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Recently updated on May 30th, 2024

Do you coach, manage or own your own sports team? If so, a banner for sports is a great way to promote your team at different sporting events. Whether you own or manage a little league team in a small town or a professional team in a very large city, a sports banner is a great way to promote your team and make the team appear official.

There are several great reasons to purchase a banner; for starters, it is a great way to represent your team – and as the owner, manager or coach, show your support and that you have faith in them. It also shows that you have faith and confidence in them. But more importantly, having a well-designed sports banner can boost the morale of your players and their confidence in themselves.

If you’re interested in beefing up your team’s image and their spirits, a banner is a great way to do it. Want to learn more? Below we provide additional information about banners for sports events and how they can impact your team. Included is information such as the benefits of purchasing a sports banner, along with the types of banners for sports that are available, customized banners for sports and the various printing options.

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”
– Bill Bernbach American Advertising Creative Director

Benefits of Sporting Events Banner

There are many benefits associated with banners for sports. They are a great investment and are great for marketing and promotions. The benefits of a sports events banner include the following:

strike pop out banner
banner 13oz scrim vinyl single-side print 50 sq ft banner
roll up

1 – Establishes a Presence

A sports event banner is a great way to establish a presence – particularly for sports teams that don’t have a permanent venue to call their own. It’s great for helping sports teams become recognizable.

2 – It Allows Coaches, Managers, and Owners To Further Promote Their Teams.

As indicated above, having a banner at a sporting event promotes your team in a whole new way.

When using a banner to promote your team at sporting events, you can get creative by adding the team’s logo and any marketing messages you may have. In addition to that, you can also add the logos of any sponsors you may have. This allows fans to visualize who’s playing and will help them better determine which team represents which side of the court or field.

When using your team’s color scheme, enhances visual recognition, which also increases your team’s branding.

3 – Earn Additional Streams of Revenue

strike sports banner advertising

Something that most coaches, managers, and team owners don’t think about is that once you have artwork and designs created, the images and graphics associated with your team can help you earn extra income. How? You can start selling smaller versions of the banner to fans and followers. They can then begin displaying them while attending the games to show their support.

Basically, selling smaller versions of the banners, along with taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities, are both great ways to add additional revenue streams to your organization.

The additional income is also a way to supplement your primary income sources. For example, you could use the additional income to add additional activities to your offer, such as photo opts. You could have each team member take a photo wearing their team uniforms in front of the new sports banner and sell them to each player.

4 – Use the Extra Funds to Cover Additional Expenses

After you begin generating additional revenue streams, you can use the extra income to purchase other items that your team may need, such as equipment and team uniforms, or to rent sports venues.

5 – Recoupment

Another benefit is that you can recoup some of the upfront costs you’ve spent in various areas. That means that by generating additional income streams, you can use the additional income to cover the initial upfront costs that were spent to pay for the banners for sports.

6 – Attracting Sponsors and Offering Sponsorship Opportunities

Having banners for sports made is a great opportunity to attract sponsors. In fact, it could be mutually beneficial as many businesses are always looking for opportunities to advertise their company and expand their reach.

When designing your banner to be displayed at sports events, you can leave enough space for sponsorship opportunities. Any space that is not occupied is an opportunity to generate additional income from sponsors seeking additional advertising outlets.

Simply provide a sponsorship package utilizing the extra space available on the banner – increasing the value of each space. For example, the space that offers the most exposure on your banner would pay more than those that provide low exposure.

Sponsorships are also a great way to form and build long-term relationships, which lends itself to repeat opportunities.

7 – Transportable

Although our team of experts will ensure that your banner for sports events will be made with great durability, it is also very transportable. This means you can easily take your sports banner with you, regardless of the sports venue or where your team may be playing.

In addition to that, these banners for sports are very easy to set up, which is helpful for those teams that travel a lot and are always on the road.

Determining the right size for your Sporting Events Banner

strike stand-up banners

When deciding on the right size for your sports banner, you should keep a couple things in mind to help you better determine which size is best for your team.

Large Banners

If your team often plays inside large venues, then a large banner is probably best for you. They can be seen from across the venue and are very convenient.

To that end, they can easily be tied to a wall at many sporting venues. The larger the venue, the larger your banner will need to be so that it can be seen from those in the audience where ever they may be seated.

If you cannot tie or have your large banner mounted to a wall, you can also use a stand and a sturdy base to display your large banner.

Large banners for sports can also be used outdoors or indoors during smaller settings, it’s just that at larger venues it’s really important that you have a banner that’s large enough to be seen from anywhere in the venue.

