Trade Show Events 2022 And What To Expect?

What Should You Expect? Trade show events in 2022 are happening and there are some things you might want to know in order to prepare before attending one! Lucky for you, we have already attended two events during the beginning of 2022 and have some information to share. So although events aren’t fully back to […]


Trade show tents are a great way to promote your brand during any event, this is why they are used by many in order to generate more traffic to their booth! There are many benefits to promoting your brand with trade show tents, such as; 1. Visual Promotion 2. Protection From Weather 3. Easy Of […]

How to Increase Engagement During Trade Shows [13 Top Tips]

The main goal of marketers during trade shows and exhibitions is to increase engage people attending and to start conversations with them. This leads to an increase in sales. To achieve this goal, one must be able to drive positive engagements in a competitive environment. Here are 13 top tips for exhibition services, ideas, and features that will […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Custom Pop Up Tents

Pop-up tents or instant tents can be used indoors or outdoors. You will find custom printed tents at marketing events, trade shows, sporting events and at promotional events. Custom printed pop up tents give businesses an opportunity to promote their brand or services easily during an event and stand out from the crowd. When it comes to choosing the […]

Event Promotion Supply Company (2021 Solution)

STRIKE Visuals: Everyone’s Favorite Event Promotion Supply Company Promoting at your event can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. What you need is an event promotion supply company that you can trust to help ensure you get the best gear for your event needs. From creating a themed display, custom printed tents, or custom printed […]

Trade Show Booth Furniture (How To Stand Out In 2020)

How to Shine at Your Next Trade Show with Custom Furniture ORDER YOUR TRADE SHOW FURNITURE WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY NOW Call today to order your custom branded Strike Furniture. (801) 872-4055 The Center for Exhibition Industry Research stated that… 83% of trade show participants have buying authority while 79% of these visitors typically use events for making […]

Custom Printed Tents and Canopies

Custom printed Tents and Canopies ORDER YOUR CUSTOM PRINTED TENTS WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY! Call today to order your custom printed tents. (801) 872-4055 So you’re looking for a custom printed tent or canopy huh? Well, we’re not going to pretend like there aren’t a lot of options out there. With so many choices and found results from […]

The Best Heavy Duty Outdoor Canopy Tents In The Industry (WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY)

The Benefits Of Outdoor Canopy Tents Outdoor canopy tents are a great way to help promote and grow your brand during any event. You may be asking, “Well, how so?” Custom branded tents can provide visual promotion of your brand if properly executed. They work great for all sorts of events; Charities, tradeshows, food vendors, […]