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Recently updated on May 24th, 2024

There are certain events that are held outdoors, from trade shows, bazaars, farmer’s markets, concerts, and sporting activities. Although people gather around these open-air events for varying reasons, one thing is common in all of them — the presence of custom-printed pop-up tents, colloquially known as pop up tents, strewn around the different venues.

These pop-up canopies serve many different functions. For instance, a giant trade tent can shelter you and whatever merchandise you have from the heat of the sun and the other elements of nature. These pop-up canopies are also quite easy to install, and with a wide array of design choices available, they can also act as a form of advertisement. Let’s see what the clear-cut benefits are of investing in these pop-up tents:

Pop Up Tents Branding


Gone are the days of flimsy and bare-looking pop-up canopies. Boring solid colors are a thing of the past. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can now get custom-printed pop-up tents that can easily represent your brand. Choose your company colors, print logos, and splash your tagline on in the large sections of the pop-up tents. You’re proud of your brand, and what better way to show that than to let your equipment scream this pride on your behalf?

With these pop-up canopies, you can easily showcase your team spirit at any event your company chooses to attend so that everyone can easily identify your brand and style. There’s nothing more solid in showcasing your brand than having your pop-up tents standing proudly at an event.

Pop Up Tents Advertising

Related to strong branding is advertising. Remember, showcasing and warehousing merchandise isn’t the only reason businesses choose a pop-up canopy. These portable, collapsible, and reusable pop-up tents can also serve as a form of advertising when it is imprinted with company logos, tag lines, corporate colors, and the like.
For example, if you’re a sports coach and you’re actively recruiting team players, your pop-up tents can be easily spotted from a distance. New players can know your team name and style when they see your custom pop-up canopy, which is replete with your company logo and contact numbers. It will be hard to miss a vibrant custom tent in a sea of boring ones.


Go-to Point

When your company, school, or small business set up shop in a temporary outdoor venue, the pop-up canopies become an arbitrary meeting point for all team members. Imagine, without your easy to find a custom tent, all your team members will struggle in looking for your location.
Having the pop-up tents, allows you to spend less time gathering your team together. The canopy also serves as the temporary headquarters to keep your team all together in one place. When you are able to save time on little things like this, it gives you more time to focus on other, more important aspects.


If you’re a small business, or you’re a school that’s trying to attract sponsors, or maybe you already do have sponsors, utilizing pop up canopies will definitely help you both attract and keep that sponsor. For instance: You’re a small school team and sponsors have helped with your equipment, using these pop-up canopies to emblazon their logo is a small way to show them you appreciate the help. Doing this also paves the way for you to attract more sponsorship. It is so much easier to generate additional sponsorship opportunities when everyone can see that you’re giving your existing sponsors highly visible promotion.

Pop Up Tents Protection


Outdoor activities mean you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, exposed to the elements of nature like the harmful UV rays, strong gusts of wind, and even inclement weather. Jackets and sunscreen can provide protection, but these aren’t enough. Your team can definitely limit their exposure to the harsh environmental factors when they can gather under the roof of your custom pop-up tents. Giving your team players this custom canopy also gives them the peace of mind that you care enough about them to limit their exposure to potentially harmful weather.

What Pop-Up Tents to Choose

Now the question to ask is: with the wide array of options to choose from, what pop up canopy should you pick for your use? Evaluating the features of the different styles of pop up tents, as well as considering the price point, should be the primary driver in making a decision on what tent option to get. It is important to remember, cliché as it may sound, to choose quality over quantity. Going with a pop-up canopy that is slightly more expensive may be more cost-effective in the long run.

custom pop-up tents vs traditional blank tents

High-quality action sport canopies are so much better than the cheap, flimsy kind that is only effective for one-time use. Investing in a good quality canopy allows you to use them repeatedly because their colors don’t fade, the metal poles won’t readily tarnish, and the canvas won’t suddenly rip and fall apart.

Spoiled for Choice

Nowadays, sizing options have dramatically expanded, so do take the chance to shop around and choose which canopy suits your needs. Once again, your needs and budget will come into play when determining what to make. Nevertheless, it is good to browse around, so you can be aware of your options. Hereunder are the following types of canopies:

Pop up tents — Also known as instant canopies, these are so very easy to carry and install. It can even be set up by one person. There is no need for a fancy toolbox because they are designed like an umbrella. It can be opened and closed with ease. Installation is hassle-free, and you’ll be done before you realize it. This canopy is light (not more than 20 kilos) and easily collapsible, so you can lug it around you wherever you go.

custom printed pagoda tent

Pagoda tents — Another name for these are pole tents because they rely on larger poles to keep them erect. These are a bit heavier and more complicated, so you need an assistant to help you set things up. These are typically produced for businesses seeking to join bazaars or trade shows. Thus, the materials for this type of tent are thicker, which require them to have sturdier ropes and tougher anchors to keep the ten in place.

Tension pop up tents — These resemble pole tents but are a bit taller. The cutesy nickname of this tent is actually “high peak”. As the name implies, they definitely command attention because they’re larger, higher, cover more ground space, and are dramatically attention seeking. They can even be left alone all year round without encountering any problems.

Frame pop up tents — These are fondly referred to and revered as the Cadillac of all pop-ups. Unlike all the other pop up canopies, these pop up tents do not use poles of any kind. Instead, it relies on a skeletal structure that the manufacturer has covered with sturdy material. There are no stakes or poles necessary for this one; hence, there are unobstructed views that allow you to display more merchandise. It also entices the buyers to take more time and look at your stuff because, they aren’t distracted by any poles.

Pop Up Tents Digital Printing

Having a little knowledge on what goes on from the ideas stage to the printing stage, and then to the final construction stage of pop up, canopy technology allows your business to stay ahead of the game. Understanding design principles can help you choose which materials and methods would better attract your clients’ attention.

strike visual outdoor event package b

Currently, dye sublimation is the process which canopy makers utilize to print your heart’s desires and to make your ideas come alive on your own tent. This method paves the way for vibrant colors printed on various textiles, including rigid surfaces they could not touch before. A select list of materials include nylon, polyester, and some other forms of plastics.

An infusion of dye is used to treat these materials. Once heated, the colors readily and thoroughly penetrate the surfaces. The polymers in the material adhere easily with the ink, resulting in a vibrant, gorgeous, permanent color. Unlike in the old method where ink coats the surface, this new process enables the ink to bond to every single thread. As a result, the texts and graphics are indelibly glued to the material, ensuring it doesn’t fade, peel or crack, even when faced with harsh cleaning or extreme weather conditions. This ensures that your pop-up canopy is worth every penny!

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