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Finish Line Custom Arch [Best Quality & Price]

By December 5, 2018 January 31st, 2019 Custom Inflatable Arch
Finish Line Custom Arch

If you are planning a big race or event and want to increase your presence significantly, a customized, inflatable finish line arch is a great way to go. It allows your company to make a big bold statement at your sponsored race or next event in front of hundreds or thousands of guests and participants. These arches are also great for marketing and branding purposes and are available in vibrant colors or customized designs.

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Custom Printing Options

Custom printing optionsDigital printing technology has significantly improved over the years. Because of this advancement, key industries have been able to merge and become more diversified. For example, screen printers can offer digital printing services, and signage companies can offer apparel. This is due to the development of eco-solvent printers. This trend has also taken place with dye-sublimation printers. These printers make it possible to digitally add custom graphics to a wide variety of material, such as fabrics, chairs, promotional products, clothing, coffee mugs, and other products. This advancement in technology has also made it possible to create graphic designs on inflatable arches as well.

The common use of Arches

You can use the arches for various purposes. They work well for indoor events as well as outdoor events.

Outdoor Events:

When being used for outdoor events, custom inflatable arches are great for marathons and other outdoor activitiesClick To Tweet

such as

– walk-a-thons
– bike-a-thons
– relay racing
– professional auto racing
– concerts
-parades and more

Custom Inflatable ArchYou can also use the arches at events such as company picnics, family reunions, children’s parties, fundraisers or other events that will be hosting activities that require a finish line.

Indoor Events: When being used at indoor events, they work well at workshops and conferences. They can serve as an exit indicator by allowing participants to see where to exit the function or a particular section of the event from a distance.

If your event has up to 100 participants, then the smaller arches work well. However, for events with a significantly more significant number of participants, the mid-size and larger arches will work better.

Marketing and Branding: Companies who are interested in marketing and branding will also find the use of inflatable finish line arches can speak volumes on multiple social media platforms.

Like at most events, you will want to capture as many images as possible at your next event. In doing so, it would be a perfect opportunity to include some photo images and videos of your custom finish line arch. The video footage can be used to create YouTube Videos, and you can share the photos on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Doing so will assist with marketing and branding that will leave a lasting impression long after the event for many years to come.

Different Arch Options

The finish line arches are available in a wide variety of options. They are offered in various sizes that include small, medium, and large.


Small Arches: Some of the smaller arches are 10 feet’high and 10 feet wide with a total inner clearance of 6 feet by 8 feet’. Arches that are available in this size weighs roughly 20 pounds.

Other small arches are available that are 15 feet wide and 11.25 feet wide with a total inner clearance of 10.5 feet by 9 feet. Arches this size typically weighs 25 pounds.

The smaller arches are great for indoor or outdoor events hosting activities such as running, bike racing or other activities with 10 to 100 participants.

Mid-Sized Arches: Some of the mid-sized arches are as long as 20 feet. Arches that are 20 feet wide typically has an inner clearance of 15.25 feet by 10 feet. The total size is typically 20 feet wide and 12.375 feet high. The weight for an arch this size usually is 30 pounds.

Other mid-sized arches that are available are 25 feet long with an inner clearance of roughly 19.75 feet wide and 10 feet high. The total overall size usually is 25 feet wide and x 12.625 feet tall.’

Large Arches: Like the other arches, the larger arches are available in a variety of sizes as well. Some of the larger arches are much wider than others, while some are a lot taller. They can be ordered based on the clearance needed.

The large arches that are available are roughly 40 feet long with an inner clearance of approximately 31.6 feet by’ 16 feet. The average overall size is 40 feet wide and 20.2 high. An arch this size typically weighs 60 pounds and is great for events that require extensive clearances.

One of the larger arches is 50 feet wide and has an inner clearance of roughly 39.5 feet by 20 feet with the total overall size being 50 feet wide and 25.25 feet high. The typical weight for this sized arch is 80 pounds.

Most of the arches can have velcro added to them as well as D-rings for those interested in adding a banner to their arch.


“As the race coordinator for the Come Clean Duathlon, I came to Strike a month out from my race looking for a custom inflatable archway for our finish line. Not only were they able to work with my short turn around time but they were also the best-priced option I could find. The archway was well made and was very easy to set-up. Also, I love how everything fits in the carrying case, which will protect my arch from year to year. Thank you Athletic Event Supply for helping me take my race to the next level!” – Chloe White, Race Coordinator


Benefits and Features Of Custom Arches

A customized finish line arch comes with multiple benefits and features as indicated below.


25-arch-inflatable strike visualsCan be seen from a distance: One of the benefits of purchasing a customized finish line arch is that thousands can see them from far away; as some of the arches are as high as 25 feet tall.

Branding and Promotions: Gain exposure by promoting your company name, logo and slogan at large events. They can also be used as footage on multiple social media platforms.

Customization: With the use of printing technology, screen printing, dye sublimation prints, along with bright bold colors and designs, it’s easy to get the customized look and feel you want.

Built to last: The sturdy materials used to create these finish line arches are very durable and can accommodate the activities of the day. They are also made to last for many years.

Weather is never a factor: Because of the durability associated with these inflatable finish line arches, they are strong enough to withstand rain, heat, or snow.

Use one time or customize for repeat use: If you will be having a one-time event, you may not need to invest in having a custom design or logo added to your arch. However, if you will be involved in events on a regular basis, you will likely want a customized arch with a great marketing design.

Fits most budgets: The typical price range begins at roughly $650 to up to $5,000.

Make your event memorable: The inflatable arches can make your event stand out during the event, while also leaving a lasting impression long after the event.


Variety of sizes: The arch is available in sizes as small as a 10-foot by 10-foot to larger sizes, such as a 50-foot by 25-foot.

Blower: A blower is included with most arches

Carrying Case: Has an optional carrying case

Additional Items: Has anchors and stakes to hold the arch down

Repair Kits: Repair kits are available

Design Options: Designs can be added all over the arch using as many colors as you like

Sponsorship Opportunities: The arch provides space for one or multiple sponsorship opportunities

Ease of use: The arches are very easy to assemble

The Wave of the Future

Inflatable arches are becoming a new trend as the demand for this product continues to grow. It will eventually capture the attention of competitors in your industry. To maintain your competitiveness in your industry, you should also jump on the bandwagon of this growing trend to increase your exposure.

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Strike Visuals used to be called AES. Watch this short video where our owner, Dan talks about custom finish line arches.

If you are planning a big race or event and want to increase your presence significantly, a customized, inflatable finish line arch is a great... 5
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