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Custom printed table covers have the best bang for your buck when it comes to branding at events. Being able to represent your company in a professional manner at a trade show is essential when trying to create a GREAT first impression. Trade show table covers are a fantastic option for this! Custom table covers have proven to be effective time after time when it come to capturing attention.

As a result, a custom show table cover has many uses when it comes to interacting with your audience.

Therefore, it will be helpful with generating a steady flow of traffic no matter what event you attend.

And the best thing about the trade show table covers is the ease of transportation. Especially if your company travels for events multiple times a year.

There are many options for custom table covers. From fitted, to stretch, and even spill-resistant.

Today we are going to go through the many options available. And the many benefits a trade show table cover can bring you and your company during your next event!

How Can A Trade Show Table Cover Generate Visitors?


The trade show table cover has many benefits, one of which is being able to capture people’s attention.

There are many ways that a custom table cover does this!

Firstly, the use of artwork for your custom table cover can include eye capture colors and designs. Something bright and vibrant will capture the interest of potential clients walking by.

Secondly, using a trade show table cover as a marketing tactic is another excellent use! Especially if your company is offering any current promotions or giveaways.

For example, if your company is giving away gift cards for the first fifty people that purchase something from you, you can use catchy phrases on your custom table cover artwork, such as, “Free Gift Cards.”

The Different Types of Table Covers

The Fitted Custom Table Cover

The fitted custom table cover is a fantastic option and looks great during indoor events!

The fitted custom table cover is the most commonly purchased table cover because it is going to help you stand out. It is the most economical option for custom printed table covers.

And it is made from heavy-duty fabric to continue looking sharp throughout multiple events.

As a result, the dimensions for this custom table cover reduce sagging and wrinkles when placed on a table. And it has the option to come with a zipper back.

It will give you the option to make use of the space underneath your table for storage!

The Stretch Custom Table Cover

The stretch custom table cover is a favorite for many companies because it is convenient in many ways!

Made out of a spandex polyester mix, they look great during any event. Especially indoor shows! As a result, it creates a super sleek design that prevents any wrinkles without the need to iron. It definitely has the most profession look of any of the table cover styles. It’s by far our most popular style and it is the go to for the most discerning customers.

One of the fantastic benefits of this table cover is that it morphs to the shape of your table.

Also, an excellent option for outdoor events since the stretch custom table cover morphs to your table. Therefore you don’t have to worry about pinning down your table cover to prevent wind flailing.

Design to hold its place, the custom table cover comes with rubber padding to hook on to the feet of your table and prevent surface sliding or fabric damage.

The Spill-Resistant Trade Show Table Cover

It is spill-resistant, and it is incredible!

The spill-resistant custom table cover is an excellent option for companies who specialize in food or beverage products.

As a result of the spill-proof coating, this trade show table cover makes cleaning a breeze. And it comes in handy when trying to continue looking sharp for all your clients!

The spill-resistant table cover is durable due to the heavy-duty fabric used to make it.

Likewise, it is also machine washable so it can continue to look sharp event after event.

And this trade show table cover is fully customizable. So you can still promote your business or team with artwork anywhere on your custom table cover!

What Are Some Of The Uses For Custom Table Covers?

There are many uses for trade show table covers. It is vital since not all events are the same.

And, not all companies sell the same items.

So being able to adapt to what your company sells is one of the many benefits a trade show table cover can provide.

Therefore, if your company is in the food business, you can use your trade show table covers to both promote your business and provide samples for your clients.

Likewise, if your company sells clothing items, a custom table cover is perfect for showcasing the things you want to sell.

If your company sells larger items, instead of transporting those items to a show, you can use a trade show table cover to layout images, catalogs, or even tablets with videos or visual representations of your products.

They even work great when placed inside an inflatable event tent for a sporting event!

The Ease Of Transportation For Trade Show Table Covers

Due to the size and portability of a custom table cover, transportation is effortless since they can compress to a fraction of their final size!

In other words, a trade show table cover will take up as much space as a pair of pants in your luggage bag if you are flying to your event.

Because of the lightweight, a custom table cover is super cheap to ship for any out of state events you might need to attend.

Plus, a great tip when using a custom table cover at a show is to purchase a table near your event, instead of shipping one.

It will ultimately be less of a hassle and save you money on shipping!

The Different Custom Table Cover Designs

There are many options to choose from when it comes to purchasing trade show table covers for your team or company.

Each custom table cover design can help you stand out under different situations.

Plus, each trade show table cover is fully customizable so you can promote your company with artwork anywhere on your table cover.

All the options are fantastic, and each has its benefits.

And each one plays an essential role in getting you recognized no matter where your events take place.

Custom Table Cover Printing Process

The key to making sure your custom table covers artwork continues to look sharp event after event is the result of dye sublimation printing.

As a result, it will ensure that your trade show table cover can provide the vibrant colors and design intended through your artwork design.

The trade show table cover has many benefits, one of which is being able to capture people’s attention.

Through the process of dye sublimation printing, your custom table cover fabric gets dyed with the ink instead of just printing your artwork on top of the material.

As a result of dye sublimation, the colors on artwork will not bleed onto each other because of weather, spills, or washing.

Therefore, the printing process of your trade show table cover is crucial so you can continue to promote your business while also having your items look professional day in and day out.

Strike Visuals Trade Show Table Covers Are A Great Choice!

At Strike Visuals, we aim to ensure that each table cover can promote your business or team to the best of its ability.

We have taken the time to design all our table cover options to hold up through different types of events.

Whether you use your custom table covers a few times a year, or every other week. We trust our table cover’s to hold up to the test.

And the best part is that all our trade show table covers come with our lifetime warranty!

So if you ever come across a situation where your table cover becomes damaged, let us know. We will get your trade show table cover looking as good as new!

Our priority is to make sure that our custom table cover options help get your business recognized and generate potential clients.

Strike Visuals Are Trusted Products

Custom table covers are a great way to get your company recognized.

Likewise, there are also other great products we provide to make sure your company can get the recognition it deserves!

Trusted by many large brands, we aim to provide the highest quality items in the industry. While also ensuring the best price!

And our items are also covered with a fantastic lifetime warranty. To bring you peace of mind during your next event!

So feel free to check us out at to see what additional items may interest you, such as custom flagscustom outdoor tents, and interactive trade show booths.

And let us know by commenting down below. What are some of the ways your company uses a table cover to generate potential clients during events?

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Pop Up Bar Display(1)(1)
Light Box SEG Kit3’x7′ (Double-Sided) (1)10’x8′ (Single-Sided) (1)
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Flag Double Sided12' (w/ Cross Base) (6)12' (w/ Cross Base) (10)12' (w/ Cross Base) (15)
Steel Plus tent10x10 (1)10x10 (2)20x10 (1)20x10 (1) & 10x10 (1)
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