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Recently updated on April 25th, 2024

Here’s the deal, to make a long-lasting impression amongst your audience you first need to do your research. It is important to know what to plan for and what to expect when attending a trade show event. Especially as a company seeking to grow their business. Trade Show Booth Layouts are the most common spaces available when registering for a trade show event.

Although they are common, it doesn’t mean that they are always available. Tons of companies attend trade show events in order to grow their business. You can prepare by looking into trade show event dates and set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level!

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Planning For A Trade Show

event planning trade show booth ideas

As a business owner, take the time to look into the dates when the trade shows you would like to attend will be held. It is one of the most important things you need to be aware of.

Why? You may ask.

Well, planning to attend an event includes tons of fine details. One of the very important details is knowing how much time you have to prepare. This will allow you to properly research previous companies, or possibly competitors, that have attended the event during previous years. Also heping you know what ideas and setups they had to reach their audience.

By knowing when your event is going to take place, this will also allow you to do some research on which trade show booth layout company can provide you with what you need. Also allowing you to know if they will be able to deliver it to your event on time. The more time you have available to prepare, the better!

Trade Show Booth Pricing

Knowing how much you have available to spend on a trade show is also important. Do you plan on attending trade shows multiple times throughout the year? Make sure that you take that into consideration when setting up your finances. Set aside a yearly budget solely to use in purchasing products that you will take to the events. Also make sure to remember to take into consideration shipping charges! Most of the time you buy products once and will end up shipping them multiple times.

Knowing how much money you have available will also allow you to know which trade show booth layouts you are able to afford. Here at Strike Visuals we have people that are able to make that obstacle easy for you. We are able to work with your budget, design, company purpose, and even making sure that we get it to you or your event in a timely manner.

Noting that trade show booth layouts are the most common spaces available at tradeshows, know what you plan on purchasing to make use of the space that you will have available to its full extent.

Trade Show Booth Layout Location

exhibit layout ideas

Understand the space that you will have available to you at your trade show. Location is key! Trade show booth layouts that are located between two companies are great. But a better option would be trade show booth layouts that are located on a corner.

How is a corner trade show booth layout better?

By landing a spot on a corner you can reach your audience from two different avenues. The side of your trade show booth and the front as well. This will allow for more interaction with possible clients or future customers in order to present your product or services and take the first steps into introducing yourself and what you are able to provide to them of value.

With a corner trade show booth layout, make sure that you understand that double the traffic means you must provide enough team members to avoid missing opportunities and are able to cover all questions that come your way. Avoid keeping people waiting. The more someone waits, the less chance you have of capturing their interest.

This is important to know because if someone goes up to you at a trade show, they have already shown that they are interested. Now it’s up to your team to capture that interest and work it to their favor to keep them engaged.

Engagement At Trade Show’s

Know what you can do in order to capture the attention of traffic at a trade show. With a layout of a trade show booth, you are able to accommodate to what works best for you and your company.

Does your company focus more on providing professional services to clients? Make sure that you have plenty of room in order to engage and communicate with your audience to explain to them what you can do for them and how it will be of value. A great way to capture your audience would be including furniture to your trade show booth layout.

By including furniture you are able to provide a place for them to sit and communicate in regards to your product or service. This will also help with making sure that they spend time at your booth. The longer they interact with you at your trade show booth the better chance you have of them becoming a future customer.

trade show booth layouts | how to stand out in 2024

Company giveaways and swag! Setting up giveaways is always a great idea to attract an audience! Who doesn’t like free stuff right? By integrating some sort of game or challenge at your trade show booth you will be able to make a great impression with everyone that stops by to visit. Take those opportunities to inform the individual about what your company does and how it can benefit them.

Capture Their Attention

Ultimately you will be providing them with an enjoyable moment that might stand out from the rest of their day at the trade show. Know that all the companies that will attend the trade show will be aiming for the same goal. Make sure that you do something that will not only be different but also stand out from the multiple stops a person makes while walking through a trade show event.

Make sure that what you giveaway at your event is something that is also of value to your audience. Yes giving away a pen is a good thing! But take into consideration how many pens a person gets from attending a trade show. There is a slim chance that you will stand out when a person looks through the handful of pens they received throughout the day. Do your research and figure out what your future customers would use frequently!

Efficiency At Events

or 2024 trade show visitors

You might have heard the saying that time is money. This surely reflects when it comes to attending a trade show event as a person that is trying to grow their company. Make sure that after you have a trade show booth purchased that you plan out everything from start to finish.

How do you ship a trade show booth?

Well, let’s start with preparing your trade show booth for transit. If you only have a tent, some flags, and table covers, then purchase a tent travel case that will allow you to package everything that you need for your event in a case so you only have one box to think about.

This will help with efficiency, easy set up as well as an easy takedown. Did you go the route of purchasing a more eye capturing layout such as a trade show booth? Make sure that you have it packages neatly inside your trade show road case.

Transporting A Trade Show Booth

transporting booth

You will be able to know where everything is located within your trade show booth if you take the time prior to make sure it is organzied. Call around as well to try and get some pricing for a freight shipment. There are multiple companies that will be able to transport your stuff! But the question to ask is who would be able to do it at a reasonable price and correctly.

Shipping a trade show through LTL is not as easy as printing a label and waving goodbye to your products. Some convention centers require specific methods of shipping and labeling. Make sure to look into these as they will help avoid any shipping delays. This will help to ensure you receive your items and they direct them to the correct location. A few of these requirements could be delivery time or specific location labeling.

You won’t be the only one shipping items for your events. So look into the requirements in order to prevent any complications.

Trade Show Booth Quality

trade show booth ideas

You can purchase a tent for your booth space and work your event both efficiently and economically. But don’t try to cut corners when it comes to quality. A possible client first sees your booth from a distance before going up to talk to you. So make sure that everything you use looks professional and presentable.

Inspect your fabrics and hardware before shipping it out to your event. These are things that will not only affect your company negatively. But end up giving your competitors an advantage especially if they took the time to inspect their items beforehand.

Make sure that when purchasing your trade show booth you do your research. Make sure to look into the material used to make your trade show booth since quality is important. The investment on a better product has a better pay off than having to purchase a low-quality item multiple times. Especially if you plan on attending multiple events throughout the year, make sure that the items you buy are able to withstand the multiple uses you will put it through.

Event Evaluation

Take all the knowledge you gained from the event and use it for future planning.

If planned with enough time in advance, a trade show event should go smoothly, but know that there is always room for improvement. At Strike Visuals, we strive to provide you with the best pricing, great quality, and amazing customer service when it comes to helping you get what you need for your next event!

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