Outdoor Trade Show Displays (Your 2024 Guide To Standing Out)


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Recently updated on May 10th, 2024

How To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Trade Show Display

Have you ever exhibited with outdoor trade show displays?

Then you’ll know standing out from the crowd and getting enough quality booth traffic will make or break your efforts and your budget.

In this article, we’ll go over all the ways you can get the most out of your outdoor trade show booth and get noticed.

But most importantly, how to stand out so you can get the leads and customers attending the trade show promises.

We’re talking custom printed gear like pop up tents, flags, and the benefits of using different equipment.


Here’s the deal.

Trade shows have often been one of the most effective ways of advertising certain types of companies, although this is only true when done effectively.

This has led to many business owners wondering how they can take advantage of the events without having to break the bank.

With the variety of outdoor trade show displays that are available, the choice of how to approach a trade show can be overwhelming.

This is further complicated by the benefits that individual displays might offer when compared to others.

However, this doesn’t need to be too difficult of a decision, as long as you’re informed about what outdoor trade show displays are available, and what you can do with each of them.

These advantages are further enhanced should you work with a high-quality booth manufacturer, such as Strike Visuals, who can work with you to design and create an outdoor display that attracts the attention of potential customers and allows you to begin selling your products effectively.

After all, advertising is the most significant benefit of attending a trade show, so you’ll need to ensure that the displays and other materials that you bring with you work towards that goal.

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Trade Show Display Solutions That Work For You

Many of us might assume that there’s a limited number of options when it comes to trade show displays.

However, this isn’t the case, as there are quite a few more options than you might have thought.

Pop Up Tents: Are They Necessary?

Pop up tents are perhaps the largest of the outdoor trade show displays, which offers quite an extensive number of benefits thanks to their visibility.

Despite their size, they can be just as easy as the majority of other displays to set up and take down, with many offering parts that click into place.

For trade shows, these can be visible from almost anywhere on the display floor, which can often make quite a significant difference during the event.

Banner Stands

Banner stands have often been seen as the most versatile out of the different trade show displays, thanks in large part to the fact that they can be placed almost anywhere.

They’re also one of the easiest to set up and only require the banner itself and a stand, with the display being retractable to put up and take down quite quickly.

In the past few years, there have been a few new variants of the stands available, with one of the most prominent being a motorized version that can attract more attention using motion, although these will naturally be somewhat more expensive than their non-motorized counterparts.



Truss systems have been gaining more and more popularity over the past few years, with this being driven by the versatile design options that it offers.

Because of its large size, however, you’ll need a significant amount of space to set it up properly.

That being said, the shape of the truss system can be changed extensively depending on your needs and can form the likes of stands, walls, and counters, providing you with a significant number of marketing options at an outdoor trade show.

trade show displays

Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays have perhaps been the most common outdoor trade show displays on the market, which is primarily driven by how affordable and easy to set up that they are.

These are set up using a frame that opens similar to an accordion, which is what makes it so quick and easy to set up.

Once fully set up, pop-up displays often resemble a wall, which makes it one of the larger trade show displays available.

They can also be customized further with the addition of shelves, monitor holders and lights, each of which can be used to attract more attention when you’re at a trade show.

Panel Exhibits


Panel systems are somewhat similar to pop-up displays in terms of the fact that they offer a solid back wall to an exhibition.

However, panel exhibits provide more of a structure to a display, with more options being available for the overall structural design.

This means that you’ll be able to create much more of an appealing design when you’re putting the display together, with space not affecting what you can do with the panels.

This is primarily because you’ll be able to purchase panels of a smaller size and then connect them in a variety of appealing ways depending on the space available, as well as the design that you’re using.

The best part?

With the evolution of technology that’s available, you’ll also be able to implement television screens and much more into the panels, further enhancing your overall display.

Furthermore, these can be quite flexible in terms of how you put them together and can be used to create counters, tables, and much more, depending on what your specific goals and requirements are.

They can also be incredibly easy to put into place, with many being slotted into place or using the likes of Velcro or other connections.

