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Everything You Need in Printed Promotional Gear

Need printed promotional gear for your next event? Our team is ready to surprise you. We specialize in custom printing and designs, so we always make exactly what you need to shine at your next event. With our diverse range of products, we make your event dreams a reality. Whether you need one or two pieces to improve your current event toolkit or you are starting from scratch, our team of design experts is ready to work with you to help your business grow.


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Get Attention and Make a Lasting Impression With Promotional Gear

Promotional events are often as frustrating as they are exciting. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to reach hundreds – even thousands – of potential customers, make new vending contacts, and develop key business connections. On the other hand, you face more concentrated competition than anywhere else in the business world. Everyone fights for attention, and even if you know you offer the best product or service, you may lose out to competitors with flashier signage and bigger displays.

bevnet fully custom printed tents package b

The good news is: you don’t have to spend as much as you think in order to stay competitive. Not only do we offer affordable, long-lasting promotional gear, but we help you make it your own. Professional, custom printed materials always look best. Printed tents stand out, fitted table covers resist the wind, and large-scale indoor displays achieve their full potential with the right logos and imagery.

Remember, too, just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to pack up and go. Illumination always attracts attention. As the sun sets on outdoor venues, customers are drawn by well-lit displays. We can help you both figuratively and literally light up your space to draw the eye and the dollar to your business. The right lighting helps you get last minute customers and continue making sales until the event ends.

Although tents, banners, and table covers are all important promotional gear, think outside the box to get an edge over the competition. Look at inflatable chairs, wind dancers, and other accessories to draw attention. Promotional event attendees will see dozens of booths and displays. Make yours the one that stands out in their memory by offering something special.

Higher Value – Better Products Promotional Gear

printed promotional gear

We start with the basics and build up from our core values:

  • Treat others fairly
  • Enjoy life
  • Never give up
  • Take risks
  • Solutions

Relationships are the heart of our business, which is why we make such great products. We get to know customers, their goals, and their immediate needs so we can create exactly what they need. Our customers never deal with the frustration of trying to communicate their dreams to someone who – ultimately – isn’t interested.


Because we care about establishing relationships, we treat our customers fairly. Everyone can succeed when we do our jobs well. Our clients get the business and attention they need, and our reliable service keeps bringing them back for more!

Promotional events can and should be fun. We enjoy what we do, and we want clients and their customers to enjoy our products! With less stress, better materials, and fantastic warranties, you’ll have an easier time focusing on the job at hand.

If we don’t get it right the first time, we want a chance to fix it. We are relentless perfectionists, and we never give up. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our lifetime warranties. They’re proof we care about our products’ quality and performance.

We want our clients to strike now! Even though we don’t sit in your board meetings, we’ll help improve your current marketing ability with trendy, attention-grabbing printed promotional gear. You strike, and we’ll support you!

Have a problem? We have a solution! Whether you need to stand out in a crowded conference center, fit a particularly unique logo, or need something especially striking, our team has helpful ideas.

Promotional Gear Purpose

All these values blend to forge our ultimate purpose: building a stellar company that can enrich and elevate people’s lives. What does that mean? Passable quality isn’t good enough, limited engagement falls below our standards, and lackluster customer service isn’t service at all. If we haven’t given your performance at events a noticeable boost, we aren’t doing our job.

We aim to fabricate materials your customers will not only admire but remember. Your success is our pride. We invest in quality materials personalized to perfection so you do your best at not just your first event, but every promotional event.

Custom Printed Promotional Gear

We have everything you need to gear up for your next promotional event. Discover how each of these unique tools can help you up to your conversion rate and steal the show. As always, questions are welcome!

Promotional Gear Tents

pop-up tent customer exampleA tent is one of the best promotional gear investments you can buy. A high-quality tent lasts for years, and a printed tent will always stand out in a sea of white, black, and beige standard canopies. The shelter protects the rest of your gear from sun damage and precipitation while keeping you cool, comfortable, and charismatic during long days outside.

Depending on how you design your layout, your tent’s shade may draw additional customers. Most outdoor events take place in wide open spaces with little to no shelter for paying guests. Providing this basic creature comfort often wins interest, new contacts, and on-the-spot sales.

Any printed tent will draw attention, but don’t limit yourself to a traditional design. Pagoda tents usually stand above the competition very literally, drawing the eye from a distance. Dome tents are wonderful for booths that welcome customer through-traffic. They appear just different enough, and they appear more welcoming than many other designs. Inflatable tends and star tents also work in many conditions, even at indoor events!

Table Covers

strike custom table covers

Whether you bring your own table or rely on the venue to provide one, you usually don’t have a very attractive piece of furniture. That’s a problem. Your primary interaction with customers is across the table. Customers spend a lot of time studying your promotional materials and samples on your table. If the table looks rough, cheap, or mismatched, it damages your professional image and chances of making a sale.

For inside events, table throws work very well. They drape well, cover what needs to be hidden, and stay in place just fine with some clips or adhesive. However, if you plan on any kind of outdoor shows, or you plan to present a poorly ventilated space with big shop fans, you may need something with a better grip.

Fitted and stretch table covers work in essentially any venue – indoors or outdoors. Fitted covers provide a tidy, rectangular shape for specific table dimensions so they may be your perfect match if you bring your own tables. Stretch table covers to suit a slightly greater variety of tables, and they offer peace of mind if you show up to find the venue’s tables do not match the promised dimensions.

Both fitted and stretch covers resist wind, shop fans, and tugs from small children. This ensures your materials remain neatly arranged and professionally staged. You won’t need to go chasing a loose throw past your competitors, either.

Promotional Gear Flags

printed promotional gear – alternative solution w/ lifetime warranty

Show your pride and draw in passing foot traffic with a well-designed flag. We offer a range of flag styles to best suit your logo and marketing materials’ aesthetic. Classic rectangular banners keep things clean and neat. Feather banners offer the same benefits with a bit of a twist for sharper designs. Teardrop flags keep things still in strong winds and ensure your logo stays tight and clear.

It may seem counterintuitive, but big flags often work better indoors. Although they always draw attention, extremely tall flags catch the wind even in calm weather. That may cause unpleasant rattling, making potential customers uneasy about standing by your space. If you want to stay ahead of the weather, you may want to choose a medium or small flag for your outdoor display, at least until you know how the weather behaves in certain venues.

Indoor spaces do not have these problems. Since convention centers and exhibit halls typically have very high ceilings, large flags can fit safely and grab customer attention from the other side of the building without hazard.

That isn’t to say flags won’t work outside. You may want a slightly smaller flag, but if you present in a sheltered area, a tall flag may be just fine. Either way, the slight flutter and visual hook a flag provide sparks interest in any venue.

Inflatable Furniture

inflatable furniture made to last

Lure in weary convention-goers with sleek, inflatable furniture! Stock your space with inflatable chairs, sofas, tables, footrests, and you extend visitor’s stay in your space. The longer they rest and enjoy the comfort of your booth, the longer you have to make an impression. Simply providing the only seating in your half of the vendor hall or fairground will get plenty of attention.

Inflatable furniture suits essentially any event. Lightweight and compact, these materials travel well and clean easily. Ultimately, they turn a display space into an open office where you enjoy opportunities for extended pitches, demonstrations, and conversations.

If your professional event goes into the evening hours, you can even bring along an inflatable bar, bar tables, and bar stools. Although these aren’t strictly for serving adult beverages, if your business funds a meet-and-greet or professional mixer, they provide a great way to advertise and reinforce your connection with the event.


custom inflatable arches optimized

An arch welcomes visitors to your display space. It can be hard to mark out the entry point for a large, indoor display. Arches tidy up traffic flow through your booth while simultaneously providing memorable imagery.

They also let you make an impression on event attendees in other booths. A towering arch with clever designs and attractive colors makes people want to see what’s beyond it. Arches make a statement, provide structure, and make your display much more memorable.

Full Trade Show and Event Displays

what is a trade show

If you recently rebranded, just launched a new enterprise, want to promote a new product, or simply want a complete display, try one of our outdoor event packages or custom trade show displays. Get a full tent kit with printed canopies and walls along with your flags and table covers in a single, comprehensive set. Start up quickly and rest assured that we stock all the replacement elements you need to keep your display up to date and ready to advertise your latest campaign.

Elevate your trade show promotional gear with a full, customized booth. Collaborate with our designers to enhance your sales space and secure more conversions at events. Ultimately, the ideal booth is always custom, and we will help you perfect any size display area for maximum returns.

Cutting Edge Promotional Gear Printing Techniques

Need top-quality promotional gear in a hurry? We believe a high-quality product is only a great product if it’s delivered on time, which is why we use dye-sublimation for all our custom printing. It’s a cutting edge technology that consistently delivers better, longer-lasting color on a tremendous variety of surfaces.

Surface printing fades. Dye-sublimation does not. The pigment actually adheres to the substrate of the printed material for permanent, vivid prints. Enjoy all the benefits of digital printing without the risk of fading and the limitations of traditional techniques. We can customize essentially anything, and we’re so confident in our products’ performance we offer a lifetime guarantee.

A Final Note

As wonderful as tents, table covers, and inflatable furniture is, it’s all better with custom printing. Branding is everything in a highly visual space like a fair, trade show, or convention. Present the best of your business with beautiful, vivid banners or a fully customized trade show display. Colors attract the eye, and our advanced printing techniques provide the best digital printing has to offer.

We deliver our best in every order because our purpose is to improve each and every customer’s performance. Our custom prints are not only superior due to advanced technology, but also superior customer service. We offer superior printed promotional materials for every event, and we look forward to hearing how we can enrich your event experience.


Call today to order your custom sports canopy. (801) 872-4055

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