Are you organizing an event? Want to capture your potential customers’ attention? When it comes to promoting a business, there’s nothing that can beat a customized inflatable arch. The tall frame of the arch projects a magnificent stature and can be used as an entryway to promote a business. When people pass through it, they will read the advertisement and feel like they are entering the world of products or services being promoted.

If you have ever participated or been to an athletic event, you must have seen companies using custom inflatable arch to post their logo or promote their services. These arches serve as the starting point and the finish line as well and give an amazing opportunity to send out a message to the waiting crowd. As people will be waiting for the runners to reach the finishing line, they will be looking at the inflatable arch. Thus, the message will stay in their subconscious.

Tour de France is one of the most popular cycling events where inflatable race arch is always seen. The cyclists run through the inflatable finish line arch to clock in their time.

With so many benefits, it is important to buy a customized arch, instead, of opting for inflatable arch rental services.

inflatable arches, How To Choose The Best Inflatable Arch?
  • Size

    The arch is available in a wide range of shape and sizes; hence, it is important to choose a size that will help your business gain maximum exposure. You don’t want to choose an arch which isn’t visible even from a short distance. While a small arch can be used outside a shop to promote a new product, you need a large arch when using it to mark the start and the finish line in an event.

  • Air Option

    Next, you need to decide between the air options available. Do you want sealed air arch or continuous air arch? While the former takes some time to inflate and stays put all day without constant air supply; the latter inflate in less than 45 seconds and requires a constant air supply to keep it inflated. Sealed air inflatable arch is ideal for events where you need to set it up for a number of days, continuous air arch can be used for a single day event.

  • Material Option

    The curved inflatable arch is available in a variety of material types. If you want a lightweight arch, go in with 420D Nylon. An arch made from this material is easy to transport but is not as durable as its competitors. It is optimal for people who organize only one or two events in a year. 420D Nylon is only available in continuous air option. If you are looking for a heavy material, choose 600D Nylon. This feels high quality and has a matte finish to it. The arch can easily be set up by two people but is difficult to clean if used in muddy areas. 600D Nylon is available in both sealed and continuous air options.

The Bottom Line

Inflatable arch offers the best way to promote businesses, services and draw the attention of potential customers with ease. It makes you stand out from the crowd and is as effective as other advertising mediums. You can buy custom arch for fundraising events, athletic events, car racing events and more.
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