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Interactive Trade Show Booths

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Recently updated on February 28th, 2023

Attending trade show events with an interactive trade show booth is a great way to earn new business for your company.

These events can be beneficial for both attendees and exhibitors in gaining knowledge and information about people’s interests and solutions.

One of the benefits of having an interactive trade show booth is that it will allow you to gain attention as an exhibitor.

Trade shows booths help companies with exhibiting their products and providing an area for potential customers to interact with your business.

Making sure that your trade show booth is interactive allows people to become engaged with your products providing them with a memorable experience.

If a potential customer is able to have hands-on experience with your products during a trade show, they are more likely to purchase the item at a later time.

This works best since only providing them with information will lead them to feel overloaded, since there will be many exhibitors they will be interacting with during the event.

You need to find a way to stand out against your competition.

The key is to provide a great experience, knowledgeable information, and beneficial solutions.

At Strike Visuals, we are able to create trade show booths that both look great and provide plenty of exhibiting space.

Fully customizable, our trade show booths are manufactures with industrial-grade material to provide years of use.

We work alongside our customers to make sure your trade show booth best represents your company and the purpose for your events.

Why You Need An Interactive Trade Show Booth

Attending a trade show is great for helping your company get recognition.

And it will also help with generating new leads.

As a result, an interactive trade show booth will help you get the attention you deserve. Above all, it will help you convert your traffic into possible clients.

Most importantly, it will create a welcoming environment for you and your audience.

Therefore, purchasing a trade show booth will be an investment for your company.

And it will also be a new avenue to help with growing your business.

So what can you use to grab their attention?

Therefore, here are some great ideas and tips to make sure that your interactive trade show booth stands out from the rest!

Here is a quick list of 33 ideas and tips to make your booth interactive.

33 Interactive Trade Show Booth Idea

1. Virtual reality headset with a custom branded experience

2. Airzooka bowling

3. Real cash dollar bill giveaways

4. Industry-specific quizzes played on a laptop and gather emails. Give a prize to the top 1–3 scores.

5. Massage chair for qualified leads

6. VR games: Beat Saber, Walk The Plank

7. Candy jar guessing game

8. Lounge area

9. Charging station with Free Wi-Fi

10. Prize wheel

11. Cornhole

12. Put mini golf

13. Mini basketball hoop

14. Pin the tail on the donkey

15. Coffee break

16. Sample table: snacks, waffles, pizza

17. Teach industry-related topics

18. Use an inflatable pop-up tent

19. Use an inflatable arch to attract people

20. Classic video games: NES, Game Cube, N64

21. Beer pong

22. Celebrity appearances

23. With VR, the only limit is your imagination

24. Photobooth

25. Get some on-brand swag

26. Get live music

27. Schedule an out of show event and advertise it on the trade show floor to invite people

28. Make your booth nature themed

29. Storytelling spot: Invite a good storyteller and create a space for a small group of people

30. Large touch screens with interactive games or your website

31. Minute to win it challenges

32. Darts

33. Virtual slot machine with products as the prize

Virtual Reality Trade Show Booth

virtual reality trade show booth
Virtual Reality Trade Show Booth

Firstly, an innovative way to grab the attention of your audience and visitors that are walking past your booth is to include virtual reality!

This is a great option for an interactive trade show booth because it will help you stand out from everyone else and get noticed.

Subsequently, this is a great option for companies that sell larger items and are limited on space.

For example, if your company sells boats, you can easily create a simulation in which the person on the boat puts on a virtual reality headset and visually feels as if they are out at sea.

Also, in order to take their experience to the next level, make sure to include sounds for the video they are experiencing.

For instance, if your company sells skis, set up a section where customers can put on your skis and place a virtual reality headset on them to simulate skiing down a mountain.

However, if your company sells canoes, have your potential customers sit in the canoes and place a VR headset on them so they can have a visual experience of actually being out in a lake or river!

And these are some great ideas to make sure you provide an experience for them that they will recall for months to come!

Interact With Trade Show Contest’s

Secondly, a great way to interact with your audience at trade shows would be to set up a contest at your booth.

But make sure to let your social media followers know in advance as well! To clarify, send out messages, emails, social media posts, and anything that will help inform your followers to let them know you will be attending a show.

And take time into consideration too, because you want them to know with plenty of time in advance.

Also, this will entice people to search for you at the trade show event, and also allow you to interact with them when they stop by and visit.

Plus, take into consideration that the higher in value your prize is, the more traffic your booth will generate during the show as well.

interactive trade show booth infographic


Trade Show Booth Games

trade show booth games
Trade Show Booth Games

Most Importantly, everyone likes to have a fun time!

So by having games at your trade show booth, you will have people visiting left and right!

Therefore, make sure to have some prizes ready for the winners of these games.

Also, the prizes can vary from discount codes for your products, water bottles, and gift cards.

To sum up, make sure to dedicate only a small portion of your booth to the game because of limited space.

For example, some great ideas for games can be bean bag toss, guessing the amount of candy in a jar, prize wheel, and even a high score on a virtual reality game!

Most importantly, make sure that you take your audience into consideration when thinking of interaction ideas that they will be into.

For example, implement games and ideas close to the items you provide.

Interactive Trade Show Booth Demos

trade show furniture
Trade Show Furniture

Setting up times for demos throughout the day is a great way to show off what your products can do, and this will allow your audience to have an overview of what makes your product different from others.

Also, it allows you to present your company to multiple people at a time.

So make sure to have time set aside and allow people to be hands-on with your products.

And if your company sells items that can be consumed, set aside samples for people to try.

As a result, this will allow them to interact with you and the product to fully understand why your items stand out from your competitors.

Likewise, it can also let them have real-time experience with your products instead of having to explain to them the reasons.

How Will You Benefit?

Also, interacting with people at trade show events is a great way to generate new leads and clients for your company.

So if done correctly, it can help you grow your company with each event you attend.

And also try different options in order to see what works best for you and your company.

trade show benefits gif

Trade Show Benefits

Subsequently, this is the reason many companies attend trade shows so they can expand their business!

So, by providing a great experience for your audience and interacting with them, it gives you the advantage next time they are in the market to purchase items your company sells.

In conclusion, attending a trade show is aimed to generate company growth and leads.

“A great way to interact with your audience at trade show events would be by setting up a contest at your booth. Marketing this on your social media by letting your followers know before the event takes place.”

In addition, having an interactive trade show booth will generate a steady flow of potential leads, however you still need to communicate with them and do your part.

And providing a fun interaction for them is a great way to start a conversation.

However, transition that conversation into a sales pitch and start growing your company since proper follow up is also necessary, so make sure you grab their information and keep in contact.

And all these steps are fundamental to generating growth for your company at your next event! So make sure that you implement some of these ideas and tips at your next event.

As a result, you will see your company grow!

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