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Custom printed Tents and Canopies

magura tents and banners made by strike visuals


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So you’re looking for a custom printed tent or canopy, huh? Well, we’re not going to pretend like there aren’t a lot of options out there. With so many choices and found results from your Google searches, how can you decide and make a commitment to buy?

magura tents and banners made by strike visuals

I won’t tell you what to do or how to decide. What I can do is educate you on all the custom printed tent and canopy options and what works well for certain applications.

This allows you to know your stuff so when you do find a custom printed tent manufacturer you’ll know…

    • What to expect
    • If you can trust the seller
    • If you are getting a good deal
    • What you are getting
    • If it works for your needs

Ya know, the important stuff when buying something.

Let’s dive in.

Since you are looking for a custom printed product, an online solution or a solution from a remote contact would be your best bet over any local place. I have nothing against local buying. We sell to many locals from our HQ near Salt Lake City, Utah all the time. Here’s why an online solution will serve you best.

You can find exactly what you need and compare options to other sellers to get the best price. Simple shopping strategy. You simply have more options online.

Once you order from Strike Visuals, either online or by contacting us by email or phone, a product specialist will be in touch to discuss you artwork.

You can either use our templates to put in your own artwork or use our free designers to help you with designing your tent.

If you are not sure what kind of tent to get, please call a product specialist that will consult you for free. Call (801) 872-4055 and just say, “I need to know about custom tents. Can you help me?” And a friendly person will help you find your solution.

30mm square tube frame 300d canvas roof tent

strike plus tents (side)

strike max tents










Custom printed tents and canopies have several advantages to get customers in your door. Picking a tent is one particular approach to safeguard you, your belongings, and your visitors.

Custom printed pop up tents supply you with the opportunity to define yourself as a very first class business that is capable and professional. If you’re planning a massive event like a huge wedding reception including all the trimmings or a huge family reunion, an 8×8 gazebo will most likely not suit your wants. Take a peek at our collection of advertising tents to use at your next event.

Today, custom wallpaper is the newest craze among people. Poly tarps have been shown to be very helpful to the garden business, especially among landscapers. Lanyards are appropriate for everyday use instead of only for sporting or work-related pursuits.

Custom printed tents aren’t only for large groups or agencies, they are sometimes accomplished independently by request. By the above-mentioned information, it’s easy that you think about that custom-made tent with designs for a critical part in upping your potential. Our collection of materials lets you pick the ideal one for your unique requirement.

Our pop up tents are created from durable materials to make sure they can provide several years of repeated use. Fortunately, all three sized nets include ground-fastening stakes. If you decide on transparent, it is going to be printed on a plain white roll of wrap.

It’s well worth noting that a huge part of the cost involved is related to the high quality, which is why Strike Visuals offers a lifetime warranty on all products. The protection equipment is crucial to the industry as lots of the trucks have open areas where exposed machinery may get damaged as a result of bad weather conditions. Not only are you going to have a one-off tent, but you’re also obtaining a high quality, higher performance tent too.

Digital printing usually means the canopy top’s fabric is fed through a massive printer designed to handle them, leading to a graphic with many colors, gradients, or just a photo. Services in Custom Printing Services in custom printing permits you to be in control of the advanced printing technology by printing out graphics that are rich and vibrant that’s difficult to get by with the type of hardware you presently have. When you’re purchasing tall good color tents from our organization, you’ll have access to any distinct colors.

The highest quality papers are employed in innovative design custom notebook. There are lots of variables in the cost, therefore, I can’t honestly quote accurate rates. There are lots of accessory alternatives offered at a very affordable price tag.

The website is quite clean and simple to navigate. Branding yourself can be simple to do. Promotional products are demonstrated to help you connect with your clients, prospects, and employees.

Coverage area shades as many as five people comfortably. Needless to say, it ought to be stated again to follow instructions for particular approaches to look after your tent and its graphics. Effective protection from the elements and an excellent means to catch attention on a massive area, it’s a must-have for all outdoor pursuits.

The plan is partly influenced by your selection of material. It’s possible that there are better flea markets in your area, which would be well worth checking out. You will have the ability to look at the paper width guides on the faces of the input tray.

Eliminate any protective tape which you put on the awning track. Most vendor tents are created out of polyester. If at all possible, you will want enough room to establish a 6ft (1.83 meters) or 8ft (2.44 meters) table by means of your custom Tablecloth, so you’re able to have the ability to walk around with a coworker or two without feeling overly cramped.

