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Recently updated on February 22nd, 2024

Using Custom Table Covers with Your Logo: Are They Worth It?

When you’re at a trade show, it’s important to make your company stand out. Think about using not just banners, flags, and chairs, but also tables with custom branded table covers. Tables are like your kingdom at big events like trade shows, and using a branded tablecloth increases your brand visibility.

Your aim is to make people remember your business. A great way to do this is by using custom printed tablecloths with your company logo. This turns the tablecloth into an effective advertising tool and a part of your promotional materials. Custom tablecloths are simple, yet they are a good way to show off your logo or a special message. Using high quality materials ensures that your custom table cloth stands out. A well designed tablecloth can be used at different events, making it a versatile part of your marketing materials. Remember to consider the table size when ordering a personalized tablecloth.

Katie White said, “We ordered tablecloths with our logo! Mitchell was great to work with! The quality of the products and customer service is 5-star! Highly recommend!”

Keep reading to find out how to best use custom table covers for your brand’s promotion.

When and Where to Use Custom Branded Table Covers

Trade shows are essential for your business. It is an important event where you get to showcase or talk about your latest products (or service). Many other professionals and companies are present during this special event. Often, other participants may be in the same industry as your business. It can be difficult for your potential clients to remember your company, which is why it is up to you to make sure they know the name of your firm even after the trade show is over.

custom branded table covers

With the help of custom table covers with your logo, clients and the other participants will easily take note of the name of your company. You can count on customized tablecloths to save the day whenever you need to enhance the style, or you only need something that will cover up an unattractive table.

These table covers are not limited for use at trade shows. You can take them anywhere you need them, such as at parties, conventions, or any event. Utilizing them is almost the same as a free advertisement since people can see your logo whenever they glance at the tables.

The custom branded table covers are versatile so you can use them no matter what the occasion. Whether it is a formal event or even something casual, you can take the covers with you and use them to stylize the tables. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can design the cover that will best represent your business. These customized items are a great way to entice customers so they will visit your booth and be curious about your products or services.

“Gearing up for a trade show is like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Pieces can come up missing, but companies should do their best in advance to make it all fits together to their advantage.” – Susan Friedmann

Benefits of Using Custom Branded Table Covers with Your Logo

When you have the right table covers for your upcoming trade show or any event, you will discover that they can provide you with plenty of benefits. Some businesses make the mistake of using ordinary tablecloths because they think they can save more money. However, they are missing out on the opportunity to establish their brand.

Shelling out extra cash for a custom table cover will give you excellent returns. Here are the top reasons why you should use custom table covers that include your logo for your next event:


If there is one thing that attracts customers to visit booths and examine the products of a specific company, it is how the booth looks like from the outside. They want something that appears organized, well put together, and inviting. A custom branded table covers are an item that will surely enhance the appeal of your booth. Since it is customized, you can select how it looks to make sure that the cover is an excellent representation of your business.

Additionally, you can add your logo, which makes one element recognizable. People will look at the table cover and will instantly realize that it is your brand. You can also choose to use your company’s taglines, which can be useful especially if you already have a popular product or service.


When you use a personalized item, it speaks to the observers. The covers show that they are what your brand is made of, from the colors to the logo itself. You can also choose the type of material to use. Everything is about your preferences since you already know what is right for your business.

Suits Any Table

Whether you have a round table, a square, or a rectangular piece, you will find a cover that is suitable for your table. It does not matter if you have a small or large table because each cover is printed in a way that the logo will not look stretched. With the help of advanced printing technology, your table will immediately look high-quality, thanks to the cover you use. You will have a tablecloth with a smooth finish and drapes effortlessly.

Different Designs

If you have more than one table, the covers you use do not have to be in uniform. You can select from a range of options, such as a fitted or a loose cover. You can choose your desired dimensions and how the logo will look like. Aside from the logo, you can also use an image or your brand’s tagline. It is all up to you so you can create a look that will undoubtedly be eye-catching.

Long-Lasting Impression

When it comes to covers for tables at trade show kiosks, you know that the whole place will be filled with people. Your booth can be subjected to lots of traffic. Individuals who can be your clients will sit at your booth and will interact with you. It can be pretty messy and busy, but if you have a tidy and striking table cover, you will have no problems at all.

On the other hand, if your table looks dirty and is lackluster, it will inevitably leave a bad impression. You want your customers to be impressed, not just with how you have arranged your booth but also your brand. A table cover can help you reach this goal.


custom branded table covers

Frequently, the primary purpose of using table covers is to conceal the plainness of the tables. They are digitally printed with personalized logos or graphics that are often vibrant and full of color. These covers can easily attract attention so you can feel pride whenever potential customers look at them.

Reusable and Durable

If you have another event coming up, you can always use the table covers again. These items are versatile, so you can utilize them whether you will have a birthday party or a corporate event. No matter what the celebration is, you can take these covers with you and use them to dress up your tables.

The fabric used is usually machine washable and can also withstand heat. You can have the covers at exhibits and trade shows in any climate whether the event is held during winter, summer, or rainy season.


