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Recently updated on May 24th, 2024

Custom Team Banners Can Make A Difference

Custom team banners are a beneficial aspect of any organization. Custom team banners can help market your team in a variety of ways. A nice looking banner can attract local sponsorships, generate new fans, sell tickets, and rally financial support.

It’s crucial for any sports team to create a strong presence in their respective market. Every single sports organization wants the largest following possible. Different organizations are often fighting for the same advertising and ticket sale revenue. How do you set yourself apart from the other teams, groups, and organizations in the community seeking those dollars?

It’s all about creating a memorable experience. Custom team banners are an integral part of that. Custom team banners with vivid colors can get fans excited for the current or upcoming event. A good group of fans can mean more concessions sold, more tickets bought and more cheering for your team. Sports jerseys are expensive. Gear, use of venues, and other financial considerations can add up during any fiscal year. How does an organization pay for those costs? Rallying the community is one way to put a large dent in those financial obligations. Custom team banners create team spirit. Team spirit leads to more fans and great memories.

“Investing in team banners can lead to more sponsorship opportunities.”

Banners also just provide a great additional look for your venue. Team colors are an important part of any sports program. The colors are typically historical. It gives significance to those who have played for the same organization and those who currently play. Players and fans associate those colors and nicknames with their respective teams for years to come. Fans may have shirts, jerseys, and ball caps from years ago. They hang on to those pieces of memorabilia because fans romanticize sports. They fall in love with the colors of their favorite teams. A team banner only reinforces those sentiments. It’s the type of branding that works over and over again.

strike stand-up banners

Custom team banners can evoke strong emotions from an entire community. An entire city can get behind a team during a season. Families of the team members have obvious reasons for being attached to the team. They love their sons and daughters and want them to do well. How do you get the rest of the city, community, and businesses involved? Custom team banners can make that difference.

Custom team banners don’t just show your team logo. They can remind everyone of the hard work, effort, and perseverance your team is going through each practice. It’s symbolic of a group effort. Is the town or city behind the team this year? Do past players rally to also support this year’s edition of the team? Custom team banners just help remind the community of what is at stake during the season. Players are working hard to improve, compete, win, and learn valuable life lessons. A picture can say a thousand words. A customized banner might say more. The team colors, name, and pride are all wrapped up carefully into one customized work of art.

What’s At Stake

strike custom team banners

It’s all about presence. You want your team to be recognized. You want everyone to appreciate the team colors and the history behind the squad. Many facilities aren’t painted in the color scheme of the team. Gyms may just be painted with neutral colors. A basketball team may share a gym with several other teams. How do you distinguish your team in that scenario?

Football fields may be the same. They may share the venue with soccer teams or youth organizations. How can you separate your facility from the other venues you play at?

Custom team banners can absolutely make a difference in aesthetics. Cheerleaders can hold up your banner during the games. It’s just another way of expressing school or team pride. The local television stations may get video of fans rallied around your banner. Developing a presence for people to experience and enjoy is important. It only adds to the allure of a sporting event. You wouldn’t throw a birthday party without a cake, hats, and presents. Why would you put on an organized sporting event without providing team colors and giving your team an actual home field advantage? The good news is most banners are portable so you can take those with you to away games.

Banners help liven up the sports experience. It adds to the allure. It gives the community a sense of greater pride. It makes Friday or Saturday night even more special. It can make an early week game feel like a Friday.

roll up

For years, professional and collegiate sports teams have made great work with banners. They hang some in the rafters to commemorate great seasons or retired players. They utilize other banners to showcase corporate or local business sponsors who are “all in” with the team. Custom team banners are an important part of the entire sports process. It takes more than just attendance to make sports programs thrive. It takes an effort from fans, players, community, and event coordinators.

Event coordinators have an all-important job of showcasing their team as best as possible. Custom team banners can illustrate just how important a team can or should be to the surrounding community. It’s part of the ambiance of a local game.

Banner and Sign Options

Banners come in many different shapes and sizes. You can choose from vertical or horizontal. Horizontal custom team banners might work well on a baseball or football fence. Vertical banners might work well in a basketball gymnasium with extended ceilings. We also have banners that can stand alone on any surface. This gives you a lot of flexibility with what you can buy and share with your team and fans.

Basic Banners can hang on walls. They can also be placed on a stand. Vinyl or fabric options are available. A basic banner can help showcase your team or sponsors.

banner 13oz scrim vinyl single-side print 50 sq ft banner

Do you need something that is more flexible and can be toted to your next road game? A Roll Up Banner is portable and can be carried to other events. This could be a great addition for the cheer squad for away games. We have this version available in 300D Polyester or Vinyl.

