 12.375 feet high. The weight for an arch this size usually is 30 pounds. Other mid-sized arches that are available are 25 feet long with an inner clearance of roughly 19.75 feet wide and 10 feet high. The total overall size usually is 25 feet wide and x 12.625 feet tall.’

Benefits And Features Of Custom Printed Arches

25-arch-inflatable strike visuals Can be seen from a distance: One of the benefits of purchasing a customized finish line arch is that thousands can see them from far away; as some of the arches are as high as 25 feet tall.

Branding and Promotions: Gain exposure by promoting your company name, logo, and slogan at large events. They can also be used as footage on multiple social media platforms.

Customization: With the use of printing technology, screen printing, dye sublimation prints, along with bright bold colors and designs, it’s easy to get the customized look and feel you want.

Built to last: The sturdy materials used to create these finish line arches are very durable and can accommodate the activities of the day. They are also made to last for many years.

Weather is never a factor: Because of the durability associated with these inflatable finish line arches, they are strong enough to withstand rain, heat, or snow.

Use one time or customize for repeat use: If you will be having a one-time event, you may not need to invest in having a custom design or logo added to your arch. However, if you will be involved in events on a regular basis, you will likely want a customized arch with a great marketing design.

Fits most budgets: The typical price range begins at roughly $650 to up to $5,000.

Make your event memorable: The inflatable arches can make your event stand out during the event, while also leaving a lasting impression long after the event.


Variety of sizes: The arch is available in sizes as small as a 10-foot by 10-foot to larger sizes, such as a 50-foot by 25-foot.

Blower: A blower is included with most arches

Carrying Case: Has an optional carrying case

Additional Items: Has anchors and stakes to hold the arch down

Repair Kits: Repair kits are available

Design Options: Designs can be added all over the arch using as many colors as you like

Sponsorship Opportunities: The arch provides space for one or multiple sponsorship opportunities

Ease of use: The arches are very easy to assemble.

The Wave of the Future

Inflatable arches are becoming a new trend as the demand for this product continues to grow. It will eventually capture the attention of competitors in your industry. To maintain your competitiveness in your industry, you should also jump on the bandwagon of this growing trend to increase your exposure.

Promote Your Brand With A STRIKE Custom Arch.

A lifetime warranty comes with all Strike arches! Free design help is offered to make sure you’re confident in the look and quality of your arch. Strike offers many options and great customer service to help you find the right product for your needs.

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