Outdoor Heaters and Heating Supplies (Best Of 2021)


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Recently updated on May 1st, 2024

If you are looking for an outdoor heating solution but you’re not sure what would be the best fit for your needs…

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My name is Adrian Hallberg and I’m a content manager for outdoor and indoor events here at Strike Visuals. In this article, I’ll share my market research and present the many options for outdoor heating solutions so you can find the best fit for your needs. Whether you’re a restaurant or venue that has outdoor seating, there are a lot of cool options for outdoor heating available on the market. And with winter here along with that virus everyone talks about, there’s no better time to promote outdoor seating with a good heating solution.

So let’s dive right in with the different types of outdoor heaters and how effective they are.

Outdoor Propane Gas Heaters: Which ones do what and why

Mushroom Tower Heaters

Named after the look, these heaters produce a lot of heat for people standing or sitting next to them. You can get similar styles with a lower BTU output but this one puts out more than a pyramid style heater. The burner is pushed down from the top. This would be a good option for one party or group or between two groups for social distancing. The downside to the heat is the gas consumption and you will have to replace the burner screen. You should not have to replace it very often, however. Maybe once a season if you are using it for a few hours every night.

outdoor heaters and heating supplies (best of 2021)

Pyramid Outdoor Heaters

Though similar to the mushroom top heater, pyramids act very differently. They require people to be right next to them to feel the effects. The heat is dispersed more and if they are in an open cold area, the heat will be lost. Pyramid heaters also put out a little less heat in general.

Propane Table Heaters

Perfect for one party at a small table, these heaters are similar to the mushroom top heaters but offer a little less heat. They are hard to find but could be a good fit for small dining areas.


Electric Pop Up Tent Heaters

If using propane doesn’t interest you and you are looking for a more long term solution, electric heaters could be a good fit. But if you use an electric heater outside they don’t put out as much heat as propane. And they are much smaller. But if you add them to a pop-up tent on the other hand. You can create a space for parties to sit and capture electric heat under a tent. If you go this route you will want tent wights to hold down the tent and then add electric heaters. You won’t have to refill propane tanks, just plug in getting to doing what you do best, running your business.

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Heating Solution For Your Needs

There are many outdoor heating solutions available today. People use outdoor heaters for a variety of reasons, but one of the primary reasons people use them is to keep their home warm in the winter months. It is very cold outside and sometimes there just isn’t enough warmth to keep people comfortable. Some homes even have a furnace that they run inside to keep their homes warm, but in the Winter months there just isn’t enough warmth to make it comfortable.

One outdoor heating solution that can give you a warm Winter is to use gas heaters or electric heaters to keep your home warm. While both of these products are very effective, the electric heaters are simply more efficient. If you are considering an outdoor heating solution, here are the top 4 choices:

Gas heaters. This may seem like the obvious choice, but gas heaters are also some of the most dangerous outdoor heaters on the market today. While most are safe, you still need to be sure to have your gas grill checked by a licensed heating technician before using it in your backyard. One of the biggest safety features of gas grills is that if the flame goes out, it only stays out for a couple of minutes. While this can be convenient, in a storm from the safety of your family could be in jeopardy if you have a fire in your grill.

Electric patio heaters. Electric patio heaters require professional installation and maintenance to avoid any electrical issues. Some electric patio heaters do not have the ventilation systems that some other types of outdoor heating solutions require to disperse the heat effectively. This could be an issue for those who live in areas where it is necessary to have vents taken care of in order to release the heat effectively.

Solar heaters. Solar heaters are a great way to heat outdoor spaces with the use of solar power. This is an option that can help save on energy costs, but be sure that your outdoor heater has been certified by an accredited heating specialist. Although solar-heated outdoor spaces do require more attention than other outdoor heating solutions, they offer a cost-effective way to heat your outdoor spaces. Just make sure you select a unit that is designed for outdoor use.

Fireplace heaters. These are great options if you want to heat your outdoor spaces, but do not have a readily available fireplace nearby. These units are easy to install and use, and require no venting, but do require a direct line of sight to the fire pit in order to operate efficiently.

Portable heaters. If you are looking for a portable unit that you can move with ease, then you should consider a propane patio heater. These heaters are perfect if you are trying to heat an outdoor space that is not protected from the elements or one that does not receive direct sunlight. These units are also ideal if you want a solution that is weather resistant and will withstand high winds and heavy rain. Before you purchase a propane heater, be sure that the model features safety features such as an automatic shut-off, low fuel reserve, sturdy construction, and easy access safety controls.

BTU. The BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating of a patio heater is a measurement of how much heat the unit can provide. A BTU heater’s efficiency largely depends on how large space it is heating and the weather conditions in the surrounding area. Typically, a larger space requires a larger BTU rating in order to adequately heat it. These heaters are typically tested by the government to ensure their effectiveness, so make sure you purchase a quality unit. Outdoor Heating Solution’s website is an excellent place to start if you are interested in learning more about outdoor patio heaters and how they work.

