Printed Feather Flags: What You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Printed Feather Flags

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Recently updated on February 14th, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Printed Feather Flags

Over the past few years, fewer and fewer people have been opting for traditional marketing techniques. It’s easy to see why; social media and digital media has seen a massive rise in popularity and many marketers have focused solely on capturing a digital audience.

However, that doesn’t mean that some of the more traditional marketing techniques aren’t effective. After all, just because more and more people are joining social media, it doesn’t mean that they won’t see many of the advertisements in the real world.

Of these techniques, one of the best and more interesting is printed feather flags. These are also known as custom feather flags due to the fact that marketers are able to customize the design and layout of each of their flags.

Keep reading to learn more about the options and benefits of printed feather flags.

When it comes to the likes of event advertising, there are very few types of ads that actually help and show off your business in the right light. However, because of all of their benefits, custom feather flags offer some of the best advertising at any event.

benefits of custom printed advertising flags

Benefits Of Printed Feather Flags

Every type of marketing initiative has its own benefits and drawbacks, regardless of whether they’re on social media or a more traditional technique.

Having said that, there are a number of benefits to using custom feather flags in order to promote your business. This is true regardless of the type of business you are and what kind of customers you’re looking to target.

Lightweight & Portable

Many traditional marketing techniques merely target one group of people in one specific place, such as on a billboard or in a newspaper. Because of that, they’re very limited in their use. However, printed feather flags are lightweight and portable, so they can be brought anywhere in order to promote your business wherever you want.

strike rectangular flag

Many suppliers of these flags also offer carrying bags, so you won’t have to struggle with bringing them from place to place. In terms of maximizing the number of people who will see your ad, this is a definite bonus.

They also don’t need a permanent fixture to keep them in place. This means that you won’t need to use any kind of tools in order to put them up or take them down. Having said that, you do have the option of purchasing additional equipment, like an as a ground stake for outdoor use or a pole and cross base for indoor use.

While these aren’t mandatory, they may provide some extra stability and security for when you have them up.

They Work 24/7

A lot of different types of advertisements have a shelf life. Newspaper ads are only seen on one particular day. Digital ads expire after a few hours. Because of that, your ad will only be seen for a very limited amount of time. With a custom feather flag, however, you’ll be able to keep your advertisement up for as long as you want.

Because of that, you can get a whole lot more bang for your buck. If you want to keep it up for a whole month, it’s not going to cost you extra to do so in the way that many digital advertisements or newspaper ads would. This is especially true compared to digital ads, which are replaced every few hours and which may not even be seen as much as you’d like.

They’re Affordable

Speaking of getting more bang for your buck, custom feather flags are a lot cheaper than many other forms of advertising. While the exact price may change depending on exactly what you want, it’s still less of an investment than other types of advertising.

12' zerorez feather flag

The only type that may be more affordable would be the likes of social media ads. However, these often leave less of an impression on potential customers and may not bring in much business. On top of that, they’re not as long-lasting, which we’ve already mentioned.

On top of being cheaper than most other forms of traditional marketing, when you factor in how long-lasting they are, then it can be an incredible investment. It also gets better when you factor in how portable they are, so you can advertise in a number of different locations over time. This is a major benefit compared to others, which are often just in one fixed place for a limited piece of time.

This also makes them one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. With just one initial investment and no need to replace it regularly, there’s very little cost in purchasing and maintaining the entire advertisement.

They Don’t Take Up Much Space

Many advertisements can take up a lot of space, such as the likes of billboards. Because of their size, there can be a very limited amount of places that you can actually put them. That’s not the case with custom feather flags. Even some of the largest ones are only two and a half foot wide, making them perfect for many small places.

Because of that, if you’ve got a limited amount of space in which to actually advertise your business then these would be the perfect solution. That doesn’t affect the visibility or readability of them, however. Custom feather flags are specifically designed to maximize the amount of advertising space that they have, and any professional will be able to create the maximum amount of impact for their size.

Because of that, they’re not very restricted in terms of where you can place them. As long as there’s not a wall or any other kind of obstacle blocking visibility, then you’ll be able to place them almost anywhere.  This also means that, should you want to put them away for any reason, they’re not going to take up too much storage space.

Easy To Assemble

Speaking of taking them apart, many types of traditional advertisements can be hard to take apart and put back together. This is especially true of the likes of banners, which may need an awful lot of time, effort and equipment to actually put up.

However, custom feather flags are the easiest advertisements to take apart and put up, and you won’t even need any tools to do so. With these, you simply need to telescope the flag parts together and then slide the flag onto the pole kit. Add in the likes of a lock to keep the flag itself in place, and everything is done. Everything you need will come as part of the set, and it’ll only take a few minutes to do.

This also helps with the portability that we mentioned above. After all, something can’t be too portable if it takes a whole lot of time and effort in order to take it apart, move it and then put it back up where it’s needed.