Pop Out Banners can sit alone and are three dimensional. These are terrific for indoor or outdoor events and usually, come with print on both sides. Event supporters can choose from three main colors. Those colors are blue, tan, or light green.

Strike Visuals has a knack for providing a polished banner for every single team. You can get the customized look and feel your team deserves in vinyl, fabric or 300D polyester. You can also get a high gloss finish to go with your team colors.

Our team can also help you understand what designs work best. We can discuss your expectations and find the best ultimate design for your team or organization. Our goal is to help you find the banner that best works with your goals.

Some Tips For A Good Design

The design of your team logo may limit your ability to create a design for your banner. You may have some flexibility. Maybe your flexibility is just leaving some room for team sponsors. You may want to attract one or more businesses to secure financial support for your team. A banner can be a terrific way to advertise for businesses. Teams with large followings may find it much easier to find sponsorships. A customized banner can include businesses just like little league shirts do. It’s important to keep the design simple and readable.

Distance means a lot. Is your banner going to be read from hundreds of feet away? Is it a banner on a football field fence? Is it a banner on an outfield baseball fence? Logos need to be significantly larger if you expect fans to see and comprehend from long distances. It’s typically better to go with larger logos so fans can always read the banner. An advertiser may not be happy if their logo is microscopic. It’s important to weigh factors like this into consideration when doing your design.

Benefits Of A Great Banner

How do you benefit from utilizing a great banner? Banners with top sponsors can be placed on your outfield fence. The same types of custom team banners can be placed on a gymnasium wall. The sports banners can be used to represent businesses who support your team on the fence at the football stadium.

A great banner also allows you to show team pride, colors, and recognize your athletes. Baseball, football, soccer, and other sports venues are large. This means fans may sit hundreds of feet away in the stands. A nice looking banner can be seen from a great distance. It needs to be professionally designed. Our company has years of experience helping teams craft original banners that stand out from the crowd.

What To Use A Banner For?

A banner is probably most often used to represent the team name and logo. Banners might also be utilized to recognize outstanding seasons. Championship custom team banners hang in the rafters of many gymnasiums. Those types of banners are used to remember the glory days of great seasons in the past. They are long term reminders of the history of a specific program. It gives current players something to aim for. It gives fans something to reminisce about.

Banners might also be used as a golf course for giant events. You could create a banner for the hole in one contest. Banners can be great signage for hole or event sponsors. They can also be used for the event name.

Custom team banners can be used for businesses who want to support area teams. A “good luck” banner might show fans of a particular team your business is involved in the community. Teams might utilize banners for a special marketing or promotional event. Businesses or organizations might provide banners for charitable sporting events such as walks or marathons.

Teams might honor seniors with a banner of each individual who is in their final year of play. A picture with the player’s name, number, and accolades can make any parent or fan proud. These can hang in gyms or on the fence at soccer, football, or baseball games. Parents might also opt to buy their own banner to put outside of their house for the season.

pop-out banner medium polyester double-sided carry cas

Another good way to use banners is during running events. Banners can serve as mile markers. Corporate sponsors can also be put on these to help support the event. Boxing and wrestling events also utilize banners to showcase the featured bout of the day. A professional banner can give the match more credibility.

A great banner can also show pride in team members that recently won accolades. You can imagine an “All-State” banner for a senior running back. Maybe the entire team won state. Maybe you want an appreciation banner to illustrate the work and effort to win your league hockey title.

Banners can also be used to promote upcoming games or events. Does your college or school have a colossal game with a league foe? You can use a banner to promote the big challenge. This can help stir up more ticket sales for the event. Perhaps this banner is placed outside of the event weeks ahead of the big game. Maybe it’s an upcoming season and ticket drive.

There are multiple ways to showcase your team and utilize banners during a sports season. The great news is customized banners are affordable, durable, and often portable. They are incredible signage for fans in attendance.

Making Your Team Official


A sports banner also provides validity to your entire organization. It shows you are “official” and more than just an average team. Custom team banners can improve your team image by helping you showcase your fantastic logo. It can attract new fans, new players, and new sponsorship opportunities.

It might be tough to get businesses on board if they visit your game and see no visible signage. Signage helps add colors, emotion, and marketing opportunities to your portfolio. An organization needs proper signage to stand out from the others. Banners provide that signage and allow visitors to see your organization takes pride in itself and the team.

You can follow what the professional teams do. Marketing can work with a team image. It’s important that the image is protected and always illustrated visually to attract more viable financial options. Gathering more sponsors is important at any level. Professional, college and even high school teams desire financial help from the local community. It can enormously affect what an organization can afford and can’t. The banners go a long way in helping establish the team theme from the moment anyone enters your venue.

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