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Recently updated on July 1st, 2024

How to Get Noticed at Trade Shows with a Sharp Backlit Trade Show Walls

Businesses are taking advantage of trade shows that are happening across major cities worldwide. When they sign up for a trade show, they are given a chance to show attendees what their products and services are and exposing their brand to a huge market which enables them to generate more profit and convert new customers.

Trade shows are also used by business owners to demonstrate their products and persuade the public to purchase it. It’s a good idea to look sharp at the booth and elevate your brand’s presence. Implementing a backlit trade show walls to your trade show booth is a great way to grab attention. A great backlit trade show walls option is with an SEG (silicone edge graphic) banner to use as a back wall. You can add custom images and messaging to communicate your brand to attendees at trade shows.

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Setting up a booth at a trade show

Business owners are spending a lot of money during trade shows to make sure that their booths will catch the attention of the public. They are using high-quality materials and striking graphics, and they even hire people who will entertain those who check out their booths. Some are also putting mini-games and prizes for the public. A booth that looks professionally set up will attract a lot of interested individuals, and this is advantageous for businesses that wanted to increase their target market.

To set up a booth, business owners should consider certain factors. The first thing that they need to do is to search for the best material that they can use to set up their booths. Customer fabric banners have become a trend these past few years, and business owners prefer this type of trade show wall because of they have the freedom to create the graphics that they will be presenting to the public.

Business owners are even hiring graphic artists to design their trade show wall, making sure that it is eye-catching. After the trade show booth designing phase, the business owner would start purchasing the materials needed to set up their booth.

Why business owners prefer custom fabric banners for their trade show booths?

Custom fabric banners look amazing

When joining a trade show, business owners prefer using customer fabric banners for their booths. They are taking advantage of the chance where they can present their brand to hundreds and even thousands of people. Businesses need to establish a positive first impression, and having an attractive banner with great appearance is what they needed. The booths would also look more professional if custom fabric banners are used by the business owners.

There are many designs to choose from, but business owners should personalize how they wanted their banners to be presented. They can take inspiration from other artists, or they can also hire a professional who will draft an outline for their trade show wall.

These banners have a lifetime warranty

backlit trade show walls

Manufacturers of backlit trade show walls knew that when they put a lifetime warranty to their products, many people will buy it. This is what they did exactly, and many business owners who are entering trade shows started purchasing these products because it can be replaced anytime whenever they notice damages on the product. The warranty is extremely helpful, and it also contributed to the marketing strategy of trade show wall manufacturers.

Purchasing these banners is worth the money

Business owners who have tried using custom banners for their backlit trade show walls are satisfied with how their booths looked like in the end. The great design printed on these banners is more noticeable compared to other banners that have a bland design. Every dollar paid for the banner is worth it, especially when many people are developing an interest in the business and the products and services offered.

What are the advantages of using a customized trade show banner?

  • The customized trade show banners are made from high-quality materials, and it would not easily fade and scratch. This would ensure the business owners that the banner for their booth will last for years.
  • The graphics on a customized trade show wall can be replaced easily. The graphics are made using computer software programs, and it can be edited whenever the business owners wanted to update how their booths should look like.
  • These banners are tight, and it would not create any wrinkles. This would mean that the banner will showcase a smoother feel.
  • Some banners are equipped with backlights. Backlit trade show walls can generate more interest to the public. This is the reason why many business owners are investing heavily in backlit trade show walls because they wanted more people to visit their booths. Backlit trade show walls are also transforming the booths to become more eye-catching.
  • These banners are easy to assemble, and there is an instruction manual included in each product to make sure that the people who will set up the booth will have no problem assembling it.
  • The customized banners can be used either as a permanent or as a temporary display.
  • The business owners are free to choose how big their trade show wall would be.
  • The walls can also be converted to become a room for the booth.

What are the types of backlit trade show walls?

Straight Pillow Case Wall Kit

straight pillow case wall kit

The straight pillowcase wall kit is one of the types of backlit trade show walls, and it offers a lot of functionalities. It gives the booth a clean and vibrant look, and people would be more attracted in visiting the booth because of the striking graphics that are displayed. The straight pillowcase wall kit also enables printing any picture or graphics, and a lot of customization options are available. An option for polyester dye-sublimated pillowcase is also available.

When purchasing this type of trade show wall, a lightweight aluminum frame is given to the business owners to help them strengthen their booths. The material used for the banner is also durable, resisting scratches. Another advantage of a durable material being used in this banner would be a lower chance of wear and tear.

The straight pillowcase wall kit is lightweight, and it can be carried easily inside the airplane or on a vehicle. It does not take up much space, and it can be set up in a few minutes. Business owners who have purchased this type of trade show wall are satisfied with this product, and the huge variety of size choices would mean that there is a suitable banner size for any type of booth.

