Trade Show Events And What To Expect?

trade show events 2022 and what to expect

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Recently updated on June 20th, 2024

What Should You Expect?

Trade show events are happening and there are some things you might want to know in order to prepare before attending one!

Lucky for you, we have already attended two events during the beginning of this year and have some information to share.

So although events aren’t fully back to what they used to be before the pandemic, there are still plenty of great opportunities that your brand can gain from attending some trade show events in this year.

But also consider that each state has different rules and regulations when it comes to events.

Some trade show events might be less regulated than others, while some may be super strict.

But let’s get into some of the things we noticed while attending both Shot Show 2022 in Las Vegas and Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2022 in Colorado and how you can use this information to prepare for the trade show events you will attend during 2022.

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Benefits Of Trade Show Events Today

One of the major things that we noticed while attending these events during the beginning of the year is there are fewer brands attending overall.

But this can be a good thing, and let us explain how it worked in our favor.

Since there were fewer people attending overall, this allowed us to connect and spend more time with the brands that did attend.

It is more possible to generate more personal conversations and spend some time building trust with them.

And this is what you want during events because that is how you generate new clients and potential sales.

Another benefit of fewer exhibitors attending overall is that it also helps remove the sense of rush for attendees!

Because there are fewer brands overall, they don’t feel like they are tight on time, they are actually able to visit and spend time with brands to get all the information that is needed on their end.

trade show events and what to expect?

Preparing for a Trade Show Events

Preparing for a trade show involves several key steps to ensure a successful and productive experience.

Researching the Event and Exhibitors

First, research the event thoroughly. Understand the focus of the trade show and the types of businesses that will be exhibiting. Look up the list of exhibitors and identify those that are most relevant to your interests. This will help you prioritize which booths to visit.

Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

Next, set clear goals and objectives for your attendance. Decide what you want to achieve. This could include networking with industry professionals, learning about new products, or generating leads for your business. Having specific goals will help you stay focused and make the most of your time.

Creating an Agenda or Schedule

Create a detailed agenda or schedule for the event. Note down the times and locations of key presentations, workshops, and other activities you want to attend. This will help you manage your time effectively and ensure you don’t miss important sessions.

Packing Essentials

Finally, pack all the essentials you will need. Bring plenty of business cards to hand out to new contacts. Prepare promotional materials, such as brochures or flyers, to share information about your business. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as trade shows often involve a lot of walking and standing. Additionally, consider packing a portable charger for your electronic devices to stay connected throughout the event.

So make sure to check with your event prior to attending to make sure that you know what to expect, and how to avoid running into any issues.

trade show events and what to expect?

Tips for Making the Most of Your Experience

Effective Networking Strategies

Networking is key to making the most of a trade show. Start by introducing yourself with a smile and a firm handshake. Be genuine and show interest in others. Exchange business cards and take notes on who you meet. Follow up with new contacts after the event to build lasting relationships.

Engaging with Exhibitors and Asking the Right Questions

When visiting booths, engage with exhibitors by asking thoughtful questions. Inquire about their products or services and how they can benefit your business. Ask about any new innovations they are showcasing. Take brochures and samples if offered. This will help you gather valuable information and make informed decisions.

Utilizing Social Media for Live Updates and Connections

Use social media to stay connected during the event. Share live updates, photos, and insights on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Follow the event’s official hashtag to join the conversation. Connect with other attendees and exhibitors online to expand your network.

Attending Sessions and Taking Notes

Attend as many sessions, workshops, and presentations as possible. These are opportunities to learn from industry experts. Take detailed notes during these sessions. Write down key points, new ideas, and any questions you have. Review your notes after the event to reinforce what you learned and apply it to your business.

Post-Event Actions

After the trade show, organize all the contacts you made by sorting business cards and adding contact information to your address book or CRM system.

Follow up with personalized emails and connect on LinkedIn. Review and analyze the materials and notes you collected to identify key insights and trends, then share the most important points with your team.

Use these insights to improve your business by adopting new technologies, changing marketing strategies, or exploring partnerships.

Develop a plan to implement these changes effectively and monitor the results to ensure the knowledge and connections gained translate into tangible improvements for your business.

trade show events and what to expect?

Our Experience As Exhibitors

Overall, these trade show events are super valuable when trying to generate new traffic and grow your brand.

This is why we decided to attend and also plan on attending future shows throughout 2022.

Granted, regulations may change the further we get into the year, but we don’t see events getting to the point of 2020 chaos.

Our experience has been great with both of these events, we are able to have plenty of conversations and exchange information with the people attending.

People are still fully engaged with interacting with vendors and definitely try to get their money worth from attending these trade show events.

Although the number of attendees and exhibitors is a bit lower than usual, those who attend go with the mindset of meeting and interacting with everyone there.

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Already Planning On Attending A Trade Show Event?

We would be more than happy to help you get your company noticed during your next event!

Whether you are attending an indoor event or outdoor event, we have plenty of products to help you stand out amongst all your competition.

From custom-printed tents, table covers, back wall displays, or indoor booths, we are able to customize them to your designs and brands.

All of our products are backed by our amazing lifetime warranty to ensure that you look sleek, clean, and professional no matter where your events take you!

High-quality products, design, and customer service is our promise to you, and we will ensure to provide you with the best experience from beginning to end.

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Strike Visuals is family-owned and operated in Centerville, Utah. Just north of Salt Lake City. Strike was founded to enrich and elevate the lives of the people that work here and the clients we serve. We serve our clients by creating outdoor event marketing and trade show masterpieces.

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