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The Different Trade Show Walls & Their Benefits

Trade shows walls have often been seen as an effective way to advertise a business and increase sales. Much of this has been driven by the fact that they allow entrepreneurs to interact with potential customers and gain insights into how their product or service is being received.

However, these benefits will only be seen if a company has its trade show display designed and set up effectively. While the overall design of the booth will be the most notable part of this, trade show walls will play quite a significant role in this.

Despite how vital the walls can be to a display, many entrepreneurs mightn’t know much about how these walls are designed and made. Alongside this is the fact that many business owners mightn’t know that there are a variety of wall types available for a trade show display.

Each of these options has a variety of benefits and can be used in quite a large variety of ways. As a result, they can each be worth a consideration for the majority of trade show advertisers, with much of this focusing on the design of the wall itself, as well as the overall booth.

To ensure that a business owner can take advantage of a trade show’s benefits, they’ll need to ensure that their booth brings in an audience. The most effective way of doing so is having a well-designed display, of which the choice of the wall will play quite a significant role.

As such, it’s worth considering each of the wall types that are available and determining which will be best for a company’s needs.

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trade show walls (lifetime warranty) 2021 show wall solutions

Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays have become increasingly more beneficial over the past few years, with a variety of uses becoming increasingly more apparent. One of the most notable of these is as a wall for a trade show booth, with the fabric offering quite a striking design and look for the wall.

These can provide quite a large number of benefits, with one of the most notable being that it’s much more portable than the majority of other walls. While it may take a certain amount of time to take down and put up, the displays are incredibly lightweight, given the fact that it’s made out of a single piece of fabric.

As such, business owners will be able to fold it up and transport the displays with ease. This could help to make it somewhat more cost-effective than many other walls, as owners shouldn’t have to worry about transportation or storage costs.

Many people might believe that, since the tension displays are made out of a single fabric, then it’s liable to tear. While this could mean that owners shouldn’t be too rough with them, trade show walls can be much more durable than many people may believe.

As a result, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about in this regard. Alongside this, companies advertising at a trade show shouldn’t have to worry about glare. This is because the fabric doesn’t reflect too much light, which is an issue that may be seen with various other walls.

In many cases, fabric tension displays can come with a backlit option, which could make it much more visible in certain circumstances. Being backlit, means that the light shouldn’t hurt the readability of the design, which can affect many other wall types.


Truss Displays

20x20 truss ex 4

Truss displays have become increasingly popular over the past few years, although many business owners have yet to capitalize on them. Much of this could be driven by the fact that many entrepreneurs may believe that they’re more effort than they’re worth, although this may not be the case.

These typically use a steel or aluminum framework that then holds the marketing materials that you’ll be using at a show. Some of the more notable aspects of this include LCD monitors, display cases, and any other graphics that a display show marketing might consist of.

As a result of this, truss displays can be much more customizable than many other walls for trade shows. This is something that can be seen from event to event, as entrepreneurs will be able to vary the design somewhat from each show, with some of this depending on the feedback that they get at a specific trade event.

Doing so could mean that the truss displays offer a more personalized approach to changing trade show events on the fly. While this may be done with some other walls, these are often much more difficult to do so with. Truss displays offer a much easier way of doing so.

Alongside this is that the walls could hold many more displays than other trade show walls, with this being driven by the strength of the framework. Typically, a booth wall will only be able to hold a limited amount of marketing displays and other advertising materials.

While there’s still a limit with what can be done with truss displays, this is much higher than you might find elsewhere. As a result, you should be able to use larger screens, which should have a domino effect on the overall interest the display generates. The walls should also be much more durable than you might find elsewhere.

Panel Walls

While panel walls may seem similar to truss displays, there can be quite a significant number of differences between the two. Perhaps one of the more obvious of these is that truss displays can include many more elements and additions, while panel walls will have the majority of them built-in to the design.

This is primarily seen in the fact that owners will have the panels made out of various things. While including designs and marketing materials in the panels is one of the more obvious parts of this, there are a few others.

For example, trade show advertises will be able to have the panels created out of LED screens, which could add quite a significant number of benefits. By doing so, they’ll be able to gain quite a considerable amount of interest from passers-by without needing to add quite a significant number of devices or screens.

