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Custom Trade Show Booth Design Tips

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Recently updated on May 24th, 2024

A professionally-designed custom trade show booth design makes your products more attractive and appealing to your target audience and potential customers. This makes them more receptive of your offerings.

By utilizing proper design through striking visuals, clear signs, and the skillful use of colors, your booth can be an invaluable tool in helping you achieve your goals at every trade show you attend. This article will discuss trade show booth design tips that can help you stand out.

Why Your Booth Design Matters

The primary goal of any exhibitor in a trade show is to get noticed.

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And because exhibition halls are typically massive, it can be hard to make your brand stand out among the numerous others. As such, it is important to have a clear sight line. Also, put in mind the following tips.

Watch this short video with the 9 tips.

1. Signage For Your Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show exhibits allow limitless creativity and flexibility with signage. You can create a sign of any size or shape using any kind of material. As such, you can utilize a giant sign that is visible from all directions and angles, by suspending it above your booth from the building’s ceiling.

strike stand-up banners

You may also consider freestanding signs or one that is inscribed across all sides of your booth. While you may have limitless possibilities, just ensure that your message is clear and that the sign seamlessly integrates with the rest of the booth’s design.
If you have used your signs for a couple of shows, and they are beginning to show signs of aging, it is time to replace or update them.

2. Trade Show Booth Design Graphics

These are considered by many to be the most important aspect of the booth’s design. High-impact graphics make all the difference when it comes to capturing the attention of the audience and drawing traffic to your booth, versus your booth becoming just another used space on the crowded floor.

3. Utilize Noticeable Colors For Your Booth Design

banners for sports events banner

While it is recommended that your colors be consistent with the rest of the booth’s design, they should also be bright enough to be conspicuous. Neutral or drab colors have the effect of making your booth disappear into the background. If your coloring scheme does not feature bright colors, think about incorporating interesting textures or metallic surfaces.

4. Lighting

The importance of good lighting in your booth cannot be overstated. Just like how good lighting accentuates a home’s design features, the same can be said for a trade show booth which utilizes lighting in unique, creative ways.
Most booths on trade shows, however, often suffer from dimly lit displays. Good lighting allows your visitors to not only notice your graphics but to also brighten essential areas of your exhibit such as promotional materials and product displays.

trade show booth

5. Booth Design Flooring

This is another essential piece of a stellar trade show booth design, yet it often gets overlooked. Good flooring gives off an inviting feel to the booth while providing comfort for those standing in the booth.
Nonetheless, you should avoid generic event flooring or carpeting as it not only comes off as boring but may also clash with your booth’s design. This is why you should go for custom flooring as it complements your design as well as providing comfort to those inside the booth.

6. In-Booth Media

One of the best ways of enhancing the attendees’ experience is by incorporating auditory and visual multimedia elements inside the booth. Utilizing multimedia helps you set the atmosphere while helping you better communicate your messages. Video sharing tips for trade show displays.

You can utilize multimedia devices such as video walls, touch screens, and monitors to support your product demonstrations. Therefore, you will need to think about what kind of multimedia technology will help you the most in selling your offers so that they can be considered during the booth design process.

7. Storage

Storage spaces are essential as they help in reducing in-booth clutter. Also, they offer you a place to store valuable items such as multimedia devices when not in use. There are various in-booth storage solutions you can get, such as lockable counters.

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8. Booth Design Furniture

When discussing furniture, people often think about large pieces. However, trade show booths have limited space, thus, you will have to maximize on the space you are offered. Nonetheless, there are small furniture pieces that can comfortably fit into your booth, making it look bigger and comfortable, thus helping you stand out.

To help you with this goal, consider utilizing inflatable furniture, as it is portable and lightweight. These pieces allow your visitors to have comfortable seating while browsing through your offerings.
Their inflatable nature means they allow you to carry them in manageable sizes. The following are some of the best inflatable furniture options that will help you in promoting your brand:

  • Bistro table. This allows you an extended space for displaying your offerings or even providing your visitors with beverages. That space also allows you to showcase your company logo.
  • Bistro Stool. While most booths will have their guests standing, bistro stools will give your audience a place to rest while sipping on a beverage.
  • Bistro bar. To complement the bistro experience, consider having a bistro bar. This allows you to create a trendy seating arrangement.
  • Sofa. A custom sofa not only offers a very comfortable place for your audience, but it can also help in promotion as it will have your logo and other business details all over it. Additionally, it is durable enough to be placed outside the booth.
  • Ottoman. These are the easiest type of furniture to assemble. They are stylish, durable, and can be change covers when need be. Thus, they do not only give comfort, but also help in brand promotion.
inflatable furniture made to last

9. Engaging Activity

One of the most underutilized trade show strategies is to include some kind of engaging activity for people who visit your booth. Think of games of all kinds, and don’t be afraid to get crazy. It might be gimmicky but if it gets people to participate, engage with you, and have fun interacting with our brand, then it should be your A player in the booth.

If people leave feeling happy and having had fun, that is never a bad thing.

Here are two ideas that I’ve had great success with in the past at multiple shows.

Industry quiz game: Make a quiz on a laptop that is related to the industry of your target audience or that is related to your industry. You can even set it up to ask for a name and email before playing, which is a great way to capture leads.

Airzooka for Cash: That’s right, get $100 of one dollar bills, an airzooka, and set up 5 plastic cups like bowling pins on the end of a table. Let people shoot air at the cups and give them a dollar for every two they knock over.

This idea might sound crazy, but people absolutely love it. Then tie the activity into your services somehow. A generic headline to advertise the game that will work in almost every booth scenario is something along the lines of, “Blast the competition away,” or, “Shooting down the competition.” Think of a verb that can connect your service to the activity.

trade show give away

Trade shows give you the opportunity to present your company. Thus, you need to ensure everything is top-notch. This means having a stellar booth design that stands out from the rest. The above trade show booth design tips will assist you to achieve that goal.

Nonetheless, since you will have a lot on your hands, consider working with a professional and experienced trade show design firm. This ensures that all aspects of your booth are tailored to meet your goals.

Thanks for reading.

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