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2 sided feather flags

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2 sided feather flags

Why Choose Flags As Your Advertisement of Choice [A 2019 Guide]

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“We are blown away by the quality of the two 15′ feather flags we purchased to use at our volunteer events and outdoor expos.

Jim LaRocca was wonderful to work with, he made the process extremely easy and worked with us through the design process. The quality of their products is beyond our expectations, we can’t wait to use them and will submit pictures soon.” – Natural Restorations


Double sided printed flagsHow do you get your business the attention it deserves among a sea of competitors? With a 15-foot, two-sided feather-flag, of course. Towering above outdoor road signs or serving as a beacon for your audience among rows of felt-lined tradeshow booths, banners and flags are an eye-catching way to get your brand noticed.


Today, the majority of a business’ marketing spend typically goes toward digital efforts. However, without the perfect search-terms and a lot of luck, qualified customers still won’t find your company. On the other hand, printed flags are visual, localized, portable, and much more affordable than online methods. Strike Visuals, a family-owned graphics, tradeshow, and branded-product manufacturer out of Woodcross, Utah, specializes in constructing vivid displays that get noticed. Their most popular products are their feather flags. These vibrant pennants get a good deal of attention from nearby companies in the region whenever a race or outdoor community event is taking place.


As online marketing has becoming cluttered with social spend and SEO costs, companies that are looking for a rewarding marketing investment should consider the benefits of incorporating printed flags into their advertising strategy:


– Increases the visibility and local presence for storefronts

– Provides versatile, portable signage for events

– Attracts new customers with affordable, fresh marketing

– Differentiates a business from competitors

– Attractive display to highlight a new product or promotion

– Durable, long-term visual graphics for 24/7 advertising

– Effective for indoor or outdoor usage

– More affordable and lasting than digital marketing

– A slim, streamlined footprint means flags will fit anywhere


Selecting Your Flag Product:


Say goodbye to boring flags and streamers waving in the wind; They are a thing of the past. The shape of a banner flag is no longer limited to only the classic rectangle and now can be selected to match a company’s look. From size and shape choices to heights varying from seven to 15-foot tall, flags can be tailored for a multitude of uses. The most popular flag styles include:

Flags and tents– Teardrop shape: This highly modern shape is ideal for businesses looking for a bright, fresh design with minimal text.

– Feather shape: As the most popular flag choice, this design shape includes rounded corners to lend a contemporary feel to the flag while still maximizing the available print size for graphics and text.

– Rectangle shape: This classic design offers the maximum amount of print size on the banner material and with its sharp corners offers a traditional look.

– Custom shapes: Looking for something a little different? Strike Visuals can fabricate a unique design based on the customer’s specifications for a truly striking result.


Height is another priority when selecting a flag and often the first deciding factor in determining how the product will be used. Will the flag be primarily an indoor or outdoor display? If indoors, what is the ceiling height? If outdoors, are any buildings or obstructions present that might impair the flag placement?


– At tradeshow booths: In large indoor spaces, such as in a tradeshow event, displays should maximize their height to get the best visual effect from the farthest distance possible. Some convention centers have rules on maximum heights for booths and display graphics, therefore it is important to review these requirements prior to purchase.

– In an office or showroom: In confined spaces, an eight-foot flag is preferred as it offers sufficient height to gain attention but does not become a hindrance to foot traffic.

– As signage: For outdoor use, a cluster of 12-foot flags in proximity to a storefront has a commanding presence without overshadowing the building itself. The 12-foot option is also a favorite among business owners promoting a sale or attracting new customers.

– At outdoor events: The great outdoors offers many distractions, so having a flag that the maximum height available is the best choice to gain attention.

 two-sided feather-flag

Choosing a Flag Base:


Selecting the right base will keep feather flags stable and secure. There are several options available depending on the usage of the flag.

– For outdoor flags:

– Ground stake: The ground stake base has a long spike that is used to insert the flag into the ground and secure it to keep it stable in windy conditions. For best results, the only compacted ground is recommended.