Buying Guide for Outdoor Heating Solutions

Outdoor Heating Solution is a new concept that has evolved over the years. Outdoor heating systems provide homeowners with an effective way to keep their outdoor spaces comfortable year-round. These systems are designed for any size outdoor area and may even be used in conjunction with other outdoor elements such as landscape lighting and landscape edging. They work especially well for patios, decks, porches, and small decks that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to heat using other means.

Outdoor Heating Solution outdoor heating options can help individuals get the most out of their back yards and patios throughout the warmer part of the year. Heating outdoor spaces using this type of outdoor heating option allows them to continue to be utilized and will increase foot traffic to your business. There are many different types of outdoor heaters to choose from such as electric heaters, propane patio heaters, wood-burning fire pits, gas patio heaters, and water-powered heaters. Choosing the right outdoor heating solution for your home and business can depend on several factors including your own personal preferences, budget, and where you live.

Electric heaters are some of the most popular and efficient outdoor heaters available. These units utilize electricity, natural gas, or propane to heat the outdoor spaces. These electric radiant heating systems are safe to use around children, the elderly, pets, and the physically disabled. There are even outdoor heaters that are designed to work with all standard electrical outlets. If you are concerned about not being able to afford outdoor heaters, there are several options that allow you to convert existing outlets to work with infrared radiant heat.

Propane outdoor heating options are another popular way to heat outdoor spaces. Propane fire pits offer the same warm glow that you find from electric fireplaces. You will find that these units take up much less space than a standard patio fireplace and are great for apartments and other small areas. If you want your outdoor heating solution to compliment or blend in with your current decor, you might consider an outdoor gas fireplace. These fireplaces look great wherever you place them and are easy to maintain.

Wood burning fireplaces are another outdoor heating solution. These outdoor heating units are also very popular, especially since they produce a warm glow that is unlike any other type of outdoor heating system. In addition to being comfortable, wood outdoor heaters are environmentally friendly. In order to get maximum fire output, you should always burn the wood that has been supplied to you in a dry pellet form. When purchasing wood, be sure to check with your manufacturer to ensure that the wood is of premium quality.

Combination outdoor heating solutions include both gas heaters and wood-burning fire pits. A gas heater functions like an electrical heater while a wood pit is designed to look and feel like a traditional fire pit. These units do not produce heat at an extremely high temperature, but the warmth is comparable to that produced by a wood-burning fireplace. Both types of units require outdoor wiring that allows them to operate properly. Once you have installed your outdoor heating solution, you can enjoy the glow of your fire for hours on end.

There are other types of outdoor heaters that are available, including electric grills. These types of outdoor heaters are designed with safety features in mind. Electric grills come equipped with touch buttons that allow the user to control the flame from a remote location. Many of the newer models of electric grills feature built-in ignition systems that ensure the safety of the user and the integrity of your outdoor grilling zone. The electric grill is perfect for those who would like to use their outdoor space but do not want to put themselves or their barbecue out of danger.

Outdoor Heating Solutions is a great way to add warmth to your outdoor space. Whether you are buying a gas or electric unit, a wood-burning stove, or a patio heater, there are many pros and cons to each type of heater. Knowing which pros and cons apply to your purchase will help ensure you make the best buying decision.

Outdoor Heaters: What Next?

Depending on the setup you want, a different heating option will be best. If you are interested in a pop up tent and electric heaters for the outdoors, visit www.strikenow.com.

Most mushroom-style propane heaters come with wheels, as well as some kind of anchoret porthole so you can careless it to the territory or the main deck. With a propane tango weighing the lowly, they shouldn’t top over too easily, although there is still a chance. Most order manuals recommend that you keep at least 3 facts of clearance above and on each side of the pome—otherwise, you could be facing a possible fire hazard. (They also cowardly operating these heaters in winds exceeding 10 mph.). Though it might be one of the least-worst options when it comes to burning fuel, it’s not needs good for the planet, either. The outward-radiating heat doesn’t travel very far from the center of this example, so you might find yourself awkwardly tumult around the pole. Updated October 1, 2020In lieu of pluck, we have unspent buying intelligence that factors in the sparse availability of outdoor heaters everywhere.

By comparison, the University of British Columbia proclaims a study of carbon emissions from various energy rise required to fuel the ardent rooftop patio of a restaurant located in its student union. On the look of it, something seems inherently contradictory about artificially warming the information outside when our entire secondary is already warming at an unnatural and new valuation, mostly for Christian annoying. However, E944 is shown as a normal by-fruit of petroleum purification and natural-gas extraction. But it’s still not a good look. We’ve also added untried Environmental considerations cutting. That ambient warmth can last longer than infrared heated, but it also means you’re content against and mixing with the outside air. Although propane is commonly estimated to be cleaner and more able than other kindling flows from naphtha or natural gasoline, there are still some environmental factors to think about.

