How Can A Trade Show Table Cover Generate Visitors?

table cover generate visitors

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Recently updated on January 25th, 2024

When it comes to making a splash at trade shows and events, custom-printed table covers are your secret weapon! They’re not just table dressings; they’re attention magnets. These versatile branding tools are designed to attract customers and boost your company’s visibility. Plus, they work their magic on tables of all shape and table size, so no matter what you’ve got, they’ve got you covered.

And let’s talk about durability – these babies are crafted from top-notch materials that can withstand the hustle and bustle of events. Whether you’re using a classic table throw or prefer the snug fit of fitted table covers, they proudly display your logo in all its full-color glory, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. So, why wait? Invest in custom table covers and get ready to steal the show at your next event. Success never looked so good!

Benefits of Custom Table Cover

Using a trade show table linen offers numerous advantages for companies participating in trade show events. These distinctive tablecloths serve as a visual representation of your brand, helping you stand out from the competition and make a memorable impression. By choosing a table linen that aligns with your brand identity and incorporates logos or visuals, you can attract potential customers and draw them to your booth.

Furthermore, table linens provide practical benefits, such as keeping your booth organized and hiding any clutter beneath the table. They also protect the table’s surface, ensuring it remains in top condition throughout the event. In essence, a well-chosen trade show table linen is a versatile tool for marketing, branding, and maintaining a polished and appealing booth, making it a valuable investment for any trade show exhibitor.

How Can a Trade Show Table Cover Generate Visitors?


The trade show table cover is a compelling asset for grabbing people’s attention. It accomplishes this in various ways:

Eye-Catching Artwork: Custom table covers with vibrant artwork instantly grab potential clients’ attention as they pass by. Eye-catching designs are essential for making a memorable impression in a busy event space. These covers attract customers and are made from durable materials, ensuring they last through various events and table sizes.

Marketing Tactic: Table covers attract customers and can be strategically utilized as a powerful marketing tactic, particularly when your company is running promotions or giveaways. By showcasing captivating phrases and enticing offers on the artwork of your table cover, like “Free Gift Cards,” you can attract the attention of passersby and encourage them to pause and interact with your booth.

The Different Types of Table Covers

A variety of custom table covers are at your disposal, each offering distinct benefits. Let’s delve into three sought-after choices:

  • The Fitted Custom Table Cover: This table cover is highly popular and perfect for indoor events. Crafted from durable fabric, it maintains its crisp appearance even after repeated use. The fitted design ensures a taut and wrinkle-free surface, while the optional zipper back allows for convenient storage beneath the table.
  • The Stretch Custom Table Cover: This option is highly favored by companies for its convenience and sleek design. Crafted from a blend of spandex and polyester, it fits snugly over the table, eliminating the need for ironing and ensuring a polished, professional appearance. The stretchable material effortlessly adapts to the table’s shape, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Additionally, it includes rubber padding to securely anchor it to the table’s feet, preventing any sliding and protecting the fabric from potential damage.
  • The Spill-Resistant Trade Show Table Cover: Ideal for businesses in the food and beverage industry, this table cover is specifically designed to withstand spills and is effortlessly cleaned. The spill-proof coating ensures durability and allows for easy machine washing. With the same customization options as other table covers, you can effectively promote your business while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

What Are Some Of The Uses For Custom Table Covers?

Custom table covers offer a wide range of practical applications, catering to diverse industries and event requirements. Here are a few examples:

Food Sampling and Promotion

If your company specializes in food or beverage products, utilizing table covers can serve as a dual purpose: promoting your business while offering samples to clients. These covers contribute to an attractive display that effectively showcases your offerings, elevating their appeal.

Product Showcasing

For companies selling clothing or larger products, table covers become a versatile platform to showcase merchandise. Whether you’re displaying catalogs, images, or integrating tablets with videos and visual representations, custom table covers offer a convenient solution. They eliminate the need to transport bulky items to events, ensuring a seamless and impactful brand experience.

Inflatable Event Tents

Inflatable event tents can benefit greatly from custom table covers. By adding them to your setup, you create an immersive brand experience for attendees, especially at sporting events. This innovative addition captivates your audience, leaving a memorable and lasting impression.

By using these custom table cover, you not only attract customer but also enjoy the most apparent benefits of enhanced presentation and branding. They are versatile, easy to customize, and available in common sizes, making them suitable for various events, both indoors and outdoors. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stand out at trade fairs, outdoor events, and other occasions, ultimately attracting new customers and boosting your business.

What size tablecloth do I need?

Table covers come in various sizes, depending on your needs. The complete promotional package includes sizes like 4ft, 5ft, and 8ft in length, and they stand at a proud 8ft high. These tables are of the highest quality and designed to meet your expectations.

