How to Stand Out at Events Using Custom Printed MVP Visuals

MVP Visuals, MVP Visuals


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MVP Visuals, MVP Visuals

Participating in large scale events like conventions is a great way to boost your business. You need to apply for a permit so that the organizers can allow you to set up your booth for the event. Many business owners are working with third-party companies to create a custom printed visual that will be used on the tent, the table cloth, and everything that will be needed for the event. A successful event will bring in a lot of people, and be prepared to meet many individuals who might develop an interest in checking your booth. These are the tips that you need to remember whenever you are attending a large-scale event and how you can stand out in these events.

Create a beautiful logo print for your tent or your tablecloth

The logo is one of the first things that the people will notice about your booth. You need to print a large-sized logo that will be placed on the tent or the table. You can work with a professional graphics designer to create a logo for you, and it should look clean and clear on all sides. Make sure that your logo would look memorable to everyone, and it should have a distinct design that highlights your business. You need to work closely with the graphics designer and tell them if there should be any revisions on your work. You should tell them what you wanted while respecting their suggestions in creating the logo as professionals who have studied art and design.

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Add your business website underneath the logos

Once a logo has been created, make sure that you will be including the business website on the tent and the tablecloth that will be used in the event so that more traffic can be generated into your website. Use large letters when designing the business website, and make sure that it can be read by people who are standing six to seven feet from your booth. The domain name should also be memorable, or unique, to get their attention. The domain name should also be printed in all of the giveaways that you will be provided to encourage the people to check out your website. Creating a domain name can be tricky because the name that you wanted might have been taken already. Use your creative mind and try to make an easy to remember and catchy domain.

Consider the color of the tent and the tablecloth

The color of the tent and the tablecloth should contrast with the logo and the business website. Use the color wheel to identify which colors are contrasting, and it will guide you which colors you should use. The most common combinations seen in events are dark colors and light colors. Examples of these combinations are black and white, blue and yellow, and red and yellow. You can also try to experiment which colors would work perfectly, and you can seek the assistance from a professional designer on how you can execute the color of the tent and the tablecloth that will be used in the event.

Unified branding across all platforms

When participating in an event, make sure that all of the printed visuals that you use in your brand will be the same in all platforms that you are in. For example, the tent and the tablecloth share the same design, color, and font. You should also use the same design, color, and font on the merchandise that you will be handed to the visitors or the brochures that you will be creating about your business. You should also use the same design, color, and font on the website for your business. That way, people will recognize your brand easily, and it would give your business branding that can be remembered by the public.

Include your tagline

A tagline is a short but spot-on description of what your business is all about. Adding a tagline in your tent or your tablecloth when attending an event would make it more memorable. Thinking about the tagline for your business is the most difficult part, and once you managed to create the tagline, make sure that you will be including it on the custom print for your tent and tablecloth. If you have a catchy tagline, there is a huge chance that people will remember your business. Creating taglines have worked through the years, and it will still work in the present.

Post the photos and videos of the event on social media

If you have a social media account – like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram – use it to build up interest in your business. You can take as many photos and videos you want, and then share it on the internet for the people to see. If you already have a huge following, tell your followers to share your post to reach more people. This is a great way to increase the interest in your business, and at the same time, attract more people to do business with your company. You can also hire a professional photographer or videographer to cover the event.

MVP Visuals, MVP Visuals

Make it Easy to Read

You have to consider the readability of the text that is printed on your tent and tablecloth. Try to view the tent and the tablecloth while standing a few meters away from your booth, and see if it can be read. If people can read the details on the tent and the tablecloth, they will be more interested in working with your business. Make sure that you will be working closely with the designers who will be following your request.

Provide several activities that can be enjoyed inside your tent

To attract more people to visit your tent, make sure that there will be activities that people can enjoy. You can consider printing postcards that have a mystery question, and asking the people to visit your booth and providing them with a prize when they answer the question correctly. The question can be printed on a piece of paper that has the logo and the website of your business. Another thing that you can do is to create a music system, complete with a jingle of your company to attract more people. You can also install a wireless charging station or an internet connection. A commercial popcorn maker can also be considered as a giveaway, complete with printed visuals so the people can remember your business.