– A cross-base: Constructed of heavy-duty metal, this base crosses in the middle in an “x” shape to provide the upright flag with balance. Weights can be added atop of the cross-base to provide additional stability and protect the flag against tipping over in the wind.

– Car tire base: Ideal for car dealerships, auto shows, and outdoor events, these heavy-duty steel frames are designed to be driven over by a car to provide weight and stability for a hoisted flag.


– For indoor flags:

– An indoor cross base: When wind and weather are not a concern, a simple, lighter version of the cross base holds a flag steadily upright.


Flag Printing and Design:

Flag Design

Constructed of high-quality polyester fabrics and printed using dye-sublimation for maximum adherence to the material, virtually any design can be crafted to create an impactful, colorful marketing message. Dye sublimation uses high heat and pressure to transfer ink onto fabric. This method turns the graphics into a gaseous form to penetrate the pores of the material and permanently bonds the design onto the flag which results in a scratch-resistant, ultra-durable surface that never fades. The process also provides the best image clarity possible as the graphics turn out vibrant, bold, and crisp.


Unless a flag is going to be seen in only a single direction, Stike Visuals recommends a double-sided print design to maximize usage. Flags can have the same, mirroring design on each side, or different graphics altogether. Alternating sides with different graphics permits customers to allot more space to deliver their message.


Outsourcing someone to provide graphic design can be costly, therefore Strike Visuals offers complete layout templates to help their customers get started building the flag of their dreams. They even provide free graphic design services from their in-house artists so customers receive an end-result that they (and their clients) will be thrilled with. Specializing in creating striking designs that convert to leads, the Strike Visuals team sticks to some basic design principals when rendering their flag graphics:


– Keep the design simple: A cluttered design is an ignored one. If the message of the flag cannot be seen and understood from 25′ away, the design will be ineffective. A clean, impressive promotion should be clear and succinct with the message easily ascertained.

– Stick to one purpose: This rule helps to reinforce the ‘keep it simple’ philosophy. A banner flag is meant to draw attention, not to list every product feature or company summary. Whether a flag is going to be used to promote a brand, generate interest or educate customers about a product feature, it is important to achieve one of those missions, not combine all of them.

– Use colors wisely: Bold colors that contrast delivers an eye-catching pop of color against a tradeshow floor or a large open blue sky. Color should be used to draw the eye and be careful not to cause it to wander. Most customers choose to incorporate their logo colors in order to reiterate brand recognition.

– Use powerful images or text: A flag has only so much room for text or imagery, so it is important to capitalize on that area by curating a strong design that best conveys the message. Text fonts should also be very large and highly legible.

– Be distinctive: The last rule of design is to never be dull. A distinctive flag design will be memorable whereas a boring one is quickly forgotten.


Still not sure about the design? Strike Visuals can mock-up the banner flag using the customer’s graphics to get real proof of what the product will look like before buying.


Why Choose Strike Visuals?


While many companies offer custom printing, few stand behind their work the way that Strike Visuals do. In addition to giving their customers phenomenal products at affordable prices with free graphic design services, they present their flags and banners with a lifetime warranty. Strike Visuals understand that sometimes bad things can happen. If your two-sided feather flag does somehow manage to get mangled in the wind or dropped by a forklift, Strike Visuals will replace it along with the original graphics at no cost.


Strike Visuals requires no minimum order and promises a quick turnaround time on all projects. They are ready to manage your project from beginning to end and have staff ready to answer any questions that may arise and advise on the best solution for your needs. If you want to draw in new customers and get your brand noticed, consider striking now, while the lead is still interested. Consider a two-sided feather flag from Strike Visuals to achieve your marketing goals today by calling 801-872-4055 or email at



With Strike Visuals, you don’t need to put too much effort into designing the perfect flag. On top of offering a number of free templates for designing your flag, we also offer free design for up to two hours. With that in mind, why not get the best advertisement possible?

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