The business world is drowning in brands. According to recent research, there are over 28 million small businesses in the U.S and even more medium-sized businesses. This makes it very difficult to stand out, especially if you are not as flashy and gimmicky as your competitors. But don’t fret. We have identified something that can help elevate you above your competition. What is it? Well, it is using umbrellas for free advertising. Umbrella branding will help your brand stand out and make it easy for you to beat any competition in your industry.

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advertising on umbrellas | best solution 2021

Beating your competition is not the only reason you should advertise using branded umbrellas. Here are more reasons why you should advertise your brand on umbrellas.

Brand Awareness

The biggest reason why you should be advertising on umbrellas is the impact this approach has on your brand awareness. Umbrella branding is a great way to attract customers and make them familiar with your company. More people will know about your brand and your services or products. And the more familiar clients and prospects are with your products, the more likely they are to purchase from your firm.

Three-Dimensional Advertising

6 panel custom printed umbrellaDespite the developments in the advertisement world, modern-day customers and prospects still gravitate towards companies that give them promotional things they can touch and feel. Like most promotional items, branded umbrellas are unique and allow for customization. Therefore, they have great value to the modern customer and prospect than anything else in the advertisement world. Incorporating branded umbrellas into your marketing strategy will keep your company at the top of your clients’ mind.
Brand Recognition

Nike’s “Swoosh” is recognizable all over the world. Every time you see a swoosh we know for sure you think of Nike, right? People know what that logo stands for and they love it. Don’t you want the same type of recognition for your brand? Putting your brand on an umbrella will ensure the target clients see it every day. Constant exposure will make it easy for your existing customers and prospects to recognize your brand. In return, they will be more likely to do business with you when they need your products or services.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Everybody loves free gifts, especially if this gift is valuable. An umbrella will make your customers happy, and this can easily turn them into loyal customers. You have to be careful, however, and ensure your umbrellas are made of high-quality materials. You don’t want your business to be remembered with low-quality products.

It’s Cost-Effective

low-cost advertising with flagsAs your business grows, your day to day expenses, requirements will increase. It’s, therefore, important that you ensure everything you do, including the promotional products you use, complements your cost-cutting strategy. Branded umbrellas are cost-effective compared to other popular promotional products such as television or radio. Umbrellas have an average CPI of about $0004 per impression. They are not only affordable but also ensure you still reach potential customers on a large-scale.

Driving Repeat Business By Re-Engaging Visitors

Advertising on umbrellas can also help you boost repeat business from customers who bought from you in the past. Advertising to previous clients and visitors is very important as it can dramatically boost your conversions.

Increase Productivity

Branded umbrellas are not just for customers, but also for your employees. In a recent study, employees stated that they felt proud and part of their firm after receiving promotional items from the company. Therefore, if you give your employees branded umbrellas, you can be assured of increased loyalty and productivity.


advertising on umbrellas | best solution 2021If your target audiences aren’t seeing your brand, they won’t be able to respond to it in any way. The only way to build a good reputation and establish yourself as a market leader is to make your brand as visible as possible. Branded umbrellas will help make your brand part of the customers’ daily lives.

Long-life Cycle

Did you know that 97% of recipients of promotional items keep them? Did you also know that 67% of them give the items to someone else? Branded umbrellas will help you make a lasting impression without spending much.


Every company out there is giving away pens and t-shirts. Your customers and prospects want something different. With promotional umbrellas, your customers, prospects and employees will get something new, unique and exciting.
Now that you know the advantage of advertising your band on umbrellas, let’s look at some golden rules that you must follow to make this marketing technique effective.

1. Include A Tagline

What comes into your mind when you first come across a unique brand? Their tagline, right? For this reason, ensure that your umbrellas have a good, memorable tagline (slogan). But how can you tell if your tagline and design are good or not? Well, a good slogan should have the following characteristics:
• Short and straight to the point
• Easy to understand, interpret
• Informative
• Interesting
• Reflects your brand’s culture, goals and ambitions
• Relevant and consistent

2. Avoiding Meaningless Information

Including too much info on the branded umbrellas might do more harm than good. Avoid meaningless marketing jargon. Come up with a short unique and creative message that will propel your business to the next level.

3. Don’t Use Many Colors

According to a recent report, about 84% of customers say that color is their primary motivation for purchasing or using a particular product? It is, therefore, important that you choose the right colors for your promotional umbrellas. Use one or two colors. If you use too many of them, your message might be lost. Also, the colors you use should give a story about your company: they should stand for your culture and the solutions you offer.

Branded umbrellas can help you capture the attention of your target market in a cost-effective way. These promotional products increase brand awareness and bring instant brand recognition. They can help you expand your reach and influence more people to buy from you. Branded umbrellas are also excellent in promoting customer loyalty. Try them!

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advertising on umbrellas | best solution 2021