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Recently updated on April 19th, 2024

First-Ever Tent Frame Of Its Kind!

Introducing the game-changing, first-ever, strongest, lightest tent frame in the market, MAGNESIUM TENT FRAMES!

We have created an innovative frame that brings all the top tier benefits a tent frame should have!

At Strike Visuals, we have taken the time to consider all of these benefits and ended up enhancing them to build what we believe to be the best tent frame ever.

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The magnesium tent frames are great for any type of sporting eventtrade show, or even charity events.

And along with all of its amazing benefits, this tent frame will last for a long time no matter how often you use it!

Magnesium Tent Frames Only At Strike Visuals

Our amazing Magnesium Tent Frames are only available through Strike Visuals!

This great patent-pending frame was built from the ground up through endless months of research and development.

magnesium tent frame only at strike

Down to the exact measurement, we implemented the structural design to be identical to all of the frames we currently offer.

Due to this, all our accessories and printed tent materials will fit perfectly onto our new magnesium frames.

Allowing anyone that is a fan of our products to upgrade to our most innovative tent frame ever!

Yes, Our Magnesium Tent Frames Are Covered Under Our Lifetime Warranty

We put in the work and effort to make our magnesium tent frames the strongest frames available in the market!

Feel free to put our magnesium frames to the test, where ever your events end up taking you!

strike visuals lifetime warranty

But if you do end up finding the breaking point of our magnesium tent frames, then rest assured that we have you covered.

Our magnesium frames are covered under our amazing lifetime warranty to make sure your tent frames are looking sharp for your next event!

Although, we are pretty sure that reaching that breaking point on our magnesium frames is going to be a challenge.

The Most Innovative Tent Frame EVER!

We are confident when we say that our magnesium tent frames are the best tent frames available in the market!

This is because we looked into every available tent frame from our competitor, and even our products, to see what would be considered a jump beyond what is available. 

innovative magnesium tent frame

Innovative Magnesium Tent Frame

Design, weight, hardware, material, and durability are the features that make the magnesium tent frame the best tent frame you can get.

Of course, there are other frames available in the market that have some of these features.

But as a result, you will be losing out on some of the other benefits that can help your tent frame last as long as our magnesium tent frames.

The Lightest Tent Frame Available

One of the key features that make our magnesium frame stand out from the rest is how lightweight it is.

A great way of showing this is by comparing it to some of the other tent frames that we have available.

lightest tent frame

Lightest Tent Frame

Our most popular product is the 10×10 steel tent frame that is available in white and black, this frame weighs in at 57 lbs.

Another one of our amazing products is the 10×10 aluminum tent frame that weighs in at 39 lbs.

Our brand new magnesium frame is lighter than both of those options, weighing in at only 31 lbs., which is game-changing!

“At Strike Visuals, we have taken the time to consider all of these benefits and ended up enhancing them to build what we believe to be the best tent frame ever.”

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Our Magnesium Frames Are Strong, Really Strong!

We mean it when we say that our magnesium frames are crazy strong because we have put them to the test!

And we have tried to push the limits on what will make this frame break if anything!

For example, we have lined up the 4 tent legs that come with the magnesium tent frame and driven a +4,000 lbs. car to see what damage it would cause.

magnesium tent frame strength

Magnesium Tent Frame Strength

To our surprise, the legs did not break and they were able to hold the car in place without buckling under pressure!

Also, 2 of our magnesium tent frame crossbars can hold up to 180 lbs. in weight!

This is great considering winds, snow, and weather will not be able to reach these limits, nonetheless surpass them to cause damage to your frame!

You Can Trust Our Magnesium Tent Frame Design

When designing our magnesium frames, we figured to base it off our current tent frame designs.

We did this for several reasons,

Firstly, we wanted to keep the same structural strength that our hexagon tent legs provide on all of our frames.

magnesium tent frames design

Magnesium Tent Frames Design

As a result, this makes the design stronger since we used magnesium for this tent frame which is overall a stronger material!

Secondly, we wanted to make sure that the dimensions were consistent across all of our tent frames.

Because of this, our magnesium tent frames allow anyone who currently owns one of our tent kits, to upgrade their frame, since all the tent printed products will be able to fit perfectly!

The Magnesium Frame Is The Only Frame You Will Ever Need

This frame is built to last for years and years to come, no matter where you take it!

Designed for strength, no weather is a match for damaging the magnesium frames.

And with how light-weight this tent frame is, you can easily transport to your events with ease.

So, as a result, we would like you to push it to its limits to experience how great of a tent frame this is.

Feel free to grab yours today at Magnesium Pop-up Tents

Check Out Our Magnesium Frame Video!

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