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Recently updated on June 7th, 2024

A custom arch for outdoor events is essential for any gatherings you might be planning outdoors.

Whether it’s a charity event, marathon, triathlon, or even fundraisers, a custom arch can help you promote your event to the fullest!

Most people believe that custom arches are made to distinguish the start or finish line of a race.

But an arch can serve a bigger purpose, such as visual promotion of your brand or event.

This can be done in many ways, such as;

  1. Personalized Branding
  2. Banners
  3. Custom Colors
  4. Arch Shape

So, is it that easy?

Well, there are multiple things to take into consideration before purchasing a custom arch.

Let’s go through all the options available to ensure you get an arch that works best for you and your brand!

When To Use A Custom Arch?

Most people believe that a custom arch for outdoor events is only suitable to use during race events.

Well, that’s not the case.

Custom arches are versatile in the sense that they can be used for almost all outdoor events and in some cases, even indoor events.

Arches are just one of the many products that you can use to promote your brand.

Here are some ways you can use a custom arch for outdoor events to promote:

  • Event Entrance
  • Backdrop For Photos
  • Backdrop For Race Winners
  • Concert Background
  • Start/Finish line
  • Grand Opening Sign
  • And many more!

So now that you have found a way to implement a custom arch into your event, let’s learn about the different options available!

arch for outdoor events

Inflatable Custom Arch

Although there have been many advancements when it comes to custom arches, the regular inflatable custom arch is still a great option when promoting your events.

This is why it is so well known because it’s easy to use and owned by many!

The inflatable custom arch consists of a few things; The inflatable arch itself, a blower, stakes and tie-downs, and an energy source (Generator or Outlet).

Under most circumstances, there is usually an outlet nearby and all you will need is an extension cord.

But on the off chance that there might not be a source of energy during your event, most typically rent a generator to play it safe.

As for setup, it’s as easy as plugin your arch in, inflating it, staking it down, and you’re ready to roll!

custom arch for outdoor events | (free design & best price)

Sealed Air Custom Arch

The sealed air custom arches are a newer product that has recently joined the market of promotional advertisements.

The major benefit of these arches is removing the energy source factor.

But before we get into that, let’s learn how these sealed air custom arches work.

Sealed air custom arches are designed with an expandable plastic bladder inside.

This works similarly to a basketball, where the bladder within inflates, but the fabric outside prevents the bladder from leaking or being damaged.

With sealed air custom arches, all you need is a portable blower that is rechargeable.

Other than that, all the other features of a regular custom arch work the same.

One of the other benefits of a sealed air custom arch is the ability to swap out the exterior fabric with a new design without having to purchase a completely new arch.

custom arch for outdoor events | (free design & best price)

Vinyl Arches

These arches are popular as well, but also come with many limitations in comparison to other arches available in the market.

One of the biggest limitations is the process of printing used for these arches.

The vinyl custom arch is designed using a heat press, which melts a vinyl design on top of the arch itself.

The issue usually arrives after a few uses since the weather and constant inflating and disinflation start to detach the design from the arch, causing peeling, cracking, and discoloration.

Although they are not the best, one of the benefits of vinyl custom arches is the fact that some are sealed, and you don’t need a blower constantly inflating the arch.

custom arch for outdoor events | (free design & best price)

How To Set Up A Custom Arch?

Depending on the arch you have, the way to set it up may differ.

But for most arches, the process begins with unfolding your arch in an open area to allow enough room to inflate.

Once you have your arch laid out, connect your arch to your power source, then turn on your arch, so it can begin to inflate.

Your arch should only take about 4 to 5 minutes to fully inflate, depending on the size of your arch and the wattage of your blower.

Before you stand your arch up, use the provided ropes in your arch kit to tie knots on the dedicated D-rings to help hold it in place.

Once fully inflated and D-rings have been tied down, have someone help you position your arch where you want it to be located.

Have them hold it in place and use the opposite end of the D-ring ropes to stake the arch down with weights or arch stakes.

This will hold your arch in place in case the wind gets strong.

Once you have completed all these steps, your arch will be ready for your event!

custom arch for outdoor events | (free design & best price)

Strike Visuals Custom Arches

At Strike, we offer different types of custom arches; Inflatable and Sealed Air.

These have been known to have the most success rate when it comes to promoting your brand during your events.

All of our arches come with arch kits which include stakes, a repair kit, tie-down rope, and instructions.

Made out of high-quality material, we guarantee that our arches will last through multiple events and uses for years to come!

Backed by our lifetime warranty, if your arch becomes damaged, we will make sure to get it repaired for you to be ready for your next use.

If we are not able to get it repaired, we will replace it will a brand-new arch of the same design!

Are you ready to get your brand a custom arch?

Visit our website to learn more about our amazing arch options, or get in touch with us to help you and your brand get the arch that works best for you!


Benefits of Custom Arch for Outdoor Events

Custom arches offer numerous benefits that make them a fantastic addition to any outdoor event. One of the primary advantages is their visual appeal.

These arches can be tailored to fit any theme or aesthetic, providing endless customization options.

Whether you’re aiming for a romantic vibe with floral decorations or a sleek, modern look with minimalist design, a custom arch can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Another significant benefit is their versatility. Custom arches are not just for weddings; they can enhance the atmosphere at various events, including corporate gatherings, birthday parties, and outdoor festivals.

Their ability to adapt to different settings and purposes makes them a versatile choice for event planners.

Finally, custom arches are built to withstand outdoor conditions. Made from durable materials, they can endure various weather conditions, ensuring they remain a standout feature throughout your event.

This durability means you can focus on enjoying the event without worrying about the integrity of your decorations.

Overall, custom arches are an excellent investment for those looking to elevate their outdoor events with a touch of personalization, versatility, and durability.

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