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Inflatable Trade Show Booth Furniture

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How to Shine at Your Next Trade Show with Custom Furniture

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The Center for Exhibition Industry Research stated that…

83% of trade show participants have buying authority while 79% of these visitors typically use events for making buying decisions for their own businesses.
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That’s not all because each delegate will most likely talk about their event experience to more than six people.

With those stats, you can see how vital event marketing is for all organizations, no matter which sector your business belongs. However, if trade shows work for your company, it means they can also help your competitors. On average, delegates take about eight hours as they go from one stand to another, totaling 26 different booths at a single event.

Such a huge number of calls for you to make sure these people remember your exhibit. But how can you guarantee that your stand will be a showstopper? While there are a few ways to get the attendees’ attention, one certified method is to design an exhibition stand that will have all their eyes on you.

You should not scrimp on your booth, which you probably already know. However, designing your expo booth does not mean you have to spend tons of money. Here are some ideas that will help you have that amazing exhibition design in 2019 using high-quality trade show furniture:

Go Small

When we talk about furniture, we usually think the pieces are large. However, booths at trade show events typically have a size limit, so you need to maximize the space you have available. Smaller furniture pieces can make your exhibition stand out in a way that they give the illusion that your booth is bigger than it actually is.

One tip though: since you have a small space, you may want to go easy on the color intensity. This way, those who visit your booth will not get a headache. Additionally, having small customized tables greeting the delegates will show them your brand or logo right away. At the same time, visitors can easily move around because the tables and chairs do not take too much space.

Realistic Design

Come up with a design that reflects a real-life setting, such as your office, living room, or even the kitchen. You should carefully choose the environment that will best showcase your products and convince people to purchase them because they are worth their price.

Using a realistic design for your exhibit will allow the visitors to get a feel of your business. For instance, if you are selling office equipment, you can display them using a simulated office setting. Have some inflatable sofas, tables, and chairs or a bistro table, bar, and stools for a more relaxed atmosphere.

“The design artist was quick to respond and within an appropriate time frame, we had a design ready to go for production.” – Matt Watts5-star

Focus on 2D and 3D Displays

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While flags and banners look great and can help improve the overall look of your booth, using inflatable sofas and the like add more to the ambiance. These tangible elements are crucial, especially in creating more of an experience to the visitors. You give them a physical place that they can see and touch, rather than just a giant advertising set.

No matter how you design your exhibition stand, it is essential that the whole space is as welcoming as possible. You can achieve this goal with the use of inflatable furniture because you can provide visitors with comfortable seating where they can sit while they browse your brochures. At the same time, you have attractive displays that will keep their attention.

If you will use a counter, have one that is prominent. It should be manned by your staff, which will make the guests feel welcomed.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Booth with Quality Inflatable Furniture

Everything about a custom furniture set is interactive. Such a design has numerous advantages, including:

You give visitors a reason to spend a long time at your booth. Dwell time is highly increased, especially when compared to stands that do not have inflatable furniture. People are more likely to stay because they have a place to sit and get comfortable. These elements are indeed beneficial since it will be easier for them to remember your brand when they have spent enough time in your booth.

You have customized furniture. You decide the color, shape, size, prints, and even the material, making these pieces truly personalized.

Inflatables are portable. You can carry these items anywhere and anytime you want. Before inflating the pieces, you can come in manageable sizes so you can bring them to the trade fair without any problems. Additionally, they are lightweight, allowing you to arrange and rearrange your design even when they are already inflated.

Inflating them is easy. These types of furniture will not give you a hard time inflating them. All you need to do is to locate the opening where you have to connect a small hand pump and start pumping. Battery-powered pumps are also available, which can be useful if you are pressed for time. The tool will inflate your ottoman, table, or any other furniture piece without requiring much of your assistance. Once you have attained the desired shape and dimension, you can take the nozzle out and close the opening with its button.

Deflating is simple, too. To flatten the items, just undo the button that covers the opening of the inflatable. If you have used other inflatables before, you know how straightforward it is to operate one.

Aside from the ones listed above, you can also use the furniture pieces as much as you want. You can take them home, your office, or at any place where you will get together with other people. These inflatables are no longer how they used to be since they are sturdier and more versatile than before. They can be used as accents to your living room or any room in the house or even take them outside in your yard. You can comfortably sit while enjoying the beauty of your garden.

Inflatable chairs, sofas, and other furniture types are customizable, inexpensive, and easily stored and transported. You will stand out at the event when you have these personalized pieces instead of going for conventional ones. The compact form when deflated allows you to keep them in your bag or anywhere you want. Plus, they have an intuitive design so you can set them up and place them at the right portion of your exhibit effortlessly. On average, the products take about three to five minutes to inflate. Therefore, you have plenty of time to arrange your set and take care of other things.

Inflatable Furniture Options and Printing on Them

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Now that you know why you should have inflatable furniture in your next trade fair, you are probably wondering about the available options you have. While there are other types of inflatables out there, not all of them are suitable for a business event. Here are the best inflatable furniture selections that will help promote your product and your brand:

Bistro table: Offer some drinks and food using a customized bistro table that is apt for any occasion. It has enough size to showcase your company logo without taking too much space for your other furniture pieces and displays.

Bistro stool: Surely some of the guests are tired, and they want to feel refreshed, so you offer them a drink or even a few snacks. Having bistro stools ready will keep them comfy while they enjoy some food.

Bistro bar: For an even more bistro feel, give the visitors a trendy seating arrangement with a bistro bar that complements the tables and stools you have.

Sofa: A customized sofa where your guests sit will help you stay in their memory. These sofas not only show your brand, logo, and other important details about your business but they are also a good place to rest tired feet. They are comfy and durable so you can place them inside or outside your tent.

Chair: A high-backed chair is even more comfortable, especially for those who do not want to sit with other people as opposed to a sofa.

Small table: These tables are versatile as they can be used for promoting your products, offering food, and just a part of your inflatable furniture set.

Ottoman: Instantly advertise your brand using ottomans, which are probably the easiest to assemble. They are stylish and highly durable with interchangeable covers depending on your event. They are a dual-purpose tool since they can be a means of comfort for your visitors as well as a spot for brand communication.

All the types of furniture above are customizable, including their printed covers. You can put an image, logo, or a motivating quote; the options are endless. The printing process is done through dye sublimation, which is useful whether you want to advertise indoors or outdoors.

Once you order an inflatable chair, table, or the whole set, you do not have to wait for a long time. The procedure is completed at high speed while still providing you with high-quality images. Dye sublimation inks let you choose from different ranges of colors and blends and can be printed through transfer inks or direct print inks.

Inflatable furniture looks better when they are enormous since there is a huge area to work on for showcasing the name of the brand, for instance. However, smaller pieces can also catch the eyes of your guests, mainly because they are printed by sublimation. You not only customize your furniture but they also look brilliant, whether near or far.

This type of printing does not restrict the size and color of the surface to be printed on. Therefore, you can advertise your business graphically and even tangibly with custom inflatable furniture. It is a precise technique that infuses the material to the surface, giving you a resulting image that is naturally interlaced into the inflatables.

Capture everyone’s attention, attract their sense of sight, and guarantee that your branding will stay embedded in their minds through visually-appealing inflatable furniture for your trade show.

Promote Your Brand At Your Next Trade Show With STRIKE Visuals Custom Inflatable Furniture

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