What Should You Expect?

Trade show events in 2022 are happening and there are some things you might want to know in order to prepare before attending one!

Lucky for you, we have already attended two events during the beginning of 2022 and have some information to share.

So although events aren’t fully back to what they used to be before the pandemic, there is still plenty of great opportunities that your brand can gain from attending some trade show events in 2022.

But also take into consideration that each state has different rules and regulations when it comes to events.

So, some trade show events might be less regulated than others while some may be super strict.

But let’s get into some of the things we noticed while attending both Shot Show 2022 in Las Vegas and Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2022 in Colorado and how you can use this information to prepare for the trade show events you will attend during 2022.

Benefits Of Trade Show Events In 2022

One of the major things that we noticed while attending these events during the beginning of the year is there are fewer brands attending overall.

But this can be a good thing, and let us explain how it worked in our favor.

Since there were fewer people attending overall, this allowed us to connect and spend more time with the brands that did attend.

To be able to generate more personal conversations and spend some time building trust with them is more possible.

And this is what you want during events because that is how you’re able to generate new clients and potential sales.

Another benefit of fewer exhibitors attending overall is that it also helps remove the sense of rush for attendees!

Because there are fewer brands overall they don’t feel like they are tight on time, they are actually able to visit and spend time with brands to get all the information that is needed on their end.

Shot Show 2022

Are Masks Required?

We played it on the safe side and took plenty of masks to ensure that we wouldn’t run into any issues when we arrived.

Most trade show events will specify if they require anyone attending to wear a mask, but the majority of them are leaning more to the “Yes” side.

But aside from requiring masks, some events will contract agencies to enforce that all attendees are wearing a mask at all times which was the case at Shot Show 2022.

Some events may even fine those who attend and do not follow event guidelines when it comes to wearing masks.

So make sure to check with your event prior to attending to make sure that you know what to expect, and how to avoid running into any issues.

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2022

How Are Trade Show Events Adapting To Health Guidelines?

Most events are already implementing mask regulations for their events and will specify where and when you must wear a mask while attending.

But aside from masks, other safety measures have also been implemented such as the following for Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2022;

  • Proper Social Distancing Implementation
  • Catering Regulations To Follow Health And Safety Precautions
  • Hand Sanitization Stations
  • Wider Aisles
  • Masks

The reality of this is that most events will have to follow a specific guideline due to their state regulations.

But they do it with the intention of providing a safe and successful event for the exhibitors and attendees of the event.

Although there have been some changes when it comes to 2022 trade show events, there are still many benefits to everyone that attends in order to gain new connections, grow your brand, or find new companies.

OR 2022

Our Experience As Exhibitors

Overall we feel that these trade show events are super valuable when trying to generate new traffic and grow your brand.

This is the main reason why we decided to attend and also plan on attending future shows throughout 2022.

Granted, regulations may change the further we get into the year, but we don’t see events getting to the point of 2020 chaos.

Our experience has been great with both of these events, we are able to have plenty of conversations and exchange information with the people attending.

People are still fully engaged with interacting with vendors and definitely try to get their money worth from attending these trade show events.

Although the number of attendees and exhibitors is a bit lower than usual, those who do attend go with the mindset of meeting and interacting with everyone there.

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