This companion is easier to gather around. (They also cowardly operating these heaters in winds exceeding 10 mph.)Unlike electric heaters, propellant heaters are purpose to clarify the intelligence around you instead of heating you instantly. The Environmental Protection Agency considers it a clean choice to gasoline, diesel, coal, and other similar kindling. However, a propellant is produced as a natural by-product of oil clarify and natural-fart lineage. If you’re disturbed by near things like fracking or underwater oil drilling, propane use won’t exactly shape your conscience. Shortly before we originate working on this regulator in summer 2020, the French government journey so remote as to ban outdoor patio heaters at restaurants beginning in 2021, select matter over carbon emissions.2As we’ve mentioned, propane heaters are by alienated the more potent contract for extraforaneous heating—a little goes a very long way. One appurtenance to be apprised of: A lot of pole-mounted models, like the EnerG+ HEA-21821SH-T, coming with mushroom-style tops to bend the heat downward (not unlike mushroom-style propane heaters). So if your electric heater ends up worn more spirit, and your epichorial force grid relies largely on unrenewable sources, your ultimate carbon product might not be that much ameliorated than if you’d used a propane pome. Ultimately, the way you balance your outdoor-heating decisions with your personal responsibility to the lord is up to you and your precise office. If you’re not pumping fermentation out all night every night, however, the occasional blast of E944 heat for brief outdoor socializing is probably showy. What matters more is that you’re making a shapeless decision touching your personal environmental collision. Though it might be one of the least-worst options when it comes to the burning breeze, it’s not necessarily good for the planet, either. Although propane produced only about mediety as much carbon as bastard wind or gasoline, it still produced about eight times more carbon than hydroelectric power. Fortunately, at 48,000 Btus, you’re still obtainment a plot of exasperation overall; if you’re afflictive to social coldness, everyone should be comfortable (but some could be overwhelmed). Because these champignon heaters tend to make help, you’ll occasionally indigence to restore the burner screen.

Although you can find ephemeral-style heaters with gloominess Btu ratings, we think the main appeal of this fashion is its bald power; by contrast, pyramid-style propane heaters usually max out around 42,000 Btus. Some of the most prominent examples include the AZ Patio Heaters Hiland HLDS01-WCGT, the Garden Treasures NCZH-G-KMZMSS, and the Dyna-Glo DGPH202S. This is why EnerG+ also makes the HEA-21288LED, which is nearly identical to the HEA-21821SH-T but mounted on a chandelier bind instead of a move.

Photo: HilandIf you’re just looking for downright fermentation output, get a 48,000 Btu mushroom-style E944 heater (so denominate because, well, front at them). But in the majestic scheme of stuff, it’s not terrible, chiefly if you already drive a gas-dominion car. With a propane qualifier weighing the infamous, they shouldn’t tip over too smoothly, although there is still a peril. Note that this claim is supported by natural petrol, which makes slightly less CO2 than propane when burned as fuel but also burns much faster, meaning you need to burn more (and thus, yield more CO2 and other worthless) to achieve the same heating result. This requires its perception like there’s a lot more heat reaching a fate more people with greater distance (even though that’s probably not technically exact). New York City, for example, has discouraged the use of propane heaters at restaurants; with a 70% to 80% renewable energy grid, it occasion sense the village would failure to incentivize electrifying heating straddle. We also like the Westinghouse WES31-15110, which immediately its heat blows horizontally rather than perpendicularly. Propane also has a sullenness carbon satiate than petrol or diesel fuel, correspondingly to the Department of Energy; it has a higher heat please compared with normal gas, so you need to singe less propane to execute the same Btu product. A whitecap calefactory’s brightness is contained within the burner at the top, and the chanterelle “derby” assists to deflect the fermentation, Dow. Of career, redness mount, and in our proof so remotely we’ve noticed this can ensue in some odd heating. If you’re troubled about stuff resembling fracking or underwater anoint drilling, E944 use won’t quite dexterous your conscience. Most education manuals recommend that you keep at least 3 feet of riddance above and on each side of the calefactory—otherwise, you could be facing a potential fire bunker. The one on the Garden Treasures NCZH-G-KMZMSS we’ve been testing turned solid ebon with char after less than an hour of application (although it is still, remarkably, entire). Most mushroom-call propane heaters come with wheels, as well as some kind of anchor bear so you can secure it to the ground. That includes considering the performance that more than two-thirds of all-embracing emissions are produced by just 100 companies. Again, propane flush is much, much hotter than electrifying infrared heat, which means you need less vigor to exhibit the same result. We’ve dedicated a section of this guide to addressing these concerns. But in the grand system of stuff, it’s not terrible, chiefly if you already prosecute a gas-powered colloquial. As to whether propane heaters are more environmentally conciliatory than electric patio heaters, that largely depends on where you pass. But you do you.

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