There are a few unique 10 × 10 tents that are produced by individual carpenters. There are lots of uses for gazebos and different styles. You will discover almost five kinds of tent styles.

The weight of a normal Vendor Tent including hardware will weigh a mean of, 5160 lbs based on the extras you receive along with it. One of the greatest means of advertisement is printed balloons. The freight provider may also require more than 1 person to unload the pallet.

If you anticipate participating in a trade show, rally, or a different event in which many diverse organizations are found, setting yourself aside from the crowd is critical. The sole thing that’s a small tricky is the procedure for fulfilling an order from your Shopify store through ArtOfWhere. Then choose what sort of Repeat option you’d like.

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Discount Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booth Inclusions
$460 Savings
$1135 Savings
Pillow Case Wall20’x7′ & 3’x7′ (Double-Sided) (1 each)3’x7′ (Double-Sided) (2) & LED Lights (2)20’x7′ (Double-Sided) (1) & LED Lights (4)3’x7′ (Double-Sided) (2)
Pop Up Bar Display(2)
SEG Kit3’x7′ SEG Light Box (Double-Sided) (1)20’x7′ Back Lit (1)20’x7′ SEG Light Box (1)20’x7′ SEG Light Box (1)
Light BoxLight Box Counters (2)Light Box Counter (1)Light Box Counter (2)
Inflatable OttomanInflatable (2)(1)(1)
TableInflatable Bistro (1)Inflatable Bistro (1)Inflatable (small) (1) & 6ft. Fitted Table Cover (1)
ChairInflatable (2)
SofaInflatable (2)Inflatable (1)Inflatable (1)
Bistro StoolInflatable (3)Inflatable (3)
Arch Entry20’x1′ (2)
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Discount Trade Show Booth

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Trade Show Booth Inclusions 10x10 PACKAGE A10x10 PACKAGE B10x10 PACKAGE C20x10 PACKAGE D
Trade Show Booth Inclusions
$50 Savings
$215 Savings
$585 Savings
$155 Savings
Pillow Case Wall: Straight10×7 (Single-Sided) (1) & 3×7 (Double-Sided) (1)10×7 (Double-Sided) (1)
Pop Up Bar Display(1)(1)
Light Box SEG Kit3’x7′ (Double-Sided) (1)10’x8′ (Single-Sided) (1)
Pillow Case Wall(LED Lights) (4)3’x7′ (Double-Sided) (2)20’x10′ (Single Sided) (1) & 3’x7′ (Double Sided) (1)
Light Box Counter(1)
Bistro Table(1)(Inflatable) (1)
Bistro Stool(2)(Inflatable) (2)
Stretch Fitted Table Cover6′ (1)
Roll-Up Banner Plus(1)
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Race Event Package Inclusions
Dye Sublimation Arch10' (1)15' (1) 20' (1)30' (1)30' (1) & 20' (1)
Flag Single-Sided8' (w/ Ground Stake) (2)12' (w/ Cross Base) (4)
Flag Double Sided12' (w/ Cross Base) (6)12' (w/ Cross Base) (10)12' (w/ Cross Base) (15)
Steel Plus tent10x10 (1)10x10 (2)20x10 (1)20x10 (1) & 10x10 (1)
Fitted Table Cover6' (1)6' (2)6' (HD) (2)6' (HD) (2) & 6' (2)
Sealed Air Dye Sublimation Arch12' w/ Cross Base (4)
Half Wall Double Sided(2)(2)
Full Wall Single-Sided20' (1)20' (1)
Tent Leg Cover(2)(2)
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Aluminum Plus Tent10x10 (1)10x10 (1) 10x10 (1)20x10 (1)20x10 (1)
Fitted Table Cover6' (Common)6' (HD)6' (HD)6' (Common)6' (HD) (2)
Full Wall Single-Sided10' (1)10' (1)20' (1)
Half Wall Double Sided(2)(2)
Square Flag Double Sided10' w/ Cross Base (2)
Flag Double Sided 12' w/ Ground Stake (2)12' w/ Tent Connectors (2)12' w/ Cross Base (2)12' w/ Cross Base (4)
Flag Single-Sided8' w/ Ground Stake
Tent Leg Covers(2)(2)
Tent Rolling Bag(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)
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