Exploring Different Types of Canopy Tents for Tailgating Parties

types of canopy tents for tailgating

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Recently updated on March 21st, 2023

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or enjoy outdoor parties, nothing can beat the excitement and camaraderie you get from tailgating. 

What is a Tailgating Party?

A Tailgating Party is a social event often seen as a way to socialize, bond with others, and show support for one’s favorite team. They happen during football season. But at times, they also refer to other outdoor events. Among those are concerts, festivals, and others.

Importance of choosing the right canopy tent for your tailgating party

types of canopy tents for tailgating

Choosing the right canopy tent can be a huge factor in making your tailgating experience fun and memorable. From convenience to security and safety, picking the right tailgating canopy tent will make a difference.

This blog will give you an idea about things to consider when preparing for your next tailgating party. We will explore some of the most common challenges tailgaters encounter and what we can do to prevent them. We will also share expert tips on choosing your best canopy tent to make your tailgating event exciting, fun, and memorable. 

Common Challenges When Preparing for a Tailgating Party and What to Do to Prevent It

Tailgating parties are about having a good time and enjoying the pre-game festivities. But just like any other outdoor event, tailgaters can encounter some hurdles that can impact the party’s success. Here are some of the common challenges and suggestions to prevent them.

Limited Spaces

Finding a good parking location in a crowded area can be challenging, especially if you have arrived late or do not have any reserved space. Not having this makes finding a comfortable place for your group and setting up your party supplies.

One way to avoid this is to plan and arrive at the event early. Going there ahead of time will help you to secure a good spot. You can consider investing in portable tailgating equipment that fits in tight spaces.

Safety and Security

Tailgating parties can sometimes have rowdy and intoxicated fans, which may create safety and security concerns.

Be aware of your surroundings to protect yourself and your guests. These things may include locking up valuable items and avoiding confrontations with other fans. You may also consider partnering with nearby tailgating groups or security personnel to reduce the risk of incidents.


Weather can be unpredictable, and planning for outdoor tailgating parties can be challenging. Rain, sun, wind, extreme heat, and cold can impact the mood of your party.

Have ready food, clothing, and supplies to prepare for various possible weather conditions. Investing in portable shelters or canopy tents helps to protect you from unforeseen cold weather conditions.

Limited Resources

Tailgating parties can be expensive if you have traveled from distant places or hosted a large group. Limited resources, such as the budget for food, drinks, equipment and accessories, and transportation, can make planning and executing a successful party difficult.

It is necessary to have all these tailgating party essentials prioritized and allocated. You can also consider designating items for each group member or partnering with other tailgating groups to reduce costs.

Choosing your Best Canopy Tent for the Occasion

When attending tailgating parties, choosing the right canopy tent is necessary. Here are some points to consider when picking your tailgating tents:

Size and Material

printed pop-up canopy sizes 5x5, 10x10, 15x10
Printed Pop-up Canopy Sizes 5×5, 10×10, 15×10

The size and capacity of your tailgate tent will depend on the number of people you plan to accommodate and how many accessories you bring.

If you plan on celebrating with a bigger group, you may invest in a large tent. If not, a smaller tailgate tent will do. Consider also the number of equipment you will need and the space you want for people to move around comfortably.

For canopy tents, materials used are either polyester, nylon, or vinyl. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Others make their tents out of heavy-duty materials, and some with protection against the elements and harmful elements and UV rays. Polyester is lightweight and waterproof, while vinyl is more durable and resistant to weather conditions.

Set up Time

When buying a tailgating tent, it’s crucial to know the length of time you have to set it up. Did you arrive before the event started, or you came in a bit late? Do you need tools to set them up, or are you ok with just you building it up? If you want a quick fix and set, pick the canopy tent. You can use a pop-up canopy tent for easy setup and takedown. Pop-up tents make it hassle-free to set up.

Ease of Use and Durability

Tailgating can also be affected by any weather condition. The wind is one of these. If unprepared, this wind can ruin your whole tailgate experience. For these kinds of scenarios, best to purchase a canopy tent with ground stakes. With this, your tent remains steady despite the heavy winds. You can also add guy lines to provide added stability.

Higher Headroom

If you have several tall friends to join you at your party, consider checking the peak height head above your tailgate tent. Choose a canopy tent with a higher headroom so everyone can fit and rest well under the canopy.

Different types of canopies tents for Tailgating

If you’ve shopped around and couldn’t decide which tent to use out of the many options, you can use this as a mini-guide. When you’ve figured out what type of canopy tent you need to purchase, you’re securing a big chunk to make your party one-of-a-kind. Here is the list of general types of canopies you can check out:

Instant Canopy

Instant or pop-up canopy is a hassle-free solution for indoor and outdoor events. They are perfect for outdoor activities like trade shows, tailgating, camping, beach trips, and BBQs. Without the need for tools, setup is quick and easy and is doable by just one person in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, these canopies are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry and move around. Their compact design allows them to fit into a trunk with plenty of space to spare. Pop-up canopies are the most cost-effective option available.

