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trade show furniture, Inflatable Trade Show Furniture

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trade show furniture, Inflatable Trade Show Furniture

Strike Inflatable Furniture Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

Inflatable Furniture: Only From Strike Visuals

Inflatable furniture is the most convenient and versatile way of bringing a full interactive booth to your next event! Easy to pack and quick to set up, your booth will be attracting attention from all directions. Each piece only weighing in at a couple of pounds, transportation is a breeze when using Strike’s Inflatable Furniture at your next event!

Innovative Design

Serving a dual purpose of being fully customizable with any printing you want while allowing your customers to interact with you or your products, inflatable furniture is great for gathering audiences at trade shows or events. With a sleek design, inflatable furniture is also great for promoting your company during use, since all sides can be fully customized with your company’s printing.

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Made To Last

Our inflatable furniture is made up of a heavy-duty bladder and soft, stretchable fabric in order to reduce the risks of possible damages. Reinforced at the seams, we have pushed the limits to hold up to 250 lbs. in weight. Backed by our famous LIFETIME WARRANTY, you can rest assured that we will have your inflatable furniture covered incase any damages do occur during any of your events.


trade show furniture, Inflatable Trade Show Furniture

Good competitive price, fast shipping, great quality. I looked into maybe 5 different companies and Strike came through top notch!

Adam Dowell

The West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League is a BIG fan of Strike Visuals! Their service is fast, and friendly. Really appreciate the lifetime guarantee!

Cassie Smith

trade show furniture, Inflatable Trade Show Furniture

10,000+ Inflatable Furniture Sold


We help brands get noticed and stand out from the crowd with sharp and vibrant Inflatable Furniture. See why customers give Strike 5 stars on Google.



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trade show furniture, Inflatable Trade Show Furniture



Strike Visuals is proud to offer the only lifetime warranty in the industry on all products.

For warranty inquiries, contact us at

trade show furniture, Inflatable Trade Show Furniture
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Inflatable Furniture Uses


You were pretty young the first time your heart sank when the lofty balloon you were dragging around gave up the ghost, but you likely learned the lesson that “what goes up must come down.” For companies exhibiting at trade and consumer shows, this law of physics can work the other way—-especially once you discover the value, benefits, and affordability of custom inflatable furniture.

Not familiar with this unique niche? You should be. Custom inflatable furniture, imprinted with your logo, sales message, or anything else you want to convey to people as they pass your exhibit in a crowded hall, has the potential to save you time, money, and stress in addition to giving your booth a coordinated look that spells success.

To find out how custom inflatable furniture can work for you, spend a few minutes perusing this post, and if you’re not convinced, we’ll send you a new balloon to make up for the one that deflated when you were a kid!

What are the benefits of custom inflatable furniture?

Once the show ends and you set about decompressing your furnishings, you can cart them off in a truck rather than an 18-wheeler and stow them out on your landing dock, inside a storage closet, or offsite if the room is tight at your facility. Since each piece—-chairs, footrests, tables, and stools–is colorfully embellished with corporate art, nobody could possibly mistake you for a competitor.

Further, whether your booth rental happens to be the smallest one available within the convention center or your company is ready to make a huge splash by occupying an end cap, you simply inflate enough furnishings to fill that space, so your booth never looks too empty or too cluttered.

The psychology of booth design and why furnishings are important.

Inflatable Furniture at a Trade ShowAre there psychological factors that come into play for business people who show up at trade shows? You bet. Everything about layout, booth size, design, product display, and signage must grab the attention of purposeful strollers enough to make them stop.

Small, sometimes unnoticeable physical barriers are enough to signal “Keep walking” to folks who came to browse and buy. You may be tempted to laugh at this statement if it weren’t true: Even a different color of carpeting you put down that contrasts with aisle flooring is enough to put shoppers off. This is called “the force field effect” by “The New Exhibitor” author Martin P. Smith. Match the aisle carpet color and more people will walk in to browse.

Some trade show novices don’t realize that they literally create a wall around the periphery of their booths when they line up tables and chairs in a way that discourages attendees from walking in. And display pieces that are so tall and unwieldy that nobody can see past them can do more to discourage visitors than empty display shelves.

How custom inflatable furniture stands out.

If you are considering adding inflatable furnishings to your trade show inventory, you may wish to know a little about how this type of product came to be invented. According to Chair Institute historians and marketers (, the idea behind air-filled seating pieces goes back to around 1956 when clever manufacturers of inflatable rafts got the idea to expand their market mix.

The concept proved so popular by the late 1960s, inflatable chairs were popping up everywhere, including the work of designer Quasar Khanh whose chair design attracted the attention of curators at the MoMA in New York City in 1968. By 1970, Khanh’s inflatable chair wound up being exhibited at the Louvre in Paris.

While engineered to follow bean bag chair design, inflatable chairs began to morph into sometimes quirky art forms, leading to the first collection of inflatable room furniture designed by artist Gaetano Pesce whose rooms full of furnishings self-inflated as each piece was removed from its box.

Fast forward to 2019. For business owners on the lookout for innovative new products to take to trade shows and events, the ability to buy furnishings imprinted with corporate sales messages and logos has proven a stroke of genius that is quickly becoming the affordable solution to set up trade show booths quickly and efficiently. And every moment that passes, each piece serves as a silent salesman conveying a company’s identity.