Alongside this is the fact that trade show walls can help entrepreneurs save quite a significant amount of space when they have their booth set up. Since the LED screens and other marketing materials can be built-in to the walls, you shouldn’t have to worry about them taking up extra space.

This is something that could be beneficial for many trade shows, especially where spacing may be an issue. Entrepreneurs will also be able to customize their walls to an extent, as the panels can be installed in whatever way they choose.

Business owners will be able to take advantage of this and ensure that their trade show wall is optimized to gain as much interest as possible. Including LED screens also means that the display can be much more informative for potential customers than other materials.

With the space-saving that you should see, you should be able to fit more of an audience into the booth, which is something that many people could want to capitalize on.

Hybrid Booths

Hybrid display booths have become increasingly more prevalent in recent years, although they’re still something that many business owners may be hesitant about. However, the trade show wall option could provide quite a significant number of benefits.

One of the more noticeable of these is that it offers quite a significant amount of customizability when you’re having it designed. While this is something that may be seen with other walls, hybrid booths provide much more of a mix-and-match approach than many people may believe.

As a result of this, the majority of business owners should be able to include many more accessories and marketing materials in their design. Naturally, this should have a domino effect on the amount of attention and sales leads that the booth helps generate.

The designs that can be included with these booths can also be much more versatile than with other walls. As a result, there should be more flexibility with what’s included in the design, with this looking just as high-quality as other walls.

Despite what many people may expect, these can often be much more lightweight than many people may believe. As such, it can have a certain amount of portability, which can be an advantage if you’re traveling to a variety of trade shows.

A domino effect from this also means that they can be taken almost anywhere with ease. In contrast to other trade show walls, hybrid booths can also be quite easy to set up. Though this is something that may seem complicated, it’s simpler than many people would expect.

These should also be just as strong, if not stronger, than many of the other walls that you may come across, so they should be able to handle a significant number of displays.

Pop-Up Exhibits

12 x 7 pop up wall b

Pop-up displays are one of the more recent innovations in the trade show niche, with the option also becoming popular for much other outside marketing uses. This is because the option provides quite a large number of benefits, with the most notable of these being that it’s quite portable.

Companies will be able to take advantage of pop-up displays in several ways because of this. One of the most notable of these is that it’s much easier to put up and take down when you need to. Doing so should mean that advertisers can spend less time setting up their booths and instead focus on speaking to people.

While the majority of other trade show walls can be reused for different events, this can be heavily dependent on the amount of available space for their booth. However, this isn’t something that owners will have to worry about here, as pop-up displays take up much less space than many other walls.

Positioning the pop-up display is also much easier than many other booth walls that people might consider. This is primarily driven by how lightweight and portable the display is, which means that it could often be more versatile than many other vehicles.

While these mightn’t be as large as the other booth walls that people can purchase, pop-up displays can often be just as effective as them. Alongside this is that you’ll be able to buy the exhibits in size and shape that’s suitable for your needs.

As a result, the size difference between these and other walls shouldn’t be a detrimental factor. Trade show advertisers should also be able to take advantage of how cost-effective the pop-up displays are, as they’re often much more affordable than many other options.

As a result of this, they can offer much more of a return on investment than many others.

With how many benefits a trade show can offer a business, it can be vital to ensure that a company’s booths are optimized. Trade show walls will place quite a significant effect on this and may outdo many of the other aspects of your booth.

As a result, ensuring that you have the right walls for you can be vital to see success from the event. With the various benefits and uses that each wall can have, it’s recommended that you ensure you give each a consideration before making the decision.

Each type has a few areas where it stands out from the others, which means that the decision could come down to a company’s preferences. This could mean that different walls will be better for various uses, which may subsequently mean that having several of them designed and used at different events.

When you’re purchasing the walls, there are a variety of things that you’ll want to consider. While size would be one of the most obvious, you’ll also need to look at the design itself, as this can often be the primary way that it grabs attention.

Though having trade show walls designed and created may seem as though it’s a complicated process, it can be worth the investment, especially if you go to a variety of trade shows.

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trade show walls (lifetime warranty) 2021 show wall solutions


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