The Benefits Of Outdoor Canopy Tents


Outdoor canopy tents are a great way to help promote and grow your brand during any event.

You may be asking, “Well, how so?”

Custom branded tents can provide visual promotion of your brand if properly executed.

They work great for all sorts of events; Charities, tradeshows, food vendors, sports teams, and many more!

Outdoor canopy tents are both able to advertise your brand while allowing you to use the space within for a wide variety of services.

Such as will call booths, first aid booths, food vendors, rest areas, and so on.

Another great reason for outdoor canopy tents is the ability to provide protection from the elements no matter what weather you encounter.

These are some of the reasons that many brands invest in an outdoor canopy tent before going to exhibit at events.

They are some of the top-selling items when it comes to custom printed products to help market your business.

outdoor canopy tents, The Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Canopy Tents In The Industry (WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY)


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outdoor canopy tents, The Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Canopy Tents In The Industry (WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY)

Where Can I Buy Outdoor Canopy Tents?


Here at Strike, we provide the best outdoor canopy tents available in the industry!

We have taken the time to develop our outdoor canopy tents to be durable, stylish, and affordable for everyone.

We strongly believe that we have perfected our tents from the material we use, frame structure, fabric quality, printing customization, and production time.

This not only allows us to stand out from our competitors but allows us to exceed any business’s expectations.

We fully understand the purpose of our tents and why our clients buy them.

So we ensure that we raise the bar and provide the best tent for their business no matter where their events are located.

We provide a product that we trust in and want our clients to trust them as much as we do.

Therefore, we believe in the quality of our outdoor canopy tents so strongly that we provide the only LIFETIME WARRANTY in the industry.

Yes, you read that right!

The frame and fabric are both covered under our amazing Strike LIFETIME WARRANTY to help your brand look sharp during any event for years to come.


Customizable Outdoor Canopy Tents


No two events are the same when it comes to promoting your business, that’s why we have plenty of accessories for our custom outdoor canopy tents.

Walls are always great for outdoor canopy tents, they provide additional surface area to promote your brand in addition to the fabric roof.

Another great benefit about adding custom walls is that it allows you to have an enclosed area to focus on where your audience traffic comes from.

Plate weights are another great accessory for outdoor canopy tents, especially if your event is being held outdoors.

They provide additional weight to help stabilize your tent during bad weather or strong winds.

Lighting for your outdoor canopy tents of one of the features that most brands overlook when planning their promotional event products.

Strike Visuals Outdoor Canopy Tents


Our custom-printed tents are fully customizable with no additional cost to printing, colors, or designs.

We have a wide variety of sizes to choose from and different tent frame materials to better fit your brand.

Our most popular option is our aluminum outdoor canopy tents, they are affordable and super lightweight.

Weighing only 39 lbs, our aluminum frame is great for brands that travel frequently throughout the years.

Another benefit of our aluminum tent frames is that they will not rust.

They are perfect for brands that usually attend outdoor events since they hold up really well against any weather conditions.

Paired with our amazing weather-sealed, UV-coated, custom printed tent roofs, our tents are made to get your brand noticed for years to come!

Outdoor Trade Show Tents

Magnesium Outdoor Canopy Tents


We developed our one-of-a-kind magnesium tent frame to be the strongest and lightest tent frame in the industry.

Lighter than our aluminum option, they are great for travel and affordable to ship to and from events.

Weighing only 34 lbs, this tent frame is amazing for events that will have a single-person setup.

Our magnesium tent frames are easy to move around making setup and takedown a breeze.

Only available through Strike Visuals, our magnesium tent frame is super durable against anything you put it through.

Since the tent frame is made out of magnesium it allows plenty of flex preventing it from reaching breaking points due to natural weather conditions.

We have pushed it to the limits and realize that our magnesium tent frame is near indestructible!

But if you are able to reach its breaking point, not only would we be impressed but you will also be covered under our amazing lifetime warranty!

outdoor canopy tents, The Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Canopy Tents In The Industry (WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY)

Outdoor Canopy Tents Custom Printed Roofs


Our custom printed roofs are made to last!

They are made out of a tight woven cotton 600d fabric that is weather-resistant, leakproof, and UV coated.

The best part about our tents?

Well, there is no additional cost for the amount of custom printing you want to place on your roof!

That’s right, our tent kit cost includes the custom printing for your tent roof fabric and if you don’t have any current artwork we will create some for you free of charge.

Our amazing designers are able to create some examples of what your end results will look like before event printing!

We are here to make sure that we help your brand gets noticed by being able to properly represent it through our custom printed products.

Once you have created a design that you are happy with, we will send your products over to production and have them ready for you in 2 weeks!

Time is of the essence and we understand that there is no room for mistakes when it comes to meeting event timelines.

That is why we ensure that everything is done correctly and we provide you with a service you are excited about but also have a great experience with our services as well!

Solitude custom strike pop up tent

Strike Visuals Lifetime Warranty


Our lifetime warranty is one of the best you will ever encounter and is one of the main reasons why we have an overall 4.9-star rating on google.

Our products have been trusted by many major brands no matter where their events take them.

When it comes to custom printed tents for businesses, teams, charities, or any type of event, we know we have them dialed in to be great.

Our customer service is also top-notch and allows our customers to be heard!

Through our years of experience, we have the knowledge to guide you down the best path when it comes to custom printed products to get you noticed during your events.

From start to finish we walk things through with our clients to ensure they have an amazing experience and end up with products that best fit them in helping them grow their brand!

Interested in some of our outdoor canopy tents?

Click the link below to browse our amazing selection of tents, flags, table covers, banners, and much more!

outdoor canopy tents, The Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Canopy Tents In The Industry (WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY)


Call today to order your custom branded Strike Tents. (801) 872-4055

outdoor canopy tents, The Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Canopy Tents In The Industry (WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY)