Trade shows are extremely popular in many markets and industries, providing attendees and exhibit sponsors an opportunity to network and connect with like-minded professionals in one central location. When you are considering becoming a sponsor at an upcoming trade show that is relevant to your business, knowing how to choose the right banners and exhibit set up for your brand is essential. Understanding popular banners types of exhibit layout designs is a way to ensure your next trade show event truly leaves a lasting impression.

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Popular Types of Trade Show Banners

Booth signs & graphics are key elements involved in any trade show, especially if you are renting an exhibit or if you are planning to sponsor the event yourself.booth signs and graphicsClick to Tweet

Choosing the right material and style for your banners greatly depends on your brand’s overall aesthetic and the type of consumers you intend to reach. Selecting a banner style will also depend on the size of your booth signs and whether or not you are permitted to utilize custom or large banner stands within the area of your reserved exhibit space.

Before choosing banners and exhibit accessories for an upcoming trade show, contact the director and manager of the trade show event directly. Inquire about rules and regulations that must be followed for all sponsors and exhibitors before moving forward with your banner and exhibit display order.

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Classic Printed Banners

One of the most affordable banner options includes standard printed banners (no frills). Flat printed banners are often vinyl, fabric, or paper-based, depending on the size and look you are interested in obtaining. Classic banners are not only affordable but easy to travel with–making them an optimal choice for business owners on a budget that is attending a trade show in another state or country.

Pop Out Banners

Pop out banners help with attracting attention to a trade show booth signs or exhibit location. Oftentimes, pop out banner setups are ideal for banners which are designed vertically, but can also work with horizontal options. Pop out banners are all-in-one display solutions that are simple to assemble but provide a unique and enticing appeal to attendees and passersby. In many cases, pop out banner solutions can also be customized to fit your needs (whether you are attending an indoor or outdoor event).

Vertical Roll Out Banners

Roll out banners are also optimal for individuals who are shopping on a budget but seeking a unique and interesting way to stand out during a trade show. Roll out banners are designed to work best with vertical banners, keeping them in place while providing a flashy and appealing display. Roll out banner solutions are also highly recommended if you are planning to ship or travel with all of your exhibit accessories and set up pieces as they are lightweight and extremely compact.


Printed flags are vibrant, unique, and classic ways to stand out from a crowd when you are sponsoring or attending an outdoor trade show exhibit event. Customized flags are not as common as traditional banners, allowing you the opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers or prospective business associates and partners. Custom flags are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials to blend with any branding you already have developed for your company.

booth signs and graphicsPrinting Options

Some of the most popular types of materials used for trade show banners include classic vinyl banners, fabric banners, and even high-quality cardstock or paper-based banners. Choosing the best material for your trade show banners greatly depends on the overall aesthetic you have chosen for your brand’s logo and color scheme. If you have developed a business that is classy, chic, and modern, opt for a flat printed banner to better accentuate your logo’s look and feel. If you want to stand out with a flashy aesthetic, opt for a banner that is printed using a high gloss finishing solution.

Coordinate all of your printed materials to utilize the same fabric and finishing options before finalizing your purchase to ensure each item you receive is reflective of your brand and your vision.

Benefits of a Trade Show Exhibit

booth signs and graphics

Attending a trade show provides benefits that are useful when making connections or simply sharing your brand’s message with prospective customers, investors, or even future partners. Some of the most notable advantages of attending a trade show as a sponsor or as an exhibitor include:

Trade Show Exhibit Design Tips

Designing an exhibit for an upcoming trade show should feel exciting and positive, not distressing and uncomfortable. When you know your target audience and the demographics you want to reach, designing an impressive and memorable exhibit is much easier.

Before you begin ordering banners or exhibit displays, consider the size of your exhibit or the sponsor tables you have available to use at the upcoming trade show. Are you permitted to use large displays and hanging accessories? Is electricity provided or do you need to request it for your booth signs beforehand? How many power outlets will you have access to once you arrive and begin setting up?

Asking important questions to the director or manager of a trade show is essential to prevent feeling confused or lost once you arrive to begin your setup. The more familiar you become with the event, the easier it is to place an order that is compatible with the trade show and other exhibits.

Backlit Displays

Backlit exhibit displays are extremely beneficial for indoor trade shows. Many times, exhibitors forget to bring lighting along with spotlights to showcase products, services, and information relevant to their brand. Backlit displays come with lighting already in place, drawing attention to your exhibit from across the room.

Multimedia Displays

Multimedia displays are optimal for individuals working in tech or showcasing an online service or eCommerce store. Multimedia displays integrate flat screen televisions, monitors, and even smartphone or tablet devices to allow attendees a more interactive and engaging experience.

Hanging Display Solutions

Large exhibits often use hanging display solutions to attract attendees to their booth signs. Using hanging displays can help you stand out from traditional tables, especially if you have the proper equipment and tools to hang the accessories once you begin setting up.

Custom Premium Exhibit Designs

If you are looking for a truly unique experience to offer those who visit your exhibit, consider a custom premium exhibit design solution. Custom exhibits can include shapes that mimic your logo’s look or a color scheme that blends with your official color palette.

Taking time to research banner materials and trade show exhibit setups is a way to feel comfortable with and confident in your final decisions when moving forward with plans for your brand and business. The right trade show exhibit setup and materials can drastically improve the overall success you achieve whether you are promoting a product, service, or even an online presence at your next local trade show event.

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