Frame Tents

If you’re hosting a small to medium-sized outdoor event or need a short-term shelter, steel frame tents are the best. Poles support these tents. Thus, they no longer rely on center poles or tension for use. You’ve likely seen steel frame tents like these in carports and portable garages. While they’re still easy to set up, they may require more than one person to assemble. So, if not properly anchored or left standing the whole year, it may get damaged by extreme weather conditions.

Pole Tents

Pole tents come in various sizes and styles, making them versatile canopy types. These tents rely on center and perimeter poles and require creating tension by staking them down. Pole tents are ideal for hosting huge events such as weddings, circuses, or extended-period outdoor events. While you can count on their durability, pole tents are also the most costly and complicated to set up.

Things to Consider to make your tailgating fun

strike pop-up canopy for salsa

You’ve done the heavy lifting after choosing your tent. It’s time to plan how to make your tailgating exciting, fun, and extraordinary! We’ve laid down the most important things you can include on your list.

Lighting and Decorations

To make your tailgating more inviting and functional, you can use string lights, lanterns, or battery-operated LED lights to create a warm glow. If you want to make it look more festive and show support for your team, you can consider hanging pennants, flags, or banners.

Food, Drinks, and Entertainment

Tailgating is all about the food and drinks, so ensure you have enough supplies and options for your guests. Also, bring plenty of drinks, including water.

Bringing along games and doing activities to keep everyone engaged would also be a great idea. You could consider games like giant Jenga and ladder toss, or maybe bring a portable TV to watch the big game. You can also play music to create a party atmosphere.

Equipment and Supplies

Tailgating requires a lot of equipment, so ensure you have everything needed. Spending time with the people you value the most shouldn’t leave you with any dull moments. It’s all about friendship, fun, and creating an unforgettable experience. Make it comfortable and worthwhile. Consider equipment like a portable grill, chairs, tables, and a canopy tent.

Menu Planning 

Tailgating is all about the food, so plan your menu carefully. Consider easy-to-prepare food choices such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches, and don’t forget snacks and beverages.

Post Tailgating Reminders

Clean up

While packing things, don’t forget to pick up all trash and debris and dispose of it properly. Sort the garbage into plastic bags. Leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Check for any valuable items.

Double-check your own bag for things before leaving the stadium or event area to ensure you haven’t left any personal items behind, such as chairs, grills, or coolers.

Put out fires

If you have a fire pit or grill, check it to extinguish any remaining coals or embers before leaving. Ensure the surroundings are secured to avoid any accidents before fleeing the place.


A well-planned tailgate party helps ensure a more fun, exciting, and memorable tailgating experience. Learning about the common challenges and knowing things you can avoid will make you feel at ease in participating in the event.

Be aware of what you need to know in choosing the best tents most appropriate canopy tent for your tailgate party. Know the common types of canopy tents and how those can help you in your next tailgating, indoor or outdoor event.

Lastly, we’ve shared some helpful tips on what you can do to make your tailgating a fun experience and some post-event reminders.

Getting the right canopy tent is necessary to make your tailgating experience fun and memorable.

Contact us now to discuss your tailgating ideas and get expert tips to plan.


What are the different types of canopies? 

The three general types of canopies are instant canopies (or pop-up fabric canopies), frame tents, and pole tents.

Due to their easy setup, portability, and lightweight features, instant canopies are perfect for outdoor activities like trade shows, tailgating, and camping. Frame tents use side poles and no poles at the center and are excellent for small to medium-sized outdoor events or short-term shelters. Pole tents, or versatile canopy types, come in various sizes and styles. These tents are for huge events such as weddings and other extended-period outdoor events.

What are the canopy tents called?

Canopy tents, also known as Pop-up Canopy, Instant Canopy, and Trade Show Tents, are temporary shelters covered with roofs and no sides. These canopies work for various indoor and outdoor events such as trade shows.

How do I secure my canopy tent in high winds?

You may try attaching weights on the legs of the canopy if the tent stakes still won’t do the work. You could also use sandbags. Fill a bag with sand or pebbles and attach them to the canopy legs to give additional weight and help your canopy stand tall despite the strong winds.

How do I choose a good canopy tent?

In choosing a good canopy tent, evaluate the canopy’s height, size and material, setup time, ease of use and durability, and higher headroom than other tents.

Quickly assess your group size and how many equipments you all will bring. These help you decide whether to invest in a small or big tailgate tent.

Check if the tent you want to choose can be set up by at least one to two people and if it’s easy to set up and takedown.

Check if the tent can withstand any possible unusual weather conditions.

Owning a sturdy tent gives you security and peace of mind while enjoying the night at the event with all your friends.

Lastly, know if you have any group members taller than most so you can gauge the need to purchase a tent with higher headroom.

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