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Recently updated on April 26th, 2024

Why Should You Purchase An Outdoor Display Tent For Your Company?

A custom outdoor tent can get your company noticed. There are many ways that this is possible. For example, social media, digital advertisements, or even commercials. But what about getting noticed in person? This is also an important part of getting your company recognition. Well, custom outdoor tents are an amazing option for this!

Why? Well, getting that in-person interaction with potential customers or clients can create a connection that can be built upon to pitch sales or form interests. A great way of forming this in-person interaction is with custom outdoor tents.

So, today we will be going through some of the amazing benefits custom outdoor tents have that will help grow your business to the next level!

custom outdoor tents


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The Benefit Of A Portable Display Tent

One of the best benefits of custom outdoor tents is portability. For instance, traveling from show to show with an outdoor display tent is easy and convenient!

And this is because an outdoor display tent can collapse down to a fraction of its size. This comes in handy with shipping, storage, or traveling of your custom outdoor tents.

Likewise, this is true with the variety of sizes of display tents; 10×10, 15×10, and 20×10. Tents are portable and capture massive amounts of attention when fully set up! Its the best of both worlds!


Generating An Inviting Environment For Your Audience

strike pop-up tent for soccer clubs

An outdoor display tent will serve its purpose. One of the top benefits of owning a display tent for your company is being able to show it off at your events and shows.

Promoting your company is one of the top things you need to do to grow. Therefore, with the proper design and artwork, your outdoor display tent can create a steady flow of visitors.

Getting your company noticed is easy with a custom outdoor tent. So be prepared to have your team turn questions into sales from all the attention you will be getting at your next event.

How Durability Plays A Massive Role For Tents

durable outdoor tent

Custom outdoor tents have some different options when it comes to durability. As a result, making sure that your frame is durable will allow you to avoid the headaches of repairs or repurchase.

Therefore, the key to great custom outdoor tents is making sure they can stand up to the usage and travel of shows. At Strike Visuals, we offer 3 different frame structures!

Ranging from our Lite 30mm square frame up to our Heavy Duty 50mm hexagon frame. All designed to perform well for their specific area!

The Importance Of Your Outdoor Display Tent Frame Material

There are a few options when it comes to the material used to create frames for custom outdoor tents. One of the most popular options is steel. Steel frames are very affordable for a wide diversity of events.

They are also affordable when it comes to pricing. Also, there is the option of aluminum frames for your display tent. This is a higher grade option since the many benefits include a stronger frame and lighter overall weight.

zerorez tent kit

Therefore, when compared side by side, the aluminum frame is noticeably lighter than the steel frame. Another great perk of an aluminum frame is that it will not rust. These aluminum frames are great for companies that host many outdoor events throughout the year.

Strike Visuals Custom Outdoor Tents Frame Options

As a result, our 30mm square frame is amazing for small companies or individuals who attend events a couple of times throughout the year. This tent is portable, light, and inexpensive and will get the job done!

Secondly, our 40mm hexagon frame is an overall amazing option. It provides all the benefits of our lite frame, but it also is more durable. This frame comes with a stronger frame thickness and more industrial hexagon frame leg design.

frame option

Custom outdoor tents are made to be used multiple times, indoors and out! The 50mm hexagon frame is built to withstand anything you put it through.

With a more rigid design, this 50mm frame is top tier when it comes to durability. Made out of aluminum, this frame will not rust under any condition but is lightweight as well.

Customize Your Tent To Represent Your Company

Your company is different from any of your competitors, so make sure that your custom outdoor tents represent that! In addition to being durable, display tents are also customizable.

“Promoting your company is one of the top things you need to do to grow. Therefore, with the proper design and artwork, your outdoor display tent can create a steady flow of visitors.”

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Make your logo stand out by customizing your tent’s roof with vibrant colors or large images. And here at Strike Visuals, we can design an outdoor display tent that best represents your company.

Also, this will help bring in traffic and recognition during trade shows or sporting events!

How Versatile Are Custom Outdoor Tents?


Custom outdoor tents are great for outdoor shows and sporting events. But, they are also great for indoor shows as well! That is why versatility is one of the key benefits of display tents.

The heavy-duty frame can hold up through heavy winds, snow, and intense heat. The tent roof is fully customizable and coated with a UV protectant that will also prevent fading.

Likewise, the glossy finish on the frame looks professional in any indoor setting. The tent roof is durable and provides vibrant colors! And the tent roofs are also designed to fit perfectly onto your frame.

So you will avoid loose fabric or sagging.

Attachments That Will Take Your Display Tent To The Next Level!

Also, an amazing way to take your custom outdoor tents to the next level is attachments! There are a bunch of great attachments available to make your tent stand out even more.

what is a trade show

Such as flag connectors, back walls, sidewalls, and tent leg covers. And by using these to your advantage, you can expand the amount of recognition you get during your shows. Flags are an amazing option to get you noticed from a further distance. This is due to the advertisement height they are able to provide.

Backwalls also allows the capture of attention while also holding that attention while potential clients visit with you. Every angle and direction that you can promote your company, will only add to the ability to entice the client’s interest!

We Provide You With Our Lifetime Warranty

strike lifetime warranty

At Strike Visuals, we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our custom outdoor tents. We fully understand that our tents are used at trade shows, sporting events, festivals, and charity events.

And that’s the thing! Use our items to their full extent! With our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that we have you covered!

Helping you look your best during any show you attend is our goal! Therefore, we will provide parts for hardware repair and sewing repairs to printed materials.

Why Strike Visuals Custom Outdoor Tents Are The Best!

outdoor venue event pop-up canopy

Strike Visuals was founded by creating event supplies for a wide variety of companies and teams. We improved our custom outdoor tents through the years to serve its purpose.

To clarify, we want your company to have a tent that is durable, portable, and attractive when set up. And we have tested out frames to the limit to make sure they can stand up through anything your company puts them through.

And if something does end up damaging your display tent, then that when our lifetime warranty will help you get back on track for your next event!

How Can Your Company Benefit From A Display Tent?

Custom outdoor tents make it easy for your company to get recognition! They are great for company promotion at outdoor events or while attending trade shows. And they can generate a crowd to help grow your business and also get new leads!

The best part about custom outdoor tents is that you can use them multiple times throughout the year. Allowing you to grow your company with each event you attend. Aside from tents, there are also other options that can help your company get noticed at events. See our full lineup of display tents to get noticed at your next event at!

Make sure to comment down below about the experiences you have had with an outdoor display tent during a trade show expo or sporting events!

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