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High quality custom pop up canopies with industry only lifetime warranty.
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Custom Pop Up Tents That Will Last a Lifetime

STRIKE custom pop up tents create a branded space that helps your business stand out while providing shelter for your team and a welcoming space for your customers. Easy to transport, set up, and take down, our custom tents are your secret weapon to making a powerful impression at any event.

Comparison Of Different Types Of Custom Printed Tents

When you’re ready to elevate your brand, where do you even start?
The answer is with a custom pop-up tent frame from Strike Visuals. Choose from several different materials such as steel, aluminum, or the industry’s only magnesium tent frame. All are backed by our lifetime warranty. Each panel of your tent canopy can be customized with your design, for a completely unique product that can help you stand out at every event.

Why Custom Pop Up Tents?

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Brand visibility and promotion

When promoting your brand, a custom canopy tent helps you put a spotlight on your business. Stand out from the competition with your company logo, colors, and message placed front and center on a custom tent canopy. Branded pop up tents draw attention and drive traffic to your booth.
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Durability and

A STRIKE custom pop-up tent is a long-term brand asset. Our custom canopy tents are tough and built to last, and can withstand harsh wind, rain, or sun. No need to worry about wear and tear; they’re designed for the long haul and include our Lifetime Warranty.
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Flexibility in size and features

STRIKE custom pop up canopy tents come in many sizes, and can be tailored to any use with custom accessories. If you want to grow your event branding presence, consider our packages to include other custom printed products flags, table covers, inflatable furniture or archways.

Why choose Strike Visuals?

Vibrant Printing

High quality full-color custom dye-sublimated printing.

Commercial Grade Frames

Built to Last STRIKE Magnesium or Aluminum frames are engineered for excellence.

Premium Fit + Finish

Elevate your brand with premium materials and a polished appearance.

Easy Setup + Takedown!

Effortless event preparation and teardown made simple.

Additional Features


Setup Time
5 Minutes



No Tools




Types of Custom Pop-up Tents

Standard & Custom Pop-up Tent Sizes

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Strike Custom Pop-up Tent Frame Materials

Strike Visuals has 4 amazing custom popup tent frame options. 3 options available in our durable 40 mm Hex frame shape, and 1 option
available in our indestructible 50 mm Hex frame shape. Our first option is Strike Steel Tent Frames, which are available in both White or
Black. Our most popular options are Strike’s Aluminum Tent Frames, which come in a brushed Aluminum color finish. Our best option is our
Strike Magnesium Tent Frame, available only at Strike Visuals, which comes in a dark gray shine finish. A premium option is our Strike
Aluminum 50 mm Tent Frame, which comes in a brushed Aluminum color finish and is nearly indestructible!

Most Popular

custom pop up tent aluminum tent frame 40mm

Aluminum 40mm
Tent Frame

The 40mm Aluminum tent frames are known for their durability and versatility. Lightweight and rust-resistant, the aluminum frame provides a reliable foundation for custom pop-up tents, making them suitable for various indoor and outdoor events and promotions.

The Best

custom pop up tent magenesium frame 40mm

Magnesium 40mm
Tent Frame

Magnesium 40 mm tent frames are engineered for maximum strength and stability. While these custom canopy tents are 35% lighter than Aluminum frame and 50% lighter than Steel, they’re an ideal choice for businesses seeking a sturdy yet lightweight frame for custom pop-up tents for outdoor events.

Premium Tier

custom pop up tent aluminum frame 50 mm

Aluminum 50mm
Tent Frame

The 50mm Aluminum tent frame is a robust and reliable shelter solution that excels in any event setting, from trade shows to outdoor celebrations. They say aluminum frames are an excellent choice for businesses that require a heavy-duty and long-lasting frame for their custom pop-up tents and can be partnered with other event signage

Strike Custom Pop Up Tent Roof Material

Here at Strike, we aim only to provide the best of quality when it comes to all of our products.

Which is why we use heavy-duty canvas material for our custom pop-up canopies. We also use the best quality of printing available in the industry, dye sublimation printing, which provides vibrant colors and fine detail printing while preventing color fading and color bleeding.

Strike Visuals has 3 great options for custom popup tent canopies, first is our most popular, 500D dye sublimated tent roof. Second options are our Eco friendly Recycled Material tent roof, made out of 100% recycled plastic, and the last option is the Basic our Blank Pop up Canopy.

blank pop up canopy

Pop Up Canopy

Business can use them as a cost-effective foundation to showcase their unique identity and message. Choosing a blank pop-up tent gives them the freedom to apply their branding and designs as needed to effectively represent their image. Versatile and budget-friendly, they’re a good option for businesses looking to make a statement at events, trade shows, or outdoor promotions by putting their own branding on their custom canopy tents.
500d dye sub pop up canopy

500D Dye Sub
Pop Up Canopy

The 500D Dye Sub is made up of Cordura Nylon fabric, known for its extreme durability. It’s an excellent choice for tents with longer shelf life and can withstand harsh conditions. To add, its special dye sublimation printing process makes colors last longer, even under the sun.
600d recycled plastic dye sub pop up canopy

600D Recycled
Plastic Dye Sub

From recycled plastic bottles, 600D Recycled Polyester fabric helps the environment by reducing pollution. Their strong material can handle severe outdoor conditions. Plus, its water-resistant feature makes it great for tents while being eco-friendly. It has top-notch printing quality enabling businesses to display colorful and detailed designs while being environment-friendly.

Custom Pop Up Tent Accessories

When providing high-quality custom pop up tent frames and canopies, we wanted to make sure we have amazing accessories to math them! Strike Visuals have a wide variety of custom pop up tent frame accessories to help your tent frame stand out while promoting your brand to the best of its ability. From unbreakable tent stakes to custom printed back walls to math your canopy, build your custom pop-up tent to represent your brand!

custom pop up tent plate weight

Tent Plate Weights

These essential accessories add stability and safety to your custom pop-up tent, especially at events with heavy winds. Often stackable and easy to attach to the tent’s frame, tent plate weights offer a secure and reliable solution to keep your tent on the ground.
custom pop up tent half wall

Tent Half Walls

A more open and versatile design branded canopy tents, these accessories allow you to partially enclose your tent while maintaining visibility and accessibility. Tent half walls balance privacy and engagement with your surroundings, making them ideal for events where interaction is crucial.
custom pop up tent full wall

Tent Full Walls

These versatile full tent walls provide a full range of additional protection, privacy, and branding opportunities for your custom tents. Customizable with your chosen custom graphics, and messaging, tent full walls add a professional touch to your tent while remaining appealing and weather-resistant.

custom pop up tent lights

Tent Lights

These accessories are essential to ensure your space remains well-lit during events held at night or in low-light conditions. Tent lights enhance visibility and create a welcoming atmosphere. They come in various options to offer the best lighting solution to complement your tent’s aesthetics and function requirements.

Most Popular Custom Event Tent Packages

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Effortless & Budget-friendly

Experience an effortless and budget-friendly event setup with our all-inclusive bundle. Promote your upcoming event and presence without breaking the bank – it’s the ultimate solution for an impactful and cost-effective presentation.
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A Client Favorite

Discover why our client-favorite package is a top choice for enhancing your event presence. Elevate your branding and create a lasting impression with this all-in-one solution that combines quality and convenience for your next event.
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Complete Branding Solution

Unleash the power of complete branding with our all-inclusive solution. Boost your brand visibility, create a cohesive and professional look, and make a memorable impact at your events with this comprehensive branding package ready to showcase your identity in style.
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Weather-ready & Simplified Setup

Experience weather-ready and greater durability and a simplified setup with our all-inclusive package. Elevate your event presence with ease, no matter the weather, and make a lasting impression with this efficient and weather-resistant solution.
bevnet fully custom printed tents package b

Elevate Your Outdoor Presence

Take your outdoor presence to new heights with our comprehensive package. Elevate your branding, create a cohesive and professional look, and leave a lasting impression with this all-inclusive package that ensures your presence to stand out.