Curved Pillow Case Wall Kit

curved pillow case wall kit

This type of trade show wall is different from its straight counterpart because of the absence of a metal stand. The curved shape of this trade show wall will help it stand by itself, and it can also resist a gentle breeze of wind if set up outside. Because of the absence of any metallic frames, the curved version looks cleaner.

Space, where the print is being displayed, would look larger because there are no obstructions. Business owners who have tried the curved pillowcase wall kit are stating that the vibrant look that it provides makes their booth stand out.

Just like their straight counterparts, the curved ones are also made from high-quality material, making it resistant against scratches or wear and tear. Setting it up can be completed after a few minutes, and the booth would have an awesome backdrop that can catch the attention of the public. Lights can be installed on the top side of the trade show wall to give it additional lighting.

There are three sizes available for this type of backdrop, and these are the seven by seven options, the ten by seven options, and the sixteen by seven options, which is the largest. Either side can also be used for printing graphics, maximizing its usage.

S-Curve Pillow Case Wall Kit

s-curve pillow case wall kit

Another design for the trade show wall that appeals to most business owners is the S-curved version. This trade show wall can stand on its own because of its snaking pattern. It can resist more forces compared to the curved and the straight versions of the pillowcase wall kit. It is also made from high-quality materials, and setting it up can be done in a few minutes.

Business owners can print anything graphics that they want on the front and the back part of this trade show wall, and a backlight can also be added. Three sizes are available for the s-curve trade show wall, and it is up to the business owner what size they wanted to choose.

Pop Up Wall Kit

pop up wall kit

The Pop Up Wall Kit gives the booth a different look. Of all the wall kit types, this is considered as the sturdiest. Metal frames and polyester cover allows this wall kit to stand by itself without any problems. It can also be set up without any hassle. The printing procedure performed on these types of backlit trade show walls prevents the fading of the colors.

Tips to attract more people at your booth

The next thing that you focus on is how you can attract more people to visit. There are tips that you can follow to make your presentation at the trade show successful.

backlit trade show walls (best solution)

Set up a mini-game for the attendees

A booth without a mini-game or any giveaways will not be visited by the public. If you wanted your products and services to reach more people, you need to think of an engaging game that will get their attention. You can search the internet for ideas on which type of game you can set up, or you can also think of a unique game that you can offer to the attendees.

The most common type of games is a wheel of luck and quizzes. Make sure that you will give the winners a prize, and the most recommended prizes are products created by your business, or any souvenir items bearing the company’s name and contact information.

Spend the money for promoting your booth

Before the trade show begins, you should approach any editor or writer who is connected to the show and ask them if they can promote your booth. You need to let them know about the latest product that your business offers. And try to conduct a demonstration as well to get their attention.

Others would require payments in exchange for exposure, and make sure that you have a separate budget for this kind of transaction. No matter if it is a small space on the print or a huge column, exposure is important and will drive more people to check out your booth.

Set up a Wi-Fi connection

This is important especially if you will be showcasing your products at a technological trade show. Many people who are attending these types of trade shows are knowledgeable about the newest trends in technology. Setting up a Wi-Fi connection on your booth will attract people who wanted to stay connected while visiting the event. This can be your opportunity to offer them the products and services that are available in your company.

To set up a Wi-Fi on your booth, you can use a portable router and use a mobile data connection. You can also persuade the attendees to check out your booth in exchange for the Wi-Fi password. Most of the time, this approach is effective because people would always want to stay connected.

backlit trade show walls (best solution)

Visit other trade shows

Check out other trade shows and see if it is worth visiting. If you enjoyed the trade show, you should signup to become a part of the exhibition on their next opening. If a lot of people visited the trade show, there is a huge chance that you will be reaching more people where you can market your product.

Try to stand out

You can stand out by focusing on the design of your booth and offering something that your competitors do not have. Another option is to give your attendees a place where they can relax and recharge their devices. Walking inside an exhibition hall with a lot of products from different companies can drain someone’s energy, but if there are little oases that can give them a small sense of relaxation, many people will come to visit your booth.

contact support icon

Contact existing customers

You can also contact your existing customers and inform them about your plans for entering a trade show. You can ask them if they would like to visit your booth or try to offer them some rewards if they will show up. This would boost the number of attendees on the trade show. And you would have a bigger chance of earning more money since people are already promising their attendance.


Setting up a booth for a trade show can be a tiring experience, but when more people are coming to check your booth, everything is worth it. Trade shows have become an effective way to demonstrate a new product to the public. And many people are pointing out that the number of trade shows through the years started to increase.

The attendance from the public is also increasing, and experts are pointing out that this strategy will soon become grander. Look for willing booth owners who would like to participate in the next trade show.

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