Trade shows are a great way to build a business, engage with customers face to face and meet other people in the industry. However, it can be hard to be noticed in a large hall or show area. Successful trade show booths are well-organized, creative and clearly designed. With the right trade show product displays, you can make a first impression that keeps paying off.

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Invest in High-Quality Trade Show Product Displays

The details matter for a trade booth display. You can invest in large banners, freestanding signs or smaller items. It is important that your logo and company name are clear and can be seen from across the room. Additionally, think about all angles to the table when designing your booth.

Play around with different materials, font choices and more. You want to use every available space, so consider how to arrange signs on low levels, the table and even above the booth. This creates a sense of depth.

Consider Your Trade Show Product Displays Graphic

Well-designed graphics grab people’s attention when they are walking around a trade show. This means investing in professional design work and reflecting on the message a graphic sends to people. Integrating graphics into a booth can pull in traffic to your booth and make it stand out.

Similarly, it is important that the logo, graphics, and signage pops with color. No one wants to come to a booth that is super drab, dark or hard to see. You can also experiment with textures but including mirrors, a rug, and plants to add diversity to the booth.


Consider the Lighting

Lighting is everything when shaping your trade show product displays. Do not bank on the venue to offer this. Bring your own string lights, lamps and more so that you can best utilize the space.

Good lighting makes it easier to see the products on display, your banners and more.

Feel free to play around with different color lighting too.

Floor Options

Changing the flooring can make a booth more inviting and help it stand out. Consider bringing in your own rug or floor covering. Play around with texture and think about how the tables, chairs and other furniture and signage will be arranged.

Media Options

Gone are the days where people sat at their tables and beckoned people to come over. Instead, trade shows are full-on sensory experiences. A great way to be noticed and increase traffic and engagement is to include in-booth media.

This means playing music or setting up a screen and having a video playing. You can also create listening booths with headphones to give visitors a unique and private experience. Multimedia additions to your trade show booth help you build your brand and set yourself apart from other booths.

Video Options

If you include media in your booth, there are many options for this. For example, you can do product simulations or demonstrations, create a short film for the trade show and even include a short video game. Take the time to consider including monitors, touch screens, tablets, and even video walls. Technology has changed the way trade shows operate.


Trade Show Product Displays Storage

A booth should be clearly organized and not cluttered. Take the time to invest in high-quality storage solutions like shelves, bins and more. Cords should not be visible, and there are lockable counters to help you protect tablets and computers. These items do double duty to keep a booth looking professional while also helping with security.

Bring in Your Own Furniture

Trade Show Furniture

Trade Show Furniture

The trade show booth should be inviting and welcoming, so why not bring in your own furniture? There are a lot of light-weight options to choose from: bean bags, a light couch, accent chairs, end tables and more.

Adding furniture to space encourages people to sit down and engage in a meaningful way. For a moment, they may even forget that they are at a trade show. Play around with the design to make it the most welcoming you can. Take into consideration that this can also be used to generate conversations as well! 

Promotional Give-Aways

People love free stuff, and promotional products are a walking billboard at a trade show. Take some time to consider your target audience, budget and the types of items that relate to your brand. This could encourage other people to come to your booth. One could invest in bracelets, light-up toys, stickers, hats and more.

You could have everything out on the table, or you could play games for attendees to win the promo items. Promotional products are a great icebreaker that builds brand visibility and encourages people to come and chat at your booth.

Points of Interaction

Take the time to create experiences where people can interact with you, your product or your booth. This might mean something simple like having a touchscreen way to input information, or it might mean having a game set up or food. Different points of interaction keep people busy and entertained while they are with you. Activities should relate to the vision of the brand.

You have a moment of seconds to make a solid first impression. There are hundreds of booths at a trade show. Clear branding, clever design, and high-quality trade show product displays ensure people stop at your booth. Take time to carefully dream up your booth and to invest in high-quality signage and promotional products can get your booth noticed. A strong showing at a trade show creates a buzz about your brand, improve sales and increases brand awareness.