Most venues can accommodate you and normally have what you need to display your banner in their venue.

Small Banners

If your team typically plays outdoors or in small settings, then a smaller banner may be more suitable for you.

You can have the smaller banner displayed with a sturdy, portable stand that can hold up on the sidelines.

These cost-effective stands are as reasonable as they are affordable. They also make attractive frames for your smaller banners as well.

Customizing Banners for Sports Events

Do you have a customized idea for your banner? Strike Now provides a well-trained team of experts to assist you with your customized ideas. We listen carefully to your unique design ideas And will work closely with you to develop the banner you had in mind.

Different Banner Options

When choosing a banner for your next sports event, you have several options, such as the basic banner, the roll-up banners, the pop-out banners, the softly knit polyester banners for sports and more. They are all explained in more detail below.

Basic Banners

The basic banners can be used for hanging on a wall at a venue or on for placing it on a stand. The basic banner is available in a rectangular shape with an option between vinyl or fabric. The weight and material consist of a 13 or an 18 oz Scrim Vinyl or a 9 oz Mesh.

You can also choose to print your artwork on one or both sides.

When selecting the area size, you can choose between 0 to 50 sq ft. or larger sizes beginning at 51 sq ft. and up.

The Basic banner is very affordable and is easy to set up. Prices begin at $2.33

The Roll Up Banner

The Roll Up Banner can be used for indoor or outdoor use. It can be rolled up vertically from its base. It is available in choices of 300D Polyester or Vinyl.

It’s common to have artwork printed on one side of the roll-up banner, but if you need it printed on both sides, please contact us for more details.

The Roll Up Banner is easy to set up and easy to carry. It is also very affordable; the price begins at $75

trade show displays

Pop Out Banners

Pop Out Banners for sports work well at indoor events as well as at outdoor events. They can also be used horizontally or vertically.

It’s ideal to print on both sides of the pop out banners, but one-sided options are available too. Jost contact us for more details and one of our experts will be happy to assist.

Our attractive pop-up pop out banners are available in three different sizes, small, medium and large. They are available in three main color choices which are blue, tan, or light green. However, customize color schemes and designs are available for pop out banners as well.

The Pop Out Banners for sports are easy to set up and prices start at $140

Other Banners

Other types of banners are also available for your sports event. Just give us a call to learn more.

Printing Options

When having a banner made for a sports event, the most popular ones have material made of either fabric or vinyl. There are other options as well, just contact one of our consultants to find out which material is best for you based on your brand’s image, color scheme, your company’s logo, and other aesthetics.

If your corporate image is more modern, then consider a flat printed banner. It accentuates the logo’s look and overall feels a lot better.

But if you want your banner to stand out among the others, you should consider somewhat of a more flashy print a with a high-gloss finish.

Do you need to purchase multiple banners in different shapes and sizes? Then consider coordinating your banners for sports so that they have similar printed material with the same fabric and look and feel.

Generally speaking when coordinating your banners and other items that you may consider displaying, consult with one of our professional graphic designers or other team members who can provide you with the best selections and options available. Even if you have customized ideas, just let us know and one of our associates can assist you with the best solution for your design ideas.

banners for sports events | lifetime warranty & best value

Printing Technology Just Got Better

Because of the latest digital printing technology, there has been a significant improvement in the finishing look of banners with standard or customized printing. The advancement that has taken place in multiple industries has resulted in various industries now being able to merge and offer more diversification as it relates to different printing options. For example, signage companies can now offer to print on apparel, and screen printers can provide digital printing services that weren’t available during previous years. This merged effort is a result of the creation of eco-printers. Want to learn more? Contact us to consult with one of our experts and they’ll be glad to provide you with additional information.

This printing trend has extended to dye-sublimation printers that make it digitally possible to add custom graphics to different surfaces. These include material such as clothing, chairs, fabrics, promotional products, coffee mugs and more.

Because of this technological advancement, graphic designs can now be easily created on banners.

Our company only uses the most up-to-date technology to ensure your banners are printed with great clarity and areas smudge-free as possible. In fact, our banners are so well made that they can last for years if well maintained. Speak to one of our reps about the best way to care for your new banners.

Social Media

For sports teams with an active social media presence, having display banners for sports at various events will allow them to appear on various videos and other images in social posts. It will allow your followers to better identify your team.

If you ever decide to Go live, be sure to have your banners included somewhere in the background to further enhance your and your image.

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A lifetime warranty comes with all Strike Banners! Free design help is offered to ensure you’re confident in the look and quality of your team banners. Strike offers many options and great customer service to help you find the right product.

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