An inflatable event tent is an amazing option when it comes to showcasing your company. Likewise, inflatable tents make you stand out amongst any competitors at trade shows.

And they look great during sporting events so you can represent your team!

But, what makes them different from a regular pop up tent?

Well, both have benefits that make them stand out during different events. But, we like to look at the inflatable event tent as an upgrade. 

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Inflatable Event Tent, Inflatable Event Tent | Lifetime Warranty And Best Value

Some of the benefits that make the inflatable event tent stand out are weight, durability, and innovation.

We will be going through these different benefits today and how each one plays a role in helping grow companies during events.

The Current Options For Trade Show Tents

The most common option when it comes to trade show marketing display is pop up tents. And these are amazing options for marketing your company. 

The pop-up tent is used by many companies and has shown to be effective for exposure at events. 

As a result, many companies go with this option when researching tents for trade shows or sporting events

These pop-up tents provide strong frames and heavy-duty roof fabrics to help you stand out. But you end up needing to sacrifice portability and traveling weight.

Custom Inflatable Event Tent

Custom Inflatable Event Tent

As a result, the cost of shipping your tent to and from a show can add up depending on how often you attend events.

But, this is one of the many benefits that make the inflatable event tent a better option when it comes to trade show marketing!

How Is The Inflatable Event Tent A Better Option When It Comes To Traveling?

The portability that comes with an inflatable event tent is amazing considering the final dimensions you get when it is fully inflated.

Most noteworthy, they range in size from 10×10 up to 20×20.

This is amazing considering that the inflatable event tent compresses to only a fraction of the size.

Inflatable Event Tent Travel

Inflatable Event Tent Travel

Because of this, it makes traveling with your tent a breeze! And all our inflatable tents come with a FREE rolling case to help make transportation easy, or even checking it in on a flight to a show!

Plus it does not consist of any heavy hardware. So that makes these tents super light in comparison to just the frame on a regular pop-up tent.

Also, the weight helps with reducing shipping costs when it comes to transporting your tent to and from a show. 

How Good Is The Durability Of This Tent?

Made of a similar high grade printed fabric, the roof on an inflatable event tent can withstand the rain, snow, heat, and wind. 

The fabric sleeve that protects the inflatable event tent bladder, is made up of strong fabric to avoid any damage to the bladder.

Inflatable Event Tent durability

Inflatable Event Tent durability

All inflatable event tents also come equipped with d-rings strategically placed throughout the tent.

They are made of heavy-duty material and are great for reinforcing your tent to the ground during outdoor events.

The tent roofs on these inflatable tents are coated with a UV protectant to avoid any fading. And they are also weatherproof to prevent leakage under rainy weather.

So, there is no need to worry about the structural integrity of your tent, because we have tested it to make sure it can hold up!

Can You Customize An Inflatable Event Tent?

Yes, you can fully customize your inflatable event tent to make sure that it represents you and your company well.

Similar to a regular pop-up tent, an inflatable event tent comes with included tent leg covers on the roof, which are also customizable!

“The portability that comes with an inflatable event tent is amazing considering the final dimensions you get when it is fully inflated.”

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Inflatable Event Tent, Inflatable Event Tent | Lifetime Warranty And Best Value

Plus in addition to the roof, there are also options to get full walls for your tent.

And walls are great options when it comes to outdoor events to provide shade.

How Welcoming Is The Design For The Inflatable Tent?

The inflatable event tent does a really good job of generating traffic at trade show events. It is an innovative design that makes this tent attractive. 

This will help you stand out from the rest when it comes to how you present yourself at a show, not many other companies will have an inflatable tent to show off.

Trade Show Inflatable Event Tent

Trade Show Inflatable Event Tent

Because of the design of this tent, the inside of it is spacious and great for client interactions.

Also, the different range of sizes allows companies to set up furniture inside the tent to present a more welcoming environment for those who do stop by and visit.

Where Can You Use The Inflatable Event Tent?

Due to the durability of the inflatable event tent, you can take it anywhere your events take you. 

The fabric used to make these inflatable tents is super rigid and can hold up on different terrains. 

Also, the lightweight advantage of the event tent allows you to transport it in person if your event location is a bit further than where you parked. 

Inflatable Event Tent Weather

Inflatable Event Tent Weather Proof

This is usually the case for outdoor events!

Plus, the inflatable tent comes with weights for each leg to prevent problems with the wind.

In addition to weights, there are D-rings located throughout the inflatable tent to prevent conflicts you might encounter during severe weather.

As a result, wind, sand, rain, and snow are nothing to worry about when it comes to the inflatable event tent.

Strike Visuals Has An Amazing Inflatable Event Tent!

Here at Strike Visuals, we have tested our inflatable tents to make sure that it performs to your companies standards no matter where your events take you.

Therefore, we have created one of the best inflatable tents available in the market!

Also, we looked into the material our event tents are created from and made sure that on top of being durable, they are also of high quality and customizable.

13 x 13 inflatable dome tent with awning and wall A

Inflatable Tent Awning and Wall

We understand that every company is different, and some might attend more outdoor shows than indoor shows. And the other way around.

So we made sure that our inflatable event tent looks professional at trade shows.

But, also looks great at outdoor sporting events. Whether at the beach, a muddy field, or on a snowy mountain!

How Can Strike Visuals Be A Solution For Your Marketing Product Needs?

In conclusion, Strike visuals strived to be a solution for anything marketing product related. 

Therefore, we ensure that ALL our products are made of high-quality material and design.

We understand that our items are intended to be used event after event.

So, we make sure that all our products can stand up to the test of time.

Inflatable Event Tent Custom

Inflatable Event Tent Custom

And if some damage does happen to any of your products, we have you covered with our lifetime warranty.

Making sure that you are able to get your items up to show and event standards for your next scheduled event!

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