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Strike Visual: Unique Products for Race Events

The evolution of racing events has transformed into an opportunity for businesses to motivate and improve the relationship of corporate employees and various stakeholders. Whereas the popularity of racing events can be attributed to the increasing health awareness among the public, but another equally important reason for the emergence of this industry is the motivation of corporate managers to use these trade events to impress clients and build social contacts. In fact, these racing events have suddenly become a channel for effective and meaningful communication between the company and its stakeholders.

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Why do outdoor events require proper planning?

Arranging corporate events, particularly racing events, is not an easy task.

Generally, managers are becoming increasingly vigilant about the venue and overall theme of the events.

The theme matters a lot because participants of these events want to be pampered just like any other corporate guests. Even employees have begun to take notice of the facilities provided to them. As a result, participants will talk about the event long after it has ended, which means that corporate managers need to ensure that the event is properly organized. In fact, event companies have started providing expert services to cater to the needs of corporate managers. Usually, these experts have years of experience managing racing event. Their imagination and ideas can definitely bolster the event by creating unique experiences for the client. Likewise, there is a growing trend to order customized racing event supplies, which helps save costs.

If you are planning an outdoor event such as a mini-marathon race or a dirt-track rally, you know that the responsibility of creating a perfect venue increases substantially. For instance, it is much easier to arrange an event in a hotel or a conference center, where services are readily available. In contrast, organizing an outdoor event is a big task even for experienced organizers. Imagine how difficult it can get to transport and handle outdoor race event supplies in a remote location?

As an organizer, you are not only worried about the theme of the event but also fret about outside weather conditions and physical constraints, which can impact the outcome of the entire event. In the outdoors, it is always complicated to set up audio and video equipment, which plays an integral part in the success of an event. Of course, managers don’t want to tell participants that they are unable to take photoshoots because the electric equipment malfunctioned. Similarly, it is even more embarrassing to try to set up an outdoor tent only to be blown away by the high winds particularly when some of the key stakeholders are taking a respite from the grueling race.

25 arch inflatable with blower with screen printed logos
When to hire a specialist?

Therefore, it makes sense to let specialists tackle any outdoor event that you intend to organize. It may cost you an extra buck, but it will keep you feeling proud of your organizational skills. Many well-known companies such as Strike Visuals have made their name by offering world-class event management services at a very competitive rate. These highly-rated racing event organizers create wonderful memories by offering unique products.

Why it is so important to select good event products? Evident by the experiences of well-known event managers so many failed events.

For instance, Christie Fidura, operations manager at Shoreditch Works, recalls building a very fancy trade booth to take it all over Europe for the trade shows. In the end, the trade booth proved too heavy, which was unable to be shipped anywhere. Due to the budget constraints, the booth had to be transported to different locations even though the entire exercise proved laborious and expensive. To compensate for these issues, companies such as Strike Visual offers inflatable quality furniture that looks very attractive, and it can be placed inside the trunk of a car. In addition, clients can easily customize anything according to their budgets.

Similarly, Keeley Harris, event director at Festival of Vintage, remembers failing in managing one of the largest outdoor events in Britain due to the inclement outdoor weather. Her event company did not warn her of the impending dangers of the flood warning. As a result, the event proved a failure because it was attended by very few participants. In fact, there are countless similar stories of improper event management that turned into a nightmare because the organizers either tried to do it themselves or hired a company that did not help in resolving potential problems attributed to outdoor events. It is precisely where innovative companies such as Strike Visuals can prove to be a life-saver because it offers unmatched expertise, customer service, and a lifetime warranty on its products.

Why Strike Visual is a unique company?

Strike Visual is a unique event management company offering tailor-made solutions to its customers. The products are innovative, cost-effective, and designed to impress. It also distinguishes itself from the crowd by offering the highest quality products at an affordable rate. The price-value proposition is evident from the rave reviews and a Google rating of 4.9 stars. By building strategic partnerships with industry players, Strike Visual has been able to offer some of the best products at a very competitive price – so competitive that other race event companies insist on replicating the value offered by Strike. As a growing company, Strike Visual is striving to reach its full potential, but its products and services have already become an industry benchmark. To enhance customer service, Strike offers additional resources to its customers such as free design services, quick turn-around time, and a best-price guarantee. Some of its most distinguishing features are:

  • Free Design Services: Strike Visual has in-house creative artists and designers who will help create a customized design for specific products free of cost. In addition, every customer is entitled to a product design at only $60 per item, which includes three free revisions. If you have your own creative staff, the management can provide a simple template for you at no additional charge.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Strike ensures that there is always a solution for the customer. As a result, order turnaround time is anywhere from 11 to 14 days. For rush orders, clients can get a product within 6 to 10 days, after the settlement of payment. In fact, the company guarantees that your event will not be delayed due to shipping mishaps and delays.
  • Best Price Guarantee: Unlike traditional guarantees, Strike Visual is confident that its items and customized designs offer an excellent value for outdoor racing events. At the core of its services is the belief the all customers have to maintain a budget, therefore Strike continuously scan market prices to ensure that their clients get the highest quality items at the best possible price – guaranteed.