Designing Your Custom Tent

When providing high-quality custom pop up tent frames and canopies, we wanted to make sure we have amazing accessories to math them! Strike Visuals have a wide variety of custom pop up tent frame accessories to help your tent frame stand out while promoting your brand to the best of its ability. From unbreakable tent stakes to custom printed back walls to math your canopy, build your custom pop-up tent to represent your brand!

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Choosing colors and graphics

The first step in designing your custom tent is picking the right colors and your own graphics to represent your brand style and message. Choose colors that match your brand or event theme. You can decide whether you want a bold, eye-catching look or a more subtle and elegant one.

incorporate logos or branding

Incorporate logos or branding

Next, you want your logos and branding to help people recognize and be familiar with your brand at events. Choose where you want to place it as this will help you make a strong impression and promote your brand.

selection of materials

Selection of materials

Now, select the materials you want your custom branded canopy tents to be made from. It should be appropriate to the weather conditions where your custom branded canopy tents will be used. Picking the proper materials will ensure your custom canopy tent's longer durability.

considerations for different climates and conditions

Considerations for different climates and conditions

Finally, think about where you'll use your tent. Considering the climate and weather conditions will help you select the best materials and features to ensure your tent remains functional and comfortable regardless of the weather or location.

How to care for and maintain your custom tent

cleaning and storage

Cleaning and

To properly store your customized pop-up tent, ensure it’s dry before folding it. Keep your tent in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources. Instead of folding a damp canopy, dry it indoors or with a fan to prevent mold growth. 

Avoid washing machines, dryers, and abrasive cleaners when removing dirt, as they can damage the fabric. Instead, gently rub stained areas with a soft sponge and mild soap to prevent overworking the seams. Also, clean zippers and tracks to avoid dust buildup and damage.

repair and replacement

Repair and

Sometimes, wear and tear happen in your tent. To fix small tears or damage, you can use a repair kit to mend minor issues. You can use a strong thread and needle to sew it back along the original path and then apply multiple layers of seam sealer for waterproofing. 

In the case of a tear on the tent wall or roof, clean the area with water or rubbing alcohol, and use duct tape to cover the damaged area, allowing it a day to adhere securely before using or packing the tent. These simple steps can help mend common tent tears and maintain their integrity.

longevity tips


Avoid leaving your custom tents in harsh weather conditions for extended periods. Regularly inspect the fabric, frame, and components for any signs of damage. Also, be cautious when setting up to avoid sudden jerks or overextension, which can damage the tent frame. 

Finally, choose the right custom canopy tent size and materials for the specific use and environment. Taking these steps will ensure your custom canopy tent last for many successful events.

Things to consider when ordering a custom tent

size requirements
Size Requirements
When ordering a custom tent, it’s crucial to determine the size you need. Consider the space available at your event and the number of people or displays you want to accommodate. Accurate size requirements ensure your tent fits perfectly and serves its purpose effectively.
budget constraints
Budget Constraints
Your budget plays a significant role in your custom tent choice. Define a clear budget limit and stick to it. This step helps you lessen your options and ensures you don’t overspend. Remember that while cost is essential, you should also consider the tent’s quality and features fit for your budget.
longevity tips
Lead Time and Delivery
Plan ahead and consider lead time – how long it takes to design, produce, and deliver your custom tent. Make sure the delivery timeline aligns with your event dates. Rush orders may incur additional costs and limit design options. A well-planned lead time allows for timely delivery and avoids last-minute hassles.
warranty and after-sales services
Warranty and After-Sales Service

A product or service warranty assures you of the product’s quality and the manufacturer’s confidence in their work.