They Can Withstand Most Weather Conditions

feather flags withstanding weather

Feather flags are a great advertisement no matter what the weather. Not only are they rainproof, but because of their design, they won’t get tangled up if there’s a strong breeze. The vast majority are built to withstand almost all of these types of weather, due to the fact that they’re mainly used outdoors.

These kinds of flags have also been referred to as sail flags due to their ability to hold up in a lot of moderate weather conditions. A number of them have also been designed to turn in the wind in order to make sure that they don’t tip over in the wind. On top of a number of other design features, your custom feather flag should be visible in most weather conditions.

However, more severe weather conditions may end up damaging or destroying them, so you may need to keep an eye out for these kinds of events. If there are any major weather events incoming, they’ll be a lot easier to take apart and protect, which is a major advantage compared to many other types of advertisement.

Evergreen Investment

The vast majority of custom feather flags are extremely durable and as we’ve already mentioned, they’ll perform well no matter the weather conditions. Unless you’re advertising something time-sensitive, you’ll be able to use the flag for years to come.

Unlike other types of ads, there’s no need to constantly pay for changes or new ads. A one type investment in designing and creating your custom feather flag means that you’ll end up getting continuous returns over the flags life. Because of their durability, they’ll last longer than the likes of banners, so you’ll end up saving even more in the long term.

Having said that, they may be damaged in severe weather conditions, or the likes of fires or other uncontrollable events. Outside of that, though, you shouldn’t need to invest in a new flag for a long time.


Custom feather flags are also some of the more versatile types of advertisements that you can get. They can be used to promote more than just a sale that your business has on, but can also be used to welcome clients to your premises and more. Furthermore, because of their portability they can be used at the likes of trade shows, concerts and almost anywhere else that you can think of advertising your business.

Coupled with the fact that they don’t take up too much space, then the possibilities of where you can use them to advertise your business with them are almost endless. When it comes to event promotion, not only are these the best but they’re almost mandatory.

There’s also the fact that they can be used either indoors or outdoors, with almost no limitations on where you can put them. Coupled with everything else, then they’re probably the most versatile form of traditional marketing that you could go for.

Printed Feather Flag Options

strike visuals 6-printing style

There are two major options when it comes to designing and printing these kinds of flags; single-sided printing and double-sided printing. Both offer their own benefits and drawbacks, but it’s worth taking a look at what both offer.

While single-sided printing may be more affordable, it does have the drawback of having the design mirrored on the other side. This is a drawback because if someone is on the wrong side of the flag, then they may not be able to properly see and read the information that you want them to.

Double-sided printing helps correct this but also offers a number of other benefits. With this kind of printing, there are two different options. First is having the same design on both sides, which ensures that everyone will be able to see your advertisement no matter which side they’re coming from.

The second option is to have two separate designs on either side of the flag. This means that you can get across more information than you would with either of the other options without affecting the readability of either design. The only actual drawback to this would be that potential customers may have to read both sides in order to get all of the information. However, a high-quality design will entice them to read both anyway.

Types Of Printed Feather Flag Styles

There are a number of different styles that you can get for your custom feather flags, with three main ones providing the best types of advertisements. Having said that, these designs don’t affect the amount of advertising space that you’ll have in the design.

In fact, each offers almost exactly the same amount of space for your ad. The only major difference is in the overall shape of the ad, and choosing one may be down to just a personal decision. Having said that, which one you should go with may also depend on the design of your ad, as some may look better with a particular flag style.

The first is a teardrop design, which offers an appealing overall style to your design. Secondly is one that more closely resembles a feather and the third is a rectangular design. While each of these may affect the overall look of your design, which one to go for may depend on your own personal preference.

There are a number of different sizes that these flags can come in, and many of these can be dependent on which flag style you decide to go for. For example, rectangular flags normally only come in one of three sizes; seven-foot, ten-foot, and thirteen foot. That being said, these sizes are somewhat unique for the rectangular shape.

In contrast, both the feather and teardrop styles have different sizes than the rectangular, although both of them come in the same sizes. These are eight-foot, twelve foot, and fifteen foot. Because of that, you may want to go for one of these styles, so that your advertisement will be seen by people from farther away. On top of that, you should be able to fit more information on these styles due to the fact that there’s some more overall space.

Strike Visuals offers the right selection of custom printed flags for your needs at a valuable price. And… all Strike products come with a lifetime warranty.

Watch this short video where Harry’s custom printed tent gets ruined by a storm and how it gets fixed.

strike visuals tent lifetime warranty

With Strike Visuals, you don’t need to put too much effort into designing the perfect flag. On top of offering a number of free templates for designing your flag, we also offer free design for up to two hours. With that in mind, why not get the best advertisement possible?

About Strike Visuals

About Strike Visuals

Strike Visuals is family-owned and operated in Centerville, Utah. Just north of Salt Lake City. Strike was founded to enrich and elevate the lives of the people that work here and the clients we serve. We serve our clients by creating outdoor event marketing and trade show masterpieces.

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