Imagine a versatile cloth that drapes elegantly over any standard table, adding a touch of sophistication to your event. These covers can seamlessly hang from all four corners of a six-foot-high table, extending gracefully down to the floor and reaching an impressive height of 8 feet. You can use them to cover plain tables, leaving a tasteful 12-inch gap between each one, creating an elegant appearance that will surely catch the eye of more customers as they walk past.

What’s more, these covers offer the perfect canvas to add branding to your event. With a full-color imprint of your company’s logo, you can drive sales and create a lasting impression on attendees, especially at formal events. So, why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your event with custom table runners that transform your tables perfectly and add branding that stands out?

The Ease of Transportation for Trade Show Table Covers

Trade show table covers are an essential element for hosting a successful event or exhibition. They not only enhance the overall appearance of your display but also add a professional and branded touch that can attract customers to your booth. One key benefit of utilizing custom table covers is the convenience they provide when it comes to transportation.

When it comes to transporting trade show table covers, their size and portability make the process incredibly convenient. These covers can be easily compressed to a fraction of their original size, meaning that if you are flying to your event, a trade show table cover will take up no more space than a pair of pants in your luggage. This compactness ensures that you can travel with ease and avoid the hassle of dealing with bulky items.

Furthermore, custom table covers are lightweight, making them highly cost-effective for shipping to out-of-state events. Their low weight translates to significant savings in shipping costs, allowing you to allocate your budget more efficiently. This advantage is particularly convenient for companies that frequently participate in events across different states or locations.

Here’s a valuable tip to simplify your logistics and reduce expenses: instead of shipping a table along with your custom table cover, consider purchasing a table near the event location. This approach eliminates the hassle and costs associated with shipping a table, allowing you to focus on the essential aspects of your event. Not only does it save you money, but it also streamlines your setup process, making it more efficient and ensuring you can maximize foot traffic and the impact of your unique tablecloths and promotional items at trade fairs, outdoor events, and other occasions.

The Different Custom Table Cover Designs

When it comes to selecting the perfect table covers for your trade show or event booth, you’re in for a treat! There’s a wide array of options available, each offering something unique to help you make a strong impression and attract customers.

Our custom table covers offer extensive customization options, giving you the power to showcase your company’s artwork, logo, or message strategically. Whether you fancy the snug fit of a fitted table cover, the sleek look of a stretch table cover, or any other design, each serves a distinct purpose and elevates your brand in different scenarios. The versatility of these personalized table covers lets you tailor your display to align with your branding and marketing objectives, guaranteeing an exceptional presentation.

But here’s the real magic: the custom tablecloth size can be just right for your table’s dimensions. No more worries about whether it’ll drape nicely over the entire table, even if it’s one of those tricky round tables. Plus, with the ordering process being hassle-free, you can focus on the excitement of your upcoming event, whether it’s a bustling trade fair, an engaging outdoor event, or any of those other events where you want to stand out.

Now, let’s talk results. These top-notch table covers do more than just look good; they’re your secret weapon for getting more foot traffic to your booth. With your branding front and center, you’ll attract customers, boost brand recognition, and make a lasting impact. So, if you’re considering a tablecloth in a solid color, think again. Elevate your game with custom table covers and watch your event success soar!

Custom Table Cover Printing Process

When you’re in the world of custom table covers, getting the printing process just right is the name of the game. It’s what keeps your artwork sharp and vibrant, ready to attract customers at every event you attend. Here at Strike Visuals, we’ve got a trick up our sleeves: the remarkable dye sublimation printing method. It’s all about ensuring those high-quality, long-lasting results that make your brand truly shine.

So, what’s this dye sublimation magic all about? Well, picture this: we’re infusing the very fabric of your custom tablecloths with ink, creating colors that pop and refuse to fade away. Unlike the old-school way of printing, our ink doesn’t just sit on the surface – it becomes one with the fabric. That’s what makes your artwork tough, resilient, and ready to take on event after event. Your trade show tablecloth is in it for the long haul, looking just as vibrant as the day you got it.

But wait, there’s more! Say goodbye to worries about colors bleeding or fading, no matter what the weather throws at you, spills occur, or it’s time for a good old wash. With dye sublimation, those colors stay put, keeping your custom table runner and other covers looking as sharp as can be. It’s all about that pristine, professional look, and it’s the key to representing your brand like a rockstar. Plus, when it comes to the right custom tablecloth size for your unique table dimensions or even those tricky round tablecloths, we’ve got you covered.

About Strike Visuals

About Strike Visuals

Strike Visuals is family-owned and operated in Centerville, Utah. Just north of Salt Lake City. Strike was founded to enrich and elevate the lives of the people that work here and the clients we serve. We serve our clients by creating outdoor event marketing and trade show masterpieces.

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