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Recently updated on January 17th, 2023

Attending a trade show is a great way to drum up business, network, and spread the word about your business and brand. Becoming an exhibitor or sponsor for a trade show provides you with even more opportunities to promote your business while networking with potential associates, partners, and even investors. Before attending your next upcoming trade show, there are a few ways to properly prepare and design your exhibit to maximize your exposure and to enhance the experience of attending the event.

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trade show exhibit design tips [2021 best choice]

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Research Trade Show Location

Before you begin working on your trade show exhibit design, it is important to research the location of the trade show itself. Is the trade show in a large convention center with hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors, or is it located in a small and close-knit environment? How many attendees are expected at the trade show event you plan to sponsor? What is the cost of attending the event and becoming an exhibitor? Are there different types of booths and exhibits available to host?

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Figuring out the logistics of attending a trade show event is imperative to avoid overspending or choosing an exhibit design that is not functional with your preferred booth or exhibit location at your next trade show event.

Compare Booth Sizes and Locations

Compare both booth sizes and the locations of exhibitor booths before making your selection and designing your setup. Not all exhibitor booths are likely to provide the same amount of room or amount of exposure. If possible, seek an exhibitor booth or table that is closest to an endcap or row of sponsors to maximize your visibility and exposure.

Inquire About Electricity and Special Amenities

When you intend to design your trade show exhibit booth or table on your own, it is imperative to determine whether or not it is possible to obtain electricity at the trade show you are attending. Not all trade shows offer electricity, and in many cases, most event hosts charge an additional fee to implement electricity for exhibitors.

Additionally, some trade show events and conventions also provide exhibitors with the opportunity to purchase an additional booth or table amenities. Some common amenities and features available at trade shows for exhibitors may include:

  • Tablecloths/Skirts for Booth Tables
  • Electrical Outlets/Extensions
  • Lighting Setups and Rigs
  • Flatscreen Televisions/Monitors for Digital Displays
  • Sound Systems and Setups

Choosing the Right Trade Show Exhibit Design

Choosing the right trade show exhibit design greatly depends on the type of business and brand you are representing along with the size of the booth or table you reserve. Some trade show booths are longer in length than others, which is why it is vital to confirm the specs of each section you are interested in reserving before ordering banners, promotional products, and trade show necessities. Consider the ceiling height of your trade show’s location, especially if you prefer vertical trade show designs or signs that are suspended in the air. Always verify that you are authorized to implement unique or original trade show design accessories, especially if they require additional support or space.

Adding Lights and Special Features

Once you have the basics of your trade show exhibit in place, consider the lighting of your area and any special features you intend to implement while at your next event. Is the trade show location rife with natural lighting or adequate indoor lighting to showcase your booth, products, and information without requiring additional lights? Do you prefer a large lighting setup or smaller lighting accessories that are easy to use and battery operated? How important is it for you to have a digital display of your business and brand? Is it best to utilize a flatscreen television/monitor or is it possible for attendees to access your website and the content you want to share using a tablet device?

Popular Exhibit Setup Items

When designing a trade show exhibit, take the time to learn some of the most popular booth and exhibit setup items before settling on a decision. Some of the most common trade show booth setup items and accessories include:

  • Pop-Up Solution: Pop-up solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses attend trade show events and conventions. Use a pop-up solution to save on time when setting up your exhibit and for a unique display.
  • Canvas/Roll-Up Banners: Canvas and roll-up banners are optimal if you intend to travel to an upcoming trade show and want to travel with your trade show design items and accessories. Additionally, canvas and roll-up banners are lightweight and easy to maneuver with minimal risk of damage or tears.
  • Traditional Banners: Traditional vinyl, gloss, paper, and cardstock banners are also extremely popular at trade show events (and also the most affordable option).
  • Backlit Displays: Consider a backlit display if you intend to bring a tablet or monitor to showcase your website or the products and services you provide.

Create Custom Business Cards

Any time you attend a trade show (as an attendee or a sponsor), create custom business cards to match the logo and overall aesthetic of your booth or table. Swapping business cards is one of the most common exchanges when attending a trade show or a convention. With a unique, colorful, and modern business card, make a lasting impression on each attendee or prospective networking associate you meet.

Consider a Promotional Product Contest or Giveaway

When you are sponsoring a trade show or convention, create promotional products to giveaway or to utilize in a contest you are hosting. Increasing foot traffic to a trade show booth is much easier when a business or brand is giving away free t-shirts, backpacks, pens, or other everyday necessities. Use promotional products to your advantage to increase foot traffic to your exhibit booth while taking advantage of free marketing with your company logo on each item you give away.

Taking the time to properly plan your trade show exhibit and its design is essential whether you are launching a new start-up or looking to promote an existing business. With the right trade show exhibit and design, captivate attendees and increase the amount of foot traffic your booth or table receives throughout the entirety of the show.

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trade show exhibit design tips [2021 best choice]


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