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Recently updated on January 18th, 2023

Custom Flags are a fantastic way to help get your business recognized and generate a new stream of potential clients!

And they are great for indoor and outdoor use as well!

Plus, they look great during a wide variety of events, like trade shows, sporting events, retail businesses, and charity events!

Flags are known to be one of the most valuable items used to grow a business. For the price, flags will pay for themselves in no time!

Furthermore, there are multiple options and designs for flags to represent your company to the best of its ability.

So, today we will be going through some of the fantastic benefits and amazing options when it comes to custom flags!

The Endless Design Options For Custom Flags

When it comes to custom flags, the number of design options are close to endless. For example, you can customize the shape of the flag.

There are multiple shapes of flags to choose from, like a teardropfeather, and even rectangular. 

In addition to customizing the shape of your flag, they also come in different height options.

custom flag design options

Choosing the height for your flags depends on what event you will be attending. Taller custom flags will help your company stick out during crowded trade show events.

Likewise, medium-sized flags are a fantastic option for sporting events. They will get you noticed, but there is not much competition where you will need to stand out.

But, on the contrary, smaller flags are great for charity events where you do not need to stand out from any competition!

How Durable Is the Fabric On Custom Flags?

Consequently, the strength of fabric depends on where you purchase your custom flags. The material used varies by company.

In general, many factors result in a durable custom flag fabric.

printed marketing flag

Above all, the thickness of the fabric. The amount of flag fabric is essential since the flag material needs to be able to stand up to heavy winds and weather elements.

Part of this is the constant rubbing of fabric and hardware from the custom flag during heavy and mild winds.

As a result, the fabric needs to be able to withstand the constant rubbing to last more than just a few events. It is especially important if your company attends outdoor activities throughout the year.

Artwork Printing Used For Custom Flags

The printing used for custom flags depends on the material used for the flag fabric. The most common method used is Dye Sublimation.

Dye Sublimation transfers the colored ink onto the fabric through the use of extreme heat.

“Flags are known to be one of the most valuable items used to grow a business. For the price, flags will pay for themselves in no time!”

This process is the best when it comes to coloring fabrics with artworks due to the long-lasting effect.

As a result, the heat stains the fabric allowing it to last through rain, snow, and even extreme heat! 

And it also prevents the colors from bleeding onto each other within the artwork, allowing your custom flags to continue looking sharp and professional through time.

What Is The Hardware Made Out Of For Custom Flags?

The majority of custom flags have hardware made out of fiberglass, due to the many benefits it brings.

Firstly, the lightweight that it provides for the pole makes it easy to transport during events. Lightweight comes in handy for larger companies that will end up needing to carry more than just a single flag at a time.

Secondly, the flexibility that fiberglass provides is super essential when it comes to flag hardware.

custom flags | high quality and best value (lifetime warranty)

The reason for that is because flags will bend and flex during heavy winds, the flexibility will prevent any damage from happening to the hardware.

Thirdly is the resistance fiberglass has against any weather you might encounter during outdoor events or events while storing them.

Due to the material used to make fiberglass, it will not rust. And this is great during any rain or snow you may encounter while you are at an outdoor event.

What Are Some Of The Different Uses For Custom Flags?

As a result, custom flags are a fantastic way to promote your business location, your company at an expo, or team at a sporting event.

Many businesses use them to promote their location, and this works great, especially if the company’s site is near a busy street!

Likewise, you can also use the flags to promote a current sale or deal that is happening at your store.

Both these tactics will help generate a steady flow of customers to your business.

or 2020 trade show visitors

Another fantastic use for flags is trade show events or expos. They help with capturing the attention of the audience attending the event.

And they also help with establishing your companies location amongst a sea of competitors.

For sporting events where there are different booths or many reasons, flags can help you promote your booth’s purpose.

For example, flags can help you visually promote the location of a sign-up booth, water booth, or even a medical booth. And will ultimately prevent confusion for attendees.

Different Custom Flag Attachment Options

As a result of how versatile flags are, there is also a wide variety of flag attachments. Each design to help promote your company or team.

The steel ground stake is significant for an outdoor event, allowing you to stake your custom flag to the ground to keep it in place.

The heavy-duty cross base kit is excellent when you are outdoors with a solid ground surface. It will weigh your flag down to prevent tipping during strong winds when ground stakes are not an option.


Also, the tent flag connector is great for giving your flag maximum height! 

By connecting your flag to the upper portion of your custom outdoor tent leg, it will help any visual distractions that might be in your way.

Carbases are another option to help promote your company! They work great for car dealerships to hold the flag in place with a car tire.

Indoor cross base kits are lightweight and robust. They stand out during indoor events such as trade shows. Holding your flag in place, yet easy to transport and relocate when needed!

Why Strike Visuals Is The Best Option When It Comes To Custom Flags?

We take pride in making sure we provide the best option for any marketing supplies you are looking to purchase. 

And, custom flags are one of those marketing supply items.

Strike Visuals provides flags that are of high quality, made to be used and made to last. Indoor and out.

We have thoroughly tested our flags under different weather conditions to make sure they live up to our customer’s standards!

trade show flags

As a result, the hardware for our custom flags consists of fiberglass and aluminum. Therefore, our custom flags are durable, flexible, and lightweight!

The fabric on our flags is durable as well! We have designed it to be able to withstand heavy winds and exposure to wind, snow, rain, and sun!

Fully customizable, we allow your artwork to stand out with vibrant colors and professional printing!

Strike Visuals Has Your Flags Covered With Our Lifetime Warranty!

We aim to ensure that your flags are in the best shape possible for all of your events. 

Our company understands that both outdoor and indoor events have their challenges!

And it is hard to predict those challenges, especially when it comes to weather.

strike lifetime warranty

We understand that every company is different, so no matter where your event takes you, know that your flags are safe under our lifetime warranty.

Rest assured that we will get your flags back in shape! 

Are you interested in other marketing supplies as well? Make sure to check out our website at for event tentscustom table coverstrade show booths, and many more!

We provide many marketing supplies that will help your company get noticed!

Let us know by commenting down below, how has your company made use of custom flags during your events?

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