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Recently updated on April 20th, 2023

Marketing a new business isn’t for the faint of heart, but knowing when to use attention-grabbing products like a custom inflatable arch can enormously impact your sales. We know it’s tricky to balance your return on investment at a trade show, so let’s get you started down the right path.

Since the global epidemic in 2020, business-to-business marketing value has steadily increased each year. Trade show marketing value will increase by 24% from 2023 to 2026. What does this mean for you?


This means you can get in front of more potential customers! While this is great news, it comes with the challenge of having even more competitors. Successfully marketing at an event requires commanding the attention of potential customers.

One of the best ways to do this is to share your unique brand and identity using products that put you on full display. When you’re ready to stand out, a custom-printed inflatable arch can create a memorable first impression with your audience.

Different Types of Inflatable Archways

There are several types of custom inflatable arches on the market, including:

Continuous air arches

This type of inflatable arch requires access to an outlet and air pump that constantly feed air through the arch.

Sealed inflatable arches

These inflatable arches are blown up once and use a dye sub-printed outer sleeve and a PVC inner bladder. The custom print is less durable and must be re-inflated throughout the event.

Balloon arches

This arch gives your display a dash of excitement and lightheartedness but can fall victim to sagging throughout the event. Custom print is not possible, but custom colors are.

LED arches

These inflatable arches include a custom strip of LED lights that draw attention to your booth, day or night. 

Why Use a Custom Inflatable Arch?

When most people think of inflatable archways, they think of a race arch that marks the beginning and end of a marathon. While that’s a perfectly reasonable application, there are more ways than one that you can get creative with an eye-catching, custom-branded inflatable arch.

When we say that you can completely customize your arch style, we mean it. From the coloring and imaging down to the shape and size, you have complete creative control to dream up a display that is your own.

You can stand out much easier when you have a product in your arsenal that creates a buzz with your customers.

6 Ways to Use a Custom Inflatable Arch

Arches are simple, but brainstorming can get complicated. We want to help get your creative juices flowing. Here are six ways to use a custom inflatable arch to stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression on your future customers.

1. Mark the entryway to your event

Whether attending a trade show or exhibiting at one, you can tell who has the most thoughtful setups. Usually, these are the most prominent, attention-grabbing displays at the event. It’s not wrong of you to assume that these brands have shelled out big money to pay for their setups. A high-quality, custom inflatable doesn’t have to break the bank. Custom-print your Strike inflatable archway to match your brand so guests can cross the threshold into your brand. This experience is sure to linger long after the event year comes to a close.

2. Use it as a photo backdrop

You could use a free-standing backdrop to create a fun place for guests to snap some pictures before moving on to the next booth. However, a better option is to create an epic photo opportunity that warrants a selfie. Pair that with a removable banner, and you have a display that’s fun and unique. Use your arch as an Instagram-worthy photoshoot that will draw potential customers to your booth and give customers a reason to shout you out on social media.

3. Customize the shape for themed events

Are you a big fan of Halloween? Have an insatiable love for Shark Week? Gearing up for a Saint Patrick’s Day-themed event? Forget the traditional archway. It can be much more than the smooth, rounded shape we all know and love. With some imagination and creativity, your inflatable archway can take the form of your favorite things. Think of all the possibilities: walk through the legs of a creepy clown, stroll into the jaws of a great white shark, or find your pot of gold behind the rainbow arch.

4. Create a custom projector screen

What better way to draw attention to your trade show booth than showing a video demonstration of your products on the big screen with the help of your arch? It’s easy enough to grab a white roll of fabric, hang it up, and call it a projector screen. That’s entirely different from having a custom-branded inflatable arch that displays your logo while entertaining your guests. Not to mention, inflatable arches are convenient to pack, transport, and inflate. There’s no need to handle large, bulky equipment that breaks your back every event year. Make it easy on yourself in the future.

5. Make a tunnel for the epic run

You’ve seen the moment of glory when the favored high school sports team runs through their custom inflatable tunnel to show their strength and unity to the visiting team. If you want to recreate that experience, you have that power. It instills team spirit, not only in the players but in the fans themselves. Turn your arch into a custom-printed tunnel that shows your team pride as they prepare for the big game. Your custom-printed inflatable design is front and center for the expectant fans.

6. The tried and true race arch

We mentioned it briefly, but this is a tried and true method for creating a start or finish line that looks and feels official. Your race deserves representation in the most professional light. You can create a custom finish line that athletes can cross with pride, all while putting your brand front and center to racers and spectators. Your high-quality, custom inflatable will be the first and last thing athletes see, so you stay fresh in their minds (plus, it makes a good photo op).

Benefits of a Custom Inflatable Arch versus Custom Inflatable Tents

There are so many options for inflatable event products on the market. What sets this apart from an inflatable pop-up tent? After all, it’s a high-visibility option that doesn’t break the bank. An inflatable tent is just as light and easy to transport, yet custom inflatable arches have a few more benefits.

  • Customizable from top to bottom on high-quality fabric
  • Personalized to a unique shape that matches your creative vision
  • Tall enough to capture the attention in a busy event

How to Set Up a Custom Inflatable Arch

Inflatable arches are an easy addition to any event setup. Simple to assemble, light enough to transport, and stunning to your visitors. Our custom inflatable arches are made with you in mind. 

Be sure to create a unique display for your next event. Check out our line of inflatable arches! Your event, time, and customers are valuable enough to deserve the best.


Q: Do I need a fan or blower for my inflatable arch?

A: Yes. Whether you order a custom continuous air arch or a sealed air arch, you will need a blower to inflate your arch. Even a standard bicycle pump will do; however, we offer blowers with your arch purchase to make things easier.

Q: How do I choose the best arch for my needs?

A: We suggest you consider how you market your business and the types of customers you hope to attract. An arch can tell many stories, but you’ll need to provide the plot. We recommend the continuous air arch, as it does not need to be pumped up throughout the day to keep it looking fresh.

Q: Do you offer a warranty on your custom arches?

A: Absolutely! The warranty on arches is a one-time repair or replacement, good for the lifetime of the original arch.

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