On top of each of the above, you’ll also be able to purchase a variety of design sheets, table covers and tent leg covers that can be used to improve the look of your exhibition.

In the majority of cases, you may need to use a combination of each of the displays to stand out among competitors at a trade show.

This is primarily driven by the fact that this is what many other companies will be doing while there.

With the right displays, as well as the effective use of designs, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re able to bring in a significant number of potential customers.

Outdoor Trade Show Displays Packages

With the variety of outdoor trade show displays that are available, you might not know which ones to pick to market your business effectively.

This is where Strike Visuals’ outdoor event packages can shine, as you’ll be able to utilize many of the more popular displays at an affordable price.

There are a few different packages that you can choose from, depending on your needs.

outdoor packages for any event - package c
Outdoor Packages For Any Event – Package C

How can you actually use this?

The first of these is Package A, which includes a ten-foot by a ten-foot steel-framed tent and a six-foot fitted table cover.

Package B offers both of these, plus ten-foot by seven-foot one-sided wall and an eight-foot single sided teardrop display, both of which can bring in a considerable amount of attention.

Package C offers quite a large number of products, include the steel-frame tent and wall that was already mentioned, plus two of the teardrop displays.

On top of this are two tent leg covers, two ten-foot by three-foot half wall kits and a six-foot fitted table cover.

Lastly is Package D, which is recommended for business owners who attend a large number of trade shows.

This includes each of the displays seen in Package C, plus an extra six-foot table, and four of the teardrop flags.

This can offer quite a significant amount of benefits for marketing your business at a trade show.

Naturally, Strike Visuals provides a custom design with each of the packages to ensure that you achieve the maximum number of benefits possible when you’re at the trade show.

When you’re choosing which package to purchase, you should know what your overall requirements are for, with one of the most prominent of these being how many trade shows you’re expecting to go to.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that the more shows you look to attend, the more displays that you should have.

This is primarily because it can be much more effective to be over prepared rather than under-prepared.

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Benefits Of Outdoor Trade Show Displays

There is quite a significant number of benefits associated with trade shows, with an enhanced marketing strategy being one of the most prominent.

This is especially true when it comes to developing a larger potential customer base while also putting you into contact with potential suppliers.

This is where trade show displays can help your business grow.

While this may be the most obvious benefit to the products, there are a few others that many business owners may not have thought of.

Custom Designs


Every high-quality display manufacturer will work with you to create a display that markets your business in a way that suits your needs.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to hire a graphic designer for the process, as the majority of these companies will be able to generate a design when you’re purchasing the displays.

While many business owners might think that what you can do with these displays is limited, this doesn’t need to be the case as the majority of professionals who specialize in the area will be able to craft a high-quality design that effectively represents your business while generating interest from passers-by.

That’s not all…

outdoor trade show displays (your 2024 guide to standing out)


The majority of businesses will want to keep their marketing costs relatively low while seeing a high return on investment, regardless of which strategy they’re using.

This is one of the more prominent areas where trade show displays can shine, as they’re often much more affordable than television or radio ads and can provide a better ROI than many online counterparts.

This is primarily because these digital marketing strategies usually only last a limited amount of time.

In contrast, displays can be reused for quite a significant number of trade shows.

This is further enhanced by the fact that they can be quite durable and withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear.

As a result of this, they can be a much more affordable marketing and sales strategy, although the cost of displays should also be factored in with the price of registering for and attending the trade show.

custom trade show display

Flexible Outdoor Trade Show Displays

Many of us might assume that the displays can only be used at trade shows, although this isn’t necessarily the case.

This is primarily because they can be used at almost any outdoor event, which can provide the majority of business owners with a flexible approach to marketing their company.

Because of how durable they are, the displays can also be used in almost any weather while still remaining visible and allowing entrepreneurs to attract customers and develop leads.

This also means that the displays can be a 24/7 marketing strategy, which is a considerable advantage when compared to many other forms of advertising.

This is especially true when compared to the likes of newspaper and television ads, which often only last a few minutes or a day before becoming void.

As a result, you’ll be able to achieve more of an impact for your money by investing in the products.

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