Brewing Success: Strike Visuals Stole the Show at Craft Brewers Conference 2024 with Innovative Displays

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Recently updated on June 10th, 2024

Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) in Las Vegas isn’t just another event; it’s a crucial platform for breweries to tap into trending industry insights and products. As a proud sponsor for five consecutive years, Strike Visuals has been at the forefront, empowering new breweries with custom event displays tailored to elevate their brand presence.

What is the Craft Brewers Conference?

craft brewers conference

The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) is an annual event for the brewing industry organized by the Brewers Association. It offers seminars and workshops on brewing techniques, business management, and sustainability. The event also includes BrewExpo America, a trade show where suppliers showcase the latest brewing products and equipment.

The CBC is also a great place for networking, allowing attendees to connect with other brewers and share experiences. The event features the World Beer Cup, an international competition that awards the best beers in various categories. Additionally, the conference provides updates on industry trends and issues, making it a key event for anyone in the craft brewing industry.

“Our goal is twofold. One is that we want to have that conversation to try to figure out what they are trying to do. Are they growing? Are they opening their doors? The second is, after we follow up, to start working with them to see if we can help them out. So the trade show is kind of a 1-2 punch for us. Let them know what we do, try to figure out what they’re doing, and then start seeing if it’s a good fit after that.”

Dan Klasen – Beverage Federation

Strike Visuals: Proud Sponsor and Industry Partner

Strike Visuals has been a proud sponsor of the Craft Brewers Conference for the past five years. Our deep involvement in the brewing industry allows us to help new breweries effectively represent their brand at various events through our custom-printed event displays. Our sponsorship underscores our commitment to the industry, enabling us to stay abreast of the latest trends and offer tailored solutions to breweries.

As yearly sponsors, we have honed our booth setup to represent Strike Visuals and engage attendees perfectly. Proper logistics are crucial; we carefully plan the transportation and setup of our displays and products to ensure everything arrives in pristine condition. By shipping our products ahead of time, we guarantee a smooth setup process and address any potential issues before the event starts.

“With the help of Strike, we were able to put together some furniture that really fits our brand, shows off our products, and people like it. They’re sitting around and gives a little bit more of a feel for our booth. Makes it more inviting and comfortable.”

Michael Eads – Manager of Trade Shows at Isuzu

Key Products for Breweries

Understanding the importance of brand visibility and customer engagement, we prioritize items like tables, counters, and serving stations. These are essential for breweries to create lasting impressions through product sampling and brand awareness. To address common issues such as spills, we offer innovative solutions like water-resistant table covers and leg extenders to enhance customer and server experience.

5 Ways To Dominate Craft Brewers Conference (CBC)

Setting the Stage: Preparation and Logistics

showcase products

Months of meticulous planning they have culminated in an amazing setup at the Venetian Expo on April 20, 2024. By prioritizing logistics and ensuring the safe arrival of our displays, Strike Visuals ensured a seamless execution. Understanding the significance of showcasing products effectively, we curated a selection that addressed the specific needs of the brewing industry, from spill-resistant table covers to innovative leg extenders.

Crafting Experiences: Engaging Attendees

strike lounge area

Strike Visuals didn’t just set up a booth; we curated an experience. Recognizing the importance of customer engagement, we designed a lounge area where attendees could relax and interact. Every element, from branded inflatable stools to beer can-inspired designs, was a conversation starter, driving interest and fostering meaningful connections.

Seizing Opportunities: Networking and Lead Generation

cbc networking

Strike Visuals leveraged every opportunity to network and build relationships throughout the event. From assisting customers with product setups to engaging with vendors seeking future collaborations, our team remained proactive. By actively participating in registration day activities and fostering discussions with industry stakeholders, we expanded our brand exposure and solidified our position as industry leaders.

Empowering Growth: Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

facilitating knowledge exchange

As the event unfolded from April 22 to April 24, 2024, Strike Visuals continued to shine. By sharing insights garnered from established customers and engaging with newcomers to the brewing scene, we demonstrated our commitment to industry growth. Our dedication to fostering partnerships and facilitating knowledge exchange positioned us as valuable allies for breweries of all sizes.

Looking Ahead: Future Endeavors

The success of Craft Brewers Conference 2024 has ignited our passion for future endeavors. With plans already underway to enhance our presence at the upcoming conference in Indianapolis in 2025, Strike Visuals remains committed to driving innovation, fostering connections, and empowering breweries to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Craft Brewers Conference isn’t just an event for Strike Visuals; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to empowering breweries and shaping the future of the brewing industry. As we reflect on our achievements at CBC 2024, we look forward to the countless opportunities. Join us as we continue to brew success, one display at a time.

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About Strike Visuals

Strike Visuals is family-owned and operated in Centerville, Utah. Just north of Salt Lake City. Strike was founded to enrich and elevate the lives of the people that work here and the clients we serve. We serve our clients by creating outdoor event marketing and trade show masterpieces.

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