Since these table covers can be reused, they are indeed a cost-efficient option anytime you have an event. They last a long time as well because of their durability. When you select the table covers from STRIKE, you will have no problems when it comes to the longevity of the prints. You are guaranteed that each cover only uses high-quality ink and printing technology that allow the finished product to look great.

The fabrics are also excellent types so you can use the covers several times. They will not look damaged or faded even if you have used them more than once.

Dye Sublimation for Custom Branded Table Covers

custom branded table covers

If you intend to create a striking tabletop display for your next event or trade show, STRIKE has literally covered you. The table covers are indeed an eye-catching way to draw in customers and promote your company. STRIKE guarantees that all prints are of high-quality, thanks to the use dye sublimation. With such process, the custom graphics are all in vivid full color. Observers can see every little detail even if they look at the cover a few feet away.

Dye sublimation is a phenomenon in which substances change from solid to gas directly. In printing for your exhibition graphics, the process involves heating of ink, and it is later turned into gas. The procedure enables the attachment of dye permanently to the surface. As a result, you have bright colors for the prints, as well as high-resolution images.

The advancements in technology have paved the way for marketing creativity and the enhancement of visual merchandising. Dye sublimation has become the preferred method for imaging, particularly for the graphics used in exhibition stands. When used in table covers, you will truly see the difference because of the rich color saturation. Plus, this method of printing offers efficiency in installation and shipping.

The material can captivate light so the images will not produce any glare, especially if you have your table covers in broad daylight. Let us also not forget that dye sublimation is an environmentally-friendly process. The ink utilized comes from an aqueous solution, which is free from fragrances and harmful solvents.

Top Options for Custom Covers for Your Tables

STRIKE offers a variety of custom table covers, but all of them can have your logo. Here are the types that you can choose from:

Fitted Style: As the name suggests, this type of tablecloth will fit firmly to your table. It is best for tables with a definite shape because the cover will enhance its appearance. You can talk to a representative first to provide your table measurements. You can also discuss the style you want or your vision for the cover so it will be suitable for your brand. With this type of cover, there can be a vertical slit, which is why it is ideal for display and buffet tables. The slit gives you access to products or equipment that you may have stored under the table. Of course, you can have the table cover without the slit if you do not plan to hide anything beneath the table.

Stretch Style: With this cover, you can stretch the cover to the table. They are remarkably elastic so they can cover the tables you have at a trade show. This type of tablecloth is also common at weddings, corporate events, and even birthday parties. They are sleek and come with clean lines that subtly guide you when covering the tables.

Table Throw: Throws are usually compared to table runners because they are quite similar. The only difference is that the throws cover the table entirely while the runners conceal the top part of the table. Table throws can either be fitted or loose. It is like purchasing a standard shirt where it may feel loose, but it is actually the right size.

STRIKE offers these three options for your table covers. You can select the best one for the tables you will use during the next trade show you plan to attend to.

Tips for Using Personalized Table Covers with Your Logo

When it comes to representing your brand, you know that your logo is one of the essential elements. It is the face of your business and will help you become instantly recognizable. When you have custom table covers, and they have your logo, they can help your company be prominently displayed on the event.

custom branded table covers

If your brand is not famous yet, you need to consistently show your logo. This way, the next time your booth visitors see it, they will most likely engage with your business. Here are some tips to elevate your logo when using it on table covers:

Uniformity: Make sure that your logo is present on every table cover. For instance, if you have more than one table, it should be on all the table throws. Not all the visitors will look at all your tables, which is why it is best to be on the safe side. Have all the covers display your logo so that everyone will see it no matter where they sit.

Display: Be careful when placing objects on the table. If you have a small table and you plan to add a few items on it, you may want to set them in an area where they will not hide the logo. As much as possible, do not put huge objects that will conceal your logo, especially if your brand name can easily be mistaken into something else.

Size: You want your logo to dominate the whole cover. You should not be afraid to have a big logo on the table cover. Instead, it should be the main thing people see when they look at the table throws.

Clarity: Aside from the size, the logo should be clear enough for everyone to read. You do not want one that is written in black ink when the background is dark as well. Also, choose graphics that are easy on the eyes. Too many images can throw off the observer, and they may not even be able to read your logo or your message.

Include Your Business Name: Apart from the logo, your business name should also be included in the table covers. Most businesses are not as famous as the ones whose logos are already recognizable. You want your company name to appear along with the logo, so the attendees know your firm’s name.

If you will create an exhibit at a trade show and you plan to have it displayed on top of the table, the cover should have the business logo and your company’s name on the front of the table. Make sure it is large, clear, and printed in high-quality.

STRIKE will help you create a table cover customized with your logo and business name. The final product will have all the necessities in the right place so you reap the benefits, including increased brand awareness for your business and a logo that people will become familiar with over time.

A lifetime warranty comes with all Strike products! Free design help is offered to make sure you’re confident in the look and quality of your table cover. Strike offers many options and great customer service to help you find the right product for your needs.

About Strike Visuals

About Strike Visuals

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