Good after-sales service ensures you can get help or replacements when needed, ensuring a hassle-free experience with your custom tents.

Interested In Our Custom Pop Up Tents?

Custom pop-up event tents are invaluable assets for businesses and event organizers. They offer brand visibility, unique design, durability, and flexibility tailored to their specific needs. These custom canopy tents play a huge role in elevating event presence and promoting businesses effectively.

Their versatile design, customization options and weather-resistant features ensure adaptability across various climates and conditions. By investing in customizable pop-up tents, organizations secure a compelling and durable solution for events, trade shows, and outdoor promotions, cementing their identity, attracting attention, and leaving a lasting impression.

Are you decided to stand out at your next event?

Frequently Asked Questions

The widely used custom printed canopy size is 10 x 10. This 10 x 10 canopy tent applies to almost all custom printed pop up tent models and structures like frame, inflatable and pop-up tents. Other common sizes include 10 x 15 and 10 x 20 canopy tents.
There are several choices you can use for your tent fabric. Among the most common tent fabric choices are Polyester, Nylon and Canvas. However, 600D polyester is a great fabric choice for custom printed outdoor pop-up tents that need to be used frequently and are exposed to harsh weather conditions.
Nylon and polyester are both water-resistant. But with polyester, the higher the thread count, the more water-resistant it becomes. Yet these materials still need special coating materials as they aren’t fully waterproof.

Custom canopy tents, often known as custom tents or customized pop-up tents, are easy-to-use tents that you can quickly set up and pack away. They’re perfect for events like trade shows, festivals, and sports events.

The “pop-up” indicates their fast setup. These tents have an aluminum frame that supports the structure. The canopy, often custom printed with unique graphics, logos, or custom graphics, attaches to the frame to provide shade and protection.

You can order these tents with various custom graphics, making them an excellent tool for promoting businesses or events. They come in different custom tent sizes, with options for tent walls and different pop-up tent models. Transporting them is a breeze, as they easily fit into a carrying bag or case.

Absolutely! When you purchase any of our custom canopy tent models, free custom design assistance is included.

Our dedicated team of graphic designers is here to help. They specialize in making your custom tent stand out, perfectly capturing your company logo or other event signage. Their expertise ensures each design shines, whether it’s on tent walls, half walls, or full walls.

If you’re the hands-on type and want to design on your own, no problem! We provide easy-to-use templates tailored to the tent size you choose. This commitment is part of our dedication to offering the best custom printing options available.

All our pop-up tent models are more than just shelters. With cutting-edge frames, like our robust aluminum frame, they’re direct reflections of your brand. Our state-of-the-art production facility handles all custom printing and design with precision. From a custom design to custom printing and other event signage, we ensure every detail is perfect.

At Strike Visuals, we offer a simple promise: there are almost no limits when it comes to colors or logos for our custom tents. This includes our custom canopy tents, pop-up tent models, and more.

Our team specializes in custom printing. From the tent walls to the aluminum frame and even the tent leg, we ensure your vision stands out. Whether you want a customized canopy with your company logo, full walls with a unique design, we’ve got you covered.

Need help or have questions? Email us at Our friendly staff will guide you through all our customization options.

When you order a custom tent or custom canopy tent package, our production facility usually takes 11-14 days (most products). This is the time from when we approve your custom design and receive your payment until we finish the product. We focus on every detail, ensuring top-notch quality on tent walls, half walls, and and other accessories you might need.

Need it faster? We offer a rush option. For an added fee of $150 or 15% of the total order (whichever is higher), we’ll speed things up and guarantee delivery in 6-10 days. This includes all customization options, like tent size, tent frame, and other custom printed event signage.

In short, whether you’re getting a promotional tent, pop-up canopy tent, or a full tent package, we promise quality and timely delivery.

Pop-up tents are used in many places outside. They’re popular at outdoor events like festivals, concerts, and fairs because they give shade and keep out rain. Campers like them because they’re light and easy to set up. They’re also handy at the beach to provide shade and block strong winds.

For sports fans, these tents are great for events like soccer games or tailgate parties. In the business world, especially at trade shows, custom printed tents with company logos really stand out. They help businesses show off what they sell. Some tents are made from a strong fabric called high-quality polyester canopy. There are also special add-ons, like tent accessories or custom walls, to make the tent even better. Whether it’s for a backyard party or a big business event, there are different tent packages to fit the need. So, pop-up tents are a top choice for many outdoor activities and events.

Trade shows require the right tents. Pop-up tents are popular because they’re easy to set up and take down. You can customize them with unique logos and branding. Many exhibitors prefer this style.

Inflatable tents are lightweight with a unique shape. Setting them up is simple. They can also be tailored with custom designs. This makes them a favorite for many.

Pole tents have a classic look with a fabric roof and center pole. They’re best for larger booths. Their design gives a traditional vibe.

Frame tents come with strong aluminum frames. They’re great for outdoor events. You can brand them easily with custom printing options.

Pagoda tents have pointed roofs and stand out at high-end events. Canopy tents, on the other hand, are open-styled, perfect for outdoor shade. Both can be personalized with designs, making them versatile choices.

When choosing a tent, think about size and design. Consider options like full or half walls. The right tent ensures your booth stands out. Custom designs can make your brand shine even brighter.

Custom tents, particularly those like custom canopy tents, offer high-quality promotional benefits. These tents employ a dye-sublimation printing technique, resulting in vibrant colors that make your tent stand out.

A basic custom event tent starts at $1,800 for a medium-duty model. For a heavy-duty model, you can expect an average cost of around $3,000. The size and the complexity of the custom printed design play a role in determining the final price.

Additional features can also impact the cost. Furthermore, tent packages, which may bundle items like the pop-up canopy tent and other custom branded materials, offer a comprehensive solution but might influence the total cost.

Remember, prices might vary based on the production facility’s capabilities and the specific customization you desire. In the end, the price reflects the features and quality you opt for.

Choosing the right location is the first step. Set up your custom tent or custom canopy tent in a sheltered spot to enhance stability.

Canopy weights are essential. Designed specifically for tent legs, they provide extra anchorage. Especially if your tent has an aluminum frame, these weights can be a game changer.

Stakes and guy lines add another layer of security. Attach guy lines to your pop-up canopy tent’s corners or sides and secure them into the ground. They help distribute wind force and keep the tent grounded.

Customization can also play a role in stability. Many custom event tents offer features designed for added resistance against wind. For instance, some tent packages might include special stakes or an added half wall. Also, custom printed canopy tents, with the right designs, can distribute wind load better.

In short, with smart design, your promotional tent can stand firm and look great.

Pop-up tents, especially custom tents and custom canopy tents, use a mix of materials tailored for different parts.

Frames: The frame is essential for the tent’s structure. Lightweight aluminum is a popular choice, balancing strength with portability. Steel, another option, is sturdy but needs coating to prevent rust. For those wanting flexibility, fiberglass is ideal, as it can bounce back after bending.

Canopies: Canopies are the protective covers. Polyester is commonly used because it’s durable and water-resistant. Nylon, another choice, is light and water-resistant but might wear out faster in strong sunlight. Polyethylene offers sturdiness, and canvas, though heavier, adds a touch of luxury and naturally repels water.

Floors: For tents with floors, waterproof polyethylene is common. Nylon, when given a water-resistant treatment, also works well, being both durable and light.

Special Coatings: Many tents get extra coatings for added protection. Polyurethane (PU) and silicone are often applied to enhance water resistance.

Customization is a growing trend in today’s market. From tent legs to half walls, there are numerous options to make the tent unique. Customized tents, with their variety of features, ensure that users get precisely what they want, tailored to their needs and preferences.

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