A Lifetime Guarantee

How many times have you heard an event management company giving a lifetime warranty on their products? Strike Visual is the only company in the industry that is so confident of the quality of its products that it will replace or repair the equipment if it is damaged. In most cases, the quality control department will take photos to properly assess the damage. Actually, it will not be an overstatement to suggest that Strike Visual has revolutionized the industry by standing behind its products and services without excuses. As a result, customers are delivered the highest quality products at very affordable rates, which are designed to impress. Following are some of the race event supplies that you can find on its website:

tannus airless tires custom printed pop-up tent by strike

Tents: To enhance your brand appearance, Strike Visual offers a variety of custom-printed pop-up tents. The tent roof fits the frame perfectly, and there are a variety of bold colors to make your brand stand-out among a sea of competitors. All of the tents will be designed according to customer’s preference. Accordingly, some of the most popular pre-customized designs include 300D Canvas roof with 30mm square tube frame and 600D Canvas with either a 40mm or 50mm square tube frame. For ready-made tents, there are five designs to choose from, which can be improvised using related accessories that include quality multi-tent connector bracket, sandbag weighing kits, and tent-Led lights for added protection.

Table Covers: The entire presentation setup can look bland without an attractive presentation desk. To ensure that your desk is eye-catching, Strike Visual offers three types of table covers to fit your taste. These include shop-fitted table covers, shop-stretch table cover, and shop table throw. As the name suggests, shop-fitted and shop-stretch covers are quality products made to fit the table design. The addition of logo and design also provides a dazzling touch, which should certainly please any visitors. For added convenience, these table covers come with no-slip or a zipper, depending on its utilization.

Flags: There is never a better visual presentation then a beautifully presented flag kit. As flags are often perceived as brand ambassadors, Strike Visual ensures that its customer has access to the most visually appealing flag kit, such as teardrop flag kit, feather flag kit, and the standard rectangular designed flags. Depending on the type of flag kit, the size of the flag ranges from 7 feet high to almost 15 feet high. Additionally, a single flag can use single side printing with a mirror image on the back of the flag. Likewise, you may also have a correct image on both sides or even separate images on double-sided printing. As an attachment, event organizers can select car tire base, cross base, ground stake,

indoor cross base, and a tent flag connector.

trade show booth furniture scaled

Inflatable Furniture: Strike Visuals is proud to offer its range of heavy-duty and sturdy inflatable furniture that can be printed with your own logo. These highly attractive inflatable items will certainly be the highlight of your inventory wherever you go. The store offers ottoman, small tables, chairs, sofa, bistro bar, bistro stool, and a bistro table, which are light-weight and extremely easy to set up. You are no longer required to haul and rent a big truck to move your furniture. Instead, this inflatable furniture can easily fit inside the trunk of your car. The end result is highly-attractive furniture for your outdoor event and hundreds of dollars in savings in truck rentals. The furniture can be used indefinitely for a variety of events, which enables further cost-savings.

Arches: A quality arch is the masterpiece of any race event. Strike Visuals offers high-quality full-color dye-laminated arch that does not fade when exposed to the sun for very long hours. All of the arches are UV and water resistant, which can be used easily in any outdoor environment. As with every other equipment offered by Strike Visual, these arches come with a genuine lifetime warranty. Available in continuous and sealed air types, you have ensured a seamless experience from start to the finish line.

Trade Show & Event Displays: For those who never compromise in quality, there are also a variety of banners, displays, and pop-up walls, among a range of quality event displays. All of these displays are built from extremely durable material, which is always backed up by Strike Visual lifetime guarantee. These displays can be combined with a variety of air dancers, which will certainly make your display prominent. In fact, Strike Visual excels in customizing trade show banners according to customer’s demand so they can get the best product at the best price.

Strike Visuals is owned and operated by two brothers who have extensive experience in arranging trade and racing events. Accordingly, the management understands that every customer has unique requirements that may require extensive customization. Keeping the vision alive, company representatives are trained to offer a customized solution according to the needs of every client. Every customized order is compared against the existing market dynamics ensuring that the client gets the best product at a reasonable cost.

The superior customer service of the company is not only reflected in the after-sales service, but it is also evident in the customer-friendly policies. For instance, a client ordering a single product is treated with the same respect and care as someone buying hundreds of pieces of inventory. Similarly, customer service department ensures that there are no hidden costs, and any costs associated with shipping and accessories are provided up-front. Due to these open-policies, Strike Visual has been generating word-of-mouth from loyal customers who keep on coming back for more. If you are looking for something unique and out-of-the-box, it is time to pick up the phone and see what Strike Visuals can offer you for your next race event supplies.

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