Experience the Value of Printed Promotional Umbrellas for Your Event

Umbrellas are a necessity, especially in areas where it rains a lot. If you have an upcoming event, you may not think about umbrellas as a tool to promote your event. However, they are steadily becoming one of the most effective methods to heighten the interest in your product or brand.

Printed Promotional Umbrellas


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Promotional Umbrellas, Printed Promotional Umbrellas | Lifetime Warranty (2021 Solution)

You may not think about it but printed promotional umbrellas are extremely useful, just like their traditional version. They are available in various shapes and sizes, along with colors and designs that match your event. While it may not be a huge deal, these umbrellas are more helpful than most other items used in promoting a product launch or a business.

Think about it: when you give an umbrella away, the receiver may most likely keep it. He or she will bring the item outdoors, whether it is rainy or sunny. Other people will see the printed design, which can have your logo in it. Without you know it, the person who took the umbrella is supporting your company. Plus, the longer he or she keeps it, the higher the possibility for your business to be remembered.

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The Benefits of Using Printed Promotional Umbrellas

If you ask field marketing gurus today, they will agree that promotional umbrellas are among the best ways to endorse your brand. There are a few significant ways to ensure a particular promotion channel works, which include value, longevity, visibility, and use. All these qualities are present in promo umbrellas. Here is a more in-depth look at how beneficial these umbrellas are for your business:

High perceived value

When you have a good umbrella, it becomes invaluable to you, particularly when you need it. Just imagine being outside and the rain is pouring. You cannot go to your car without getting drenched. In some occasions, you may be fine with that but you do not want to get wet when you have an important event to go to.

6 panel custom printed umbrella Anywhere in the world, people will happily purchase a quality umbrella for more than $30. Despite the additional expense, they know they will be satisfied with the product simply because it will deliver several years of service.

It becomes even better if the umbrella has your company’s name on it. Giving away umbrellas for your marketing campaign will stimulate people to think that your company offers high value and appreciates its customers.

Long life

A promotional umbrella, as long as it is well-made, can last for years. Dye sublimation printing will also keep the logo and the whole print impeccable even when exposed to high temperatures or rainwater. You will surely benefit from the longevity of the item because it also preserves your campaign or promotional message.

Over the course of the umbrella’s life, you get to expose it to hundreds of people, particularly if you bring it with you whenever you go out.


Umbrellas are visible, thanks to their colors and size. Often, companies would utilize the biggest size to cover a big portion of their booth during an event. With the huge space for printing, you can add your logo, along with your marketing message.

Another great thing about these promotional umbrellas is that they stand out in the crowd. They are colorful and unique in design, which makes them noticeable when you place them among black and dull-looking umbrellas.

Promotional Umbrellas, Printed Promotional Umbrellas | Lifetime Warranty (2021 Solution)What to Look For

The advantages of using umbrellas to promote your company during an event are priceless. However, not all printed promotional umbrellas work the same. There are a few things that will affect the overall impact of this promotional item. Before you decide to use it as part of your marketing efforts, here are some basic considerations to bear in mind:


Most of the time, you are free to choose the material for the advertising promotional umbrella for your event. However, what truly matters is that it is a quality umbrella made from reliable materials. Your aim is to make a long-lasting impression, which you can only successfully impose if you have a sturdy promotional item.

Some parts of an umbrella that requires your attention are:

Frame: One popular option is a frame made of iron because it does its job without adding to the costs. However, it is not as durable as wood. Unfortunately, wood is not suitable if you want a foldable promotional umbrella. Aluminum is a favorite, especially those who are not concerned with the price but want a strong item that they can use.

Fabric: Custom promotional umbrellas are not just for promoting your brand. They also perform their job of shielding the user from the sun or rain. Fabric makes up the umbrella’s canopy and the most commonly used is polyester. However, nylon is slowly becoming a favorite, although you can take it a step further by having the fabric coated. This process helps it last longer and resist pressure due to constant use.

Handle: You may not think about it but handles do matter, especially if you want a handy promotional umbrella. You can select from different materials, such as wood, rubber, plastic, or aluminum.

Since the materials can vary, you should be able to ask the manufacturer for assistance to determine the best option for you.


Printed advertising umbrellas are visually stunning

Promotional umbrellas can be used as gifts or giveaways during an event. It is therefore important that you consider their visual appeal. In a way, these promotional umbrellas represent your business, so they should capture the spectators’ attention.

You can choose fascinating colors or shining hues that will surely make the passersby glance more than once. It helps if your logo combines striking colors but such is not a requirement. The beauty of these promotional umbrellas is that you can personalize them according to what you believe looks great


Some people may not be too happy with bright colors while others do not like gloomy hues. You can consider your target audience, so you can select a design that matches the tastes of your intended customers. This way, they may start using the umbrella on a daily basis.

Aside from print and design, it should also be usable. High-quality umbrellas prompt your potential customers to utilize the promotional umbrella frequently while feeling proud as they walk with it. You can choose an umbrella with a two-ribbed canopy, storm or windproof qualities, automatic opening mechanism, and lightweight construction.


Always put the promotional umbrella’s available space to good use. Since there is a huge area to fill, you want to use most of it, if not all. When having the customized items printed, be sure that you have all the essential elements in your design. These things include your company logo, punch line or slogan. You can also add a bit of company information, such as your office location and phone number.


It is rare for printing companies to provide a lifetime warranty. Such an offer gives you the peace of mind that you have a high-quality promotional item that you can rely on for many years. With proper storage and use, you can keep reusing the umbrella for your events.

Plus, dye sublimation can help maintain the crispness of the pictures, logos, and other printed elements on the promotional umbrella. Such printing techniques can combat harsh conditions, such as UV and water exposure.


Heat transfer: This method involves transferring a pattern using heat to a substrate. A heat press machine can help businesses produce plenty of finished products quicker than most other printing devices. This technique is helpful for multicolored printing and even photographic materials.

As with different methods of printing, there are also varying ways to use the promotional umbrella. You can give it as a gift whenever a customer buys your product. Special promotions typically boost sales and umbrellas as free gifts will make the deal even better.

The promotional umbrellas can also be used as a giveaway after a trade show. Guests, clients, and even your employees will remember that you offered them a quality item. In the short term, this tactic may not bring in revenue for your business. However, these people will remember your company for future reference, which will help increase brand awareness and sales in the time to come.

Without a doubt, promotional umbrellas are essential in times of unforeseen weather. They are practical, useful, and best of all, effective in helping you achieve your marketing goals.

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Promotional Umbrellas, Printed Promotional Umbrellas | Lifetime Warranty (2021 Solution)