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Strike Table Cover Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

High Quality Table Covers: Only From Strike Visuals

Strike Visuals provides some of the best table covers in the business. Made of high-quality material and top-notch printing, these table covers are made to capture attention at any event. Covered under our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for any event if your table cover becomes damaged.

Innovative Features

We’ve added a lot of innovative features to make Strike Table Covers the best for our customers.
  1. Custom Fitted to any table size you use.
  2. Water repellent option for catering services.
  3. Compact and easy to setup.
  4. Vibrant dye-sublimation full-color printing.

Stand Out During Any Event

  1. Full-color dye sublimated printing means vibrant colors that won’t ever crack, bleed, or peel. The only limit is truly your imagination.
  2. Commercial-grade fabric = These table covers are made with the intention to be used over and over again with minimal damages to the fabric.
  3. Premium fit + finish = Made to perfectly fit any table size, you’ll look sharp during any event with little to no wrinkles.


custom table covers, Custom Branded Table Covers

These guys are fantastic! Quick responses and high quality, with affordable pricing. You can’t go wrong with Strike.

Jeff W.

Best quality I have ever used, highly recommend Strike Visuals to anyone looking for amazing event products!

Cassandra Martin
custom table covers, Custom Branded Table Covers

40,000+ Table Covers Sold


We help brands get noticed and stand out from the crowd with sharp and vibrant custom branded Table Covers. See why customers give Strike 5 stars on Google.



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custom table covers, Custom Branded Table Covers

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We have all the templates available for download HERE.

…But if you would like for our designers to mock up your design free of charge*, we are happy to do so!

Just click HERE to contact us and let us know which products you’d like to see your logo and branding on!

Designs that exceed 2 hours in work will be charged an hourly rate. Work will not start on paid design until written/verbal consent is received.

Free Design
custom table covers, Custom Branded Table Covers



Strike Visuals is proud to offer the only lifetime warranty in the industry on all custom branded table covers.

For warranty inquiries, contact us at

custom table covers, Custom Branded Table Covers
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Tablecloth Uses

There is a lot of great ways to use a custom printed tablecloth.

Strike Visuals has had hundreds of customers that can attest to how they got noticed at both indoor and outdoor events and looked super professional because of their custom printed tablecloth.

1. Product Displays

Businesses and vendors that rely on outdoor events to showcase their products usually have a table to set up cards, products, merch, and more. You could use any table that will work. Of you can elevate your brand presence, stand out more, and look really professional with a custom printed tablecloth. Use a stretch tablecloth for a super sharp look. Products look better when they’re on a good display.

custom table covers, Custom Branded Table Covers
2. Storage At Events

If you get a back zipper on your stretch or fitted tablecloth, you can add a lot of storage for backpacks, water, cards, ext. that is hidden. Keeping your event space clean and looking professional to interact with prospects and customers.

Custom Printed Table Covers – How to Decorate Your Tables Using Promotional Material

Custom printed table covers have been very popular in marketing and advertising campaigns. They are used for almost everything, right from product launches, fundraisers, to outdoor events. For their appealing appeal, flexibility, and high brand recognition, it is very unlikely that they will ever go out of fashion anytime soon. But you don t just use these printed tablecloths everywhere. You can also make your own custom printed displays at home, which will help you save money and also make promotional items even more attractive.

custom printed table covers

If you think that making custom table cloths at home is a difficult task, think again. You can easily make a fully customizable, tailored fit for your customers and/or employees using the services of any table cover shop or custom booth maker. There are several different types of these items that you can choose from, and here are the four main types of custom-made tablecloths:

Full-color custom printed table covers have become very popular over the past few years as they are a great way to make an attractive presentation to potential customers. The main advantage of a full-color cloth is that the customers are drawn into the material and this draws their attention to the logo and business name on the front. Most businesses use full-color cloths for special events and trade shows. They are also ideal for making a personalized gift, such as for wedding guests or for corporate gifts for clients.

Another kind of custom printed table covers is the semi-custom cover. These are perfect for events or trade shows where you want to create brand visibility for certain events or products. Some of these displays have the logo on one side only, while others display both the logo and the brand name on the front of the cloth. The semi-custom covers allow you to create brand visibility without using the full-color option.

Tablecloths that have a fold-over design are also very popular. These custom table covers allow people to set the table down at the show or trade show and fold them away so that there is no clutter on the floor. These folding covers can be made to order, so if your need is for a specific shape or size, you might not be able to find exactly what you want at your store. The advantage of fold-over covers is that they create an even presentation, as they will cover all the tables at the event or trade show. Fold-over covers are especially useful at events when the amount of space available is limited, as folding tables are often less desirable than rectangular tables.

There are also full-color custom printed table covers that display the logo of the company. These covers are not suitable for all types of shows. If the crowd at the event is heavy, for example, using full color may make the seating more uncomfortable. It is important, though, that the logo is displayed prominently enough so that people can recognize it. Many companies choose to use this method when decorating booths at trade shows and expositions. Some of these custom printed products can be designed to have specific areas that only feature the company’s logo, such as the top of the table, making the design more cohesive.

There are custom table covers available in various sizes as well. Some of these covers are specifically designed for different sized tables, while others are manufactured to fit any table regardless of its size. The benefit of choosing sizes instead of sizes that fit all tables is that it allows you to customize the look of the displays at the event according to the size of the displays. This allows you to use custom table covers in places that are most important to promote your brand, such as the top of the tables.

There are also custom table covers available in different thicknesses. Some of these are made with thicker materials, like 600d polyester for example, which makes them better to be used at events lasting for a longer period of time, such as corporate conventions lasting several days. A thicker cover, in contrast to a thinner one, will allow the customer to rest easier on the sofa or the armchair as they wait for their meal. These thicker covers also provide more durability against stains. For soft 300d polyester material, the durability is not as great as the other types of materials, but these are still durable and